Beats most fashion walks

  1. lol i was low key impressed with how good everything looked on him, even the water tank at the end look dam good!

  2. Trust me when I say that if you think you could see his face and could feel the passion and confidence through a 50-gallon plastic barrel. This guy is pure genius. I would be a fool not to hire him. Bellissimo! Bravo!

  3. My thoughts exactly! I just know some hot shot designer is going to see this and fly him out to actually walk their creations down a runway!

  4. Just so long as at the start of the show you have Benedict Cumberbatch flying down from the ceiling, dressed as a winged harpy, whipping two old men dressed in prison jumpsuits right before you drop a vat of prunes on them.

  5. With how totally bizarre fashion shows are these days, I 100% would have believed it was real if someone told me such.

  6. There is something genuinely unique about the looks that some models have and it is so weird to encounter it on the face of a man wearing a screen door. I hope he gets discovered.

  7. I lost my mind when he came around the corner carrying the girl with his blank stare. I’ve watched this 5 times already and cannot stop giggling.

  8. The level of piss take here is unmatched. Love how this highlights how rediculous the entire fashion industry has become, and how detatched it all is from reality.

  9. To be completely honest, this is as much "fashion" as I've seen in other fashion shows. How can one argue that wearing a garbage bag (yes that's been in a fashion show) is different to this?

  10. I am convinced that fashion shows are just meant to make pretty people look ugly and as dead as possible. Like the designers got picked on in school and are now living out revenge on anyone who looks like their bully.

  11. God, that open mouth look up and to the left on the way out of frame. My dude does, indeed, not give a FUCK ABOUT YOU!

  12. See, this is true modeling. He's actually advertising the product more than himself.

  13. LOL, I think it's saying "pussy tight pussy clean pussy fresh" but it's hard to understand b/c of this mashup/remix/whatever with Sexy Back going on.

  14. Dude's got what it takes to be a model: elegance and a straight face modeling the weirdest shit. Someone should hire him ASAP

  15. Lol…exactly like fashion shows…models wearing the most preposterous ridiculousness. This guy does it better.

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