Going full circle.

  1. The point where he thumbs his nostril is the point he realizes he's a hypocritical moron, but is too prideful to admit it. Or too dense to realize the cognitive dissonance of his statements.

  2. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s just too much of a coward to say the real reason why it’s ok for the government to infringe upon SOME people’s lives.

  3. Why are there SO many examples of people on this side of the political spectrum wholly unaware of what they are saying from one sentence to the next?

  4. Because they are completely brainwashed. Facts and simple logic don't matter to these people. It's just own the Libs, free stuff bad, and trump trump trump.

  5. Because they are very stupid. It's not PC to say, but they are extremely cognitively limited, and have no way of understanding the complexity of post rural society, so they fill that gap with parroting buzzwords they don't understand that authority figures told them to think. They choose their authority figures not on the basis of competence or coherence but on aesthetic things like "seeming like an alpha male".

  6. A lot of people are going to tell you that these people are stupid, but that's a dangerous and inaccurate assumption. Many of these people know their political positions are contradictory or unconstitutional and just don't care as long as they get what they want. The give away that the guy knows he's full of shit is the fact that he keeps repeating the same weak statement saying "I'm glad they did what they did" instead of answering the questions more directly. It's exactly what they do when they're caught and know they can't explain themselves, so they ignore the question and give generic short answers.

  7. Same people who threw fits over SNL and wanted the Secret Service to vet the scripts in advance while yammering about "free speech".

  8. I honestly have given this a lot of thought, trying to understand. I don’t think it’s just as simple as “because them is morons”.

  9. Why are the people that are interviewed, ALWAYS dressed head to toe in propaganda? Do these people really dress like this daily or this is staged.

  10. Because conservatives don't have any real values. Their entire ideology revolves around owning the libs. Everything they do in politics is to own the libs never to better their own standing in life

  11. Because if they admit they're wrong they have to admit everyone they ever loved and respected was a complete idiot

  12. Because they will do anything to justify the actions of their leaders and what they've been told, even if it means being a hypocrite.

  13. They simply don't value principles and logical consistency. They believe their gut feelings are the source and final arbiter of any moral qualms or questions. If you show them the shortcomings of this way of working, they won't reconsider their gut feelings, they'll interpret what you're doing as an attack on their moral character.

  14. Yeah honestly you correct. I am on the right side but I do agree with you that people like this, especially the trump supporters are just total whacks. I personally disagree with trump and don’t care a bit about Roe V Wade.

  15. A tie dye Trump t-shirt implies this: I used to be on the right side of history, then I got lead poisoning and joined a cult that’s committed to being on the wrong side of history on every single topic imaginable.

  16. Cult followers throw all logic and critical thinking out the door. They fast track to their beliefs without processing any info. Kind of like a shitty robot.

  17. You mean the same people who say god will protect them from a virus but need guns to go to the Cracker Barrel?

  18. I am done giving people like this the benefit of the doubt. He's an adult. He knows what he is saying. He may not have an original thought on how to articulate it beyond talking points, or is too cowardly to admit it, but he definitely subscribes to "fuck everyone else as long as I get my way".

  19. Because its a false dichotomy, and this dude either isn't articulate enough to explain a nuanced position or we are just seeing a clip that holds him in the most ridiculous light.

  20. "Hi, I'm a Cult 45 MAGA who likes voting to "own the libs" even when it means voting against my own interests and supposed political and moral standpoints. "

  21. He touches his nose at the exact moment where he realises he's talking shite. With a tell like that, he would be advised to step away from any poker matches he has coming up.

  22. I love how the interview shows look for the most ridiculous looking doofus to pick on. Criteria must be wearing an American flag or carrying an elephant gun. My God it's like shooting fish in a barell.

  23. We cannot argue with these people, we cannot reason with them, they’re too far gone. All we can do is vote and hope to outlive them…

  24. Funny how folks with uteruses who "murder babies" get their rights to what to do with their uterus is taken away. But people murder children with guns a lot in this country and we don't take that right away...hm... but at the same time with one right being successfully taken away, the government won't stop at abortion.

  25. I am glad that ole dump could bring the most idiotic people in the US out of their closets so we can see just how fucking incredibly stupid they are.

  26. In short… Governments are not allowed to interfere with personal rights of their citizens unless it agrees with my version of values and beliefs.

  27. I have struggled with this question for a long time: "are Republicans stupid or evil?" It's hard to argue that they are just stupid, because of just how stupid they would have to be for their actions and statement to make sense.

  28. Ever notice how gentle and roundabout reporters talk to conservatives? It is because we all know they are ticking timebombs. Even some 80 year old granny is just one sharp word from a shooting spree. They are without a doubt, hair trigger killers. And somehow nobody talks about it.

  29. I work with people like this. I have white trash in my blood too. But I try not to affect others with it.

  30. As a Canadian I just wanna throw something in here that I actually love about America. Even though this court decision was overturned it highlights the beauty of the unites states. Every single state in the union has a lot of power to make their own laws and decisions. If the issue abortion is super critical to you, you can move to a state that fits your views on the matter. Same goes with gun laws. I think it’s a beautiful system that a lot of Americans really don’t appreciate, they just go around bashing all the states that think differently than their own.

  31. The government didn’t tell people what they can and can’t do tho. The decision said the states decide, not the feds. That literally the opposite of the federal government telling people what they can and can’t do

  32. GOP base has the awareness and intelligence of butt sweat … salty, stinky and annoying, if left unchecked it starts chaffing.

