Ferrari Mick

  1. Yeah, right now I'd say they are the most solid team on the grid, even for next season. It would be a shame if one of them got yeeted just to make Mick follow his father

  2. I want the Spanish Carleto to stay, he deserves it, but this doesn’t mean that the Monegasque Carleto shouldn’t stay, he too deserves it, the both Carleto deserve that seats and the should be given the chance to the championship

  3. I'm backing Carlos to be WDC in the next 3 years. He has shown he can go toe to toe with, and even beat Charles. Plus I think they will have the right car to do so.

  4. I feel like Mick is being too hyped and then will face backlash if he doesn't deliver because he has a legacy to his name.

  5. Would be much better for Mick to improve at a midfield or lower-half team, than to just be at Ferrari soon, because they have two great drivers in Sainz and Leclerc that could work out long-term.

  6. Honestly Mick is absolutely fine where he is for next season too. Haas will be a middle tier team next season because of the new regulations and the fact they’ve dumped all their money into developing next years car (IMHO). If you throw him into a big team now he will fail and we will all say it’s because he’s trying to live up to his dads name.

  7. Like it totally doesn't make sense if someone wants this to happen just to have MSC name back at Ferrari!Look at the current line up! If you are a sensible Ferrari fan you would not want mick in Ferrari anytime soon

  8. Point of order, this should provide perspective for how disgustingly long this era of F1 car is. It's the width of 3 Ferrari road cars stacked abreast.

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