and there we have it: commercial space flight. R.I.P. flatearth

  1. from now on the answer to arguments such as: can’t see the curve, space is fake, the sun and the moon are close, horizon rises to eye level and water doesn’t stick to a ball is simply “go and have a look”.

  2. You could send up the top most prominent FE pushers and the FE community would immediately disown them if they came back speaking against FE in any way.

  3. Not for a while it won't be. Not the way they make the whole business so damned garish. There'll be plenty in there for them to get their claws and fangs into. You'll see soon enough.

  4. I missed this post before putting mine in. But I'll leave my latest post in-place, as it puts another slant on it. In one sense this & many other technological items are of help bringing it about that there's a cloud of witnesses to spacetravel, & other forms of high-altitude aviation, & also to such things as circumavigation of Antarctica, & other such enterprises, rather than only dispensations about it from a small № of mighty & august institutions.

  5. After watching this video, my dad was pretty happy that it was proved that the Earth is flat because you couldn't see the curvature of the Earth even at that hugh altitude.

  6. And you know this for certain how? What actual evidence do you have that these space flights are not real?

  7. Basically, all space travel is faked by NASA. Now commercial travel up to the outer atmosphere is about to be available, then it's not NASA in control. So how does it get faked?

  8. The number of people able to to go and see the curve will rise, people who can just buy a ticket. Conversely, if the earth is flat, you will have a large number of people witnessing this instead, although if there really was a flat earth conspiracy, I would imagine these powers would be very VERY keen to shut this project down, which they haven't done for the years of development.

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