Finally got it:)

  1. I thought outside was just another MMORPG but played on hardcore without any respawns available? That's what they told me on

  2. I noticed yesterday I haven't played the original Stanley Parable since 2013, but with my luck it wouldn't give me the achievement if I installed to log in.

  3. You have to keep it installed for 5 years? That's the dumbest thing I have heard of. So if you got a new computer, no achievement you.

  4. I could have gotten in 1.5 years ago apparently. just got it. wish i had seen this a few hours ago so i could get the tuesday one...

  5. I think I could get that achievement, but I'm too scared to fire it up for fear that's it has only been 4 years 11 months.

  6. Ive got about 2.5 years left and it's sad because I really want to show my fiance the game :( oh well I guess she can wait!

  7. can you get this achievement after you finish the game? or do you have to get it but notnplay it for 5 years? i was always confused with this.

  8. You have to have played the game at least once, and then don't play it at all for five years. After five years, you'll get the achievement when you start up the game.

  9. I keep running ruining that one. Every couple years I have a new friend or GF and think "I'd really like to see how they play The Stanley Parable" and pull it up for them.

  10. I wonder if they re-released it cuz one of the developers got the achievement last year and they were like "oh yeah! I've been meaning to..."

  11. Still 3 years left for me. I haven't uninstall the game for fear of it not registering and a few times on bored nights I've caught myself just before clicking it.

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