Give that man a cookie

  1. Anyone else recognise this quote from the Clinkz voice line "Better to run than curse the road"? No? Just me?

  2. A lot more people should realize that they are someone when they say "Someone should do something"

  3. I just want to add a caveat. I've personally known two people who died by getting hit by cars while attempting to do something like this. Both were trying to rescue stray dogs that were running around scared on the highway. In one of those cases, a father pulled over to rescue the dog, and watched in horror when a truck driver that wasn't paying attention reamed into the father's family van which contained his wife and their 5 children. They all ended up with serious injuries, and one of the children died.

  4. One time there was a shopping cart on the opposite side of the road as me, I pulled over and moved it to the sidewalk. Then as I was driving away, feeling all wholesome and good, some kids ran up to it and pushed it back into the road.

  5. I was people watching at the beach a few weeks ago and saw an overturned trashcan that people were just walking by doing nothing about. I started getting a little upset and then realized that I could just as easily pick the garbage and trashcan up as they could. So I walked my lazy ass over, cleaned it up, and went about my day.

  6. I was driving home one day when I came across a decent sized traffic jam. I waited for a good 10 minutes until it was my turn to get around whatever obstruction was in the roadway that was causing such a delay. I finally get there, and what do I see? A fucking 4 foot long tree branch. That's it. I stopped the car, threw on the flashers, got out, and just threw the fucking thing off the road. In twenty seconds I had fixed what had caused all that hassle. People need to realize they can fix shit, too.

  7. My best friend in high school... we were going to pick one of our buddies up and it was garbage day. We pulled into his driveway and he got out and brought the garbage cans from the curb back up to the house. Being in high school, it's not really something many people would even think to do. I was kind of confused while he was doing it "What's he doing? Does he owe him money or something?" but then I caught on pretty quick. Who wouldn't be grateful for such a small act and it says a lot about you.

  8. This is a small and insignificant story but as I was walking to the train this morning I saw a June bug writhing around on its back trying to flip over. I found a small twig and prodded it onto its legs so it could fly away and someone walking by smiled at me and said, “Doing your part, huh?” I would have completely forgotten about that moment if we hadn’t connected over the stupid, silly thing I was doing. I think if you put even a tiny amount of good into the world it spreads and we both went off on our days better for it.

  9. I was in the school hallway once during lunch and this girl straight up drops her large soda in the hall, curses, and walks away. I didn’t really mind cleaning it up so I went to clean it up but the number of dirty looks I got for cleaning up somebody else’s mess was ridiculous. Needless to say, I didn’t feel super great afterwards.

  10. But be careful. My uncle died in a road accident, he was helping a guy change a tyre on the side of a road when a car hit him.

  11. Isn’t the Chinese government implementing videos like this to push for social credit system?

  12. The people in my town can’t be bothered to do the smallest things sometimes. I notice it the most when I go to the grocery store. There are dozens of carts strewn about the lot because there’s no corral (it’s a small lot and a small store). Every time I go, I take not only my cart, but all the others that I pass on my way, back to the front. I get slack jawed stares from most people. I even watched a guy watch me, and then proceed to leave his cart in the space next to his when he was done with it. I’m hoping it catches on one day.

  13. Keep on keepin on. Never wrong to do the right thing. Sometimes I pick up litter right as people drop it. They always turn around in a huff expecting a fight, but I quietly throw it away without judgement. Throws them totally off balance.

  14. I used to do that. I stopped when an employee told me that they like gathering carts because it gets them outside of the store.

  15. One time I was driving down a dark back road after a rain/wind storm and smacked into a giant tree branch that had fallen. It was way too dark to see and stop in time and if you attempted to avoid it, you might've slid off the road because it was wet. Well I just went and moved that bitch. My car at the time had splinters all in the front. I'd like to think I saved someone's BMW from getting a bumper full of splinters.

  16. Good intentions but Yes, it's amazingly half assed and still leaves it dangerous with the last piece and maybe even more dangerous. Before you could see a giant barrier. Now he left a barrier to be caught on that has less of it showing and now in the opposing lane as well.

  17. It's a different street, the lane fence goes further in your video and in his it has 4 lanes on his side and also the intersection is closer.

  18. I'm probably being a bit daft here but there is two cookies to give out in the video, 1) for the obvious, the reason the video was posted but 2) for the reactions of that white car who moves into the next lane despite the lack of signalling from the bus... or I missed the signal, in which case, disregard numero dos

  19. I am this type of guy just last week I stopped and got a tire out of the middle of the road that would have killed somebody it was dark and on a curve. I would hope we would all do this.

  20. The bus in front of him had to stop at the lights anyway so he hadn’t even wasted his time doing something nice for others. This man has some good karma coming his way.

  21. Citizen, for clearing the fallen fence and reestablishing traffic we grand you +50 points in your citizen score. We commend your service to the people.

  22. Me every morning when the door is half propped open. People will literally push it a little further and not move the door stop and let it be half closed. Same thing with the restroom door after the custodian cleans it. They will leave the men’s door wide open and not kick out the stopper.

  23. Like Danes. I not only see them walk past parked bikes that have fallen over and just look at them but I've seen them treat people who've fallen off their bikes like roundabouts.

  24. I really like that this happened, we need more people like this. Even stopping to help a turtle across the road or something along these lines

  25. When he parked the truck something fell off the truck front a few seconds after he steps out. Almost looks like his front bumper fell off

  26. Some criminals do the same thing on abandoned roads as a bait to make the driver come out his/her car.

  27. He had one already at lunch. "You will avoid being hit by a fucking car. Your lucky numbers are 4, 17, 30, 6, 32, 47."

  28. I used to stop and pull shit off the road all the time until a trucker almost hit my car. I was parked way off passed the shoulder.

  29. I actually got honked at and flipped off when I pulled over because I thought there was a giant chunk of wood on the highway interchange. Turned out to be a giant thing of foam but nobody dared go near it. Go figure. Fuck people.

  30. This happens in rural areas after a big storm. This weekend, virtually every small country road in an area of SW Michigan was blocked by downed trees. 150,000 people lost power at 2:30AM.

  31. 20 years ago there was some logs in the middle of a 65 mile-an-hour highway. This was a rural highway. I pulled over and I just put out a joint. I proceeded pull the logs out of the road. I get back to my car, and it won't start. 2 minutes later a cop pulls up, I'm sure he can smell everything. He asked me what I was doing oh, and I told him. Apparently he was there for the same reason because someone called it in. He let me go without any problems.

  32. This is the 2nd half of the video. The first half he knocked it over going the other direction and came back to fix it.

  33. He did a half ass job if you ask me, watch till the end and you’ll see... he deserves no cookie

  34. i almost expected him to get run over given that every traffic cam video of china on the internet has a gruesome and callous accident

  35. When I was taking two friend’s to their aunt’s funeral today, we did stop on a not near as busy street to move one traffic cone that had been bumped to the center of a lane, rendering it almost impossible if you didn’t want to run over it. Doesn’t touch a candle to this guy though.

  36. Doesn’t take long. Once there was a wheel barrow in the middle of the highway and everyone was just swerving and going around it. I was in a big truck, I turned my hazards on and blocked the lane it was in. I got out, moved it to the side of the road and drove away. What if someone wasn’t paying attention for a split second? Didn’t see it? Causing an accident. I did it the safest way I could on a highway but it needed to be done.

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