Average penis sizes per country

  1. And is the girth an actual average too, or is it just for show? Because the girth is ultimately what matters more to me, just saying...

  2. Yeah like the Italian dick is just a little bendy in a weird way, but I like to imagine that's just how they look over there!

  3. Didn’t the US airdrop extra large condoms that were mislabeled as smalls during the Korean War as psychological warfare?

  4. Its like Our economy after war. It starts small, you think nothing would happen, and then your arse gets torn apart so Hard you enter another Dimension.

  5. Oh that’s what that was?! I was at the tailor getting fitted for slacks and he just pulled it out and measured me up. It was weird that he made me get erect, but I’m no tailor, so I don’t know.

  6. I handed the phone to my boyfriend and asked what was wrong with Germany LOL I’ve never seen one like it either.

  7. Average penis size cannot be accurately gathered without having the scientists literally measure the dicks themselves.

  8. I find it weird that only the Asian dicks are uncircumcised. I know off the top of my head lol, Ireland. Germany