  33. Not surprised. Most conservatives don't know why they're conservatives, they only want to piss off the left and have made it their whole identity.

  34. To them though, they genuinely believe a fetus is alive... so abortions would be the fetus's business and matter more than the "whims" of the mother. Don't agree, just playing devils advocate.

  35. I don’t care what anyone’s opinion on abortion is. The SCOTUS rules on whether a law is constitutional. The SCOTUS is the guardian of the CONSTITUTION and the final arbiter of the law. The first 10 amendments are the “Bill of Rights”…they were the original. The tenth states that anything not covered in the amendments shall be deferred to the individual states. The Federal government actually handed it back to the states. The Federal government should have never addressed it in the first place due to the 10th amendment and the fact it hasn’t been addressed in any of the 27 amendments that have been ratified. If the people want the Fed to legalize abortion then an amendment would need to be ratified. All of these “Federal protections of rights” are BS. If it isn’t in the constitution then it is not a right of the citizens and the individual states are free to rule on these matters as their ELECTED officials see fit.

  36. I think men should be allowed to leave the woman and child whenever he likes, no one should be able to tell him he’s financially responsible. He shouldn’t have to use his body to work, so he can earn a profit and provide for his child he made.

  37. States restricting abortion access is a violation of the equal protection clause which is a federal level amendment.

  38. Nobody thinks it is, but it being banned anywhere is a problem. What are poor women going to do in Mississippi? I mean it seems to me they will probably throw their babies into dumpsters and into a foster care system that is already falling apart. I live in Kansas. My wife works for DCF and the foster care system. You know how many missing foster kids are already just in my state... 70. And that's just in Kansas. Imagine what it's going to be like in states with abortion bans... Pro-life is just pro fetus and there is no way around it. Republicans in my state have actively worked to keep funding away from DCF to keep these children safe, but want more of them to grow up and out of the foster system that will inevitably create greater social harms down the road... It's ass backwards. If you aren't going to offer a way for these children to live in decent loving conditions with health care, a good education, and future opportunities your just creating more problems for society.

  39. No one is saying anything of the sort. The concern is that SCOTUS has said it’s totally fine to make second class citizens of women, which runs contrary to the 14th amendment if nothing else.

  40. Each state has the right to vote against or in favor of abortion. Obviously each state is different. Roe vs wade was about a superior rule of the land that says abortion is a "constitutional right" but some states have never felt that way about it and have always voted against it because they fervently disagree. Do some research people. Abortion is still legal in some states so calm down all you 304s that like it raw you can still abort no worries...

  41. Ah yes, the government needs to protect your right to decide to end a human life because of a mistake you made. Have a little N U A N C E reddit. Obviously its a different issue when it comes to ending what people consider to be a human life, its really more of a question of whether or not its life than it is 'dur hur goverment step out except for this'.

  42. Republicans are always mad because they are all about passionately pushing political agendas that do nothing to better their own lives. Even after a win, they have nothing to show for it

  43. As A 30 years old I feel extremely superior at everything over these idiots other than propensity for obesity and stupidity. Always wondered how they get to their 60s and 70s with such a narrow thinking.

  44. Let’s all be honest. Republicans are happy about the ruling because it lets them control women. That’s what Republicans are all about. They love anything that lets them tell others what to do while hating anything that tells them what to do.

  45. It’s possible to interpret these as - the (federal) government should not be telling (state) governments what to do. That’s not me , I’m just using stuff I’ve leaned in rhetoric classes .

  46. Do they realize that whether the state or federal government are telling you what you can and can’t do, that you’re still being told by the government what you can and can’t do? And in this instance it has to do with your own fucking body, so there’s nothing in the constitution or implied that blocks the government from mandating everyone give 1 kidney up to people on the organ lists, or mandating every man get a vasectomy when they hit puberty and reverse it when they’re married. Because we have no constitutionally protected rights to our own bodies now, and in their ideas, technically you have less rights to your organs than someone else that would die without it.

  47. Please slap a fcken permanently HYPOCRITE marking on these dimwitted fools in the right party, the inconsistencies and shooting of their own foot every argument they make, FFS!

  48. These far right people have to be some of the dumbest people alive. They actively contradict their own ideas in the same sentence

  49. He clearly doesn't like government intervention. Except when it does not impact him. And especially when it forces something that he agrees with.

  50. They never will take responsibility nor will they acknowledge any facts or truth, always gonna be a full circle with pseudo intellectuals.

  51. The US is a democratic experiment. I don’t think the initial experiment designers were expecting the collective IQ to be so much lower than the original designers’ expectations

  52. The complete lack of understanding here is insane. Technically, the supreme court said the federal government shouldn't be telling people what to do when it comes to abortion. Regular people have much more sway with local and state government. So, the people of each state get to decide for themselves. That's literally the opposite of what this twatasaurus with a mic is saying, and the hillbilly is too dumb to bury that fucking moron in facts and logic.

  53. They don't see this as logically inconsistent because they think the thing the government is "controlling" is by allowing abortions. They see abortions as being naturally wrong, and Roe v Wade was an example of the government overstepping their bounds and imposing "control" onto medical providers by "forcing" them to offer abortions.

  54. He sounds and moves exactly like his counterpart Jason. I even said, "that looks like a fat Jason Selvig from The Good Liars", before googling them and seeing he is Davram Stiefler, the second guy of The Good Liars.

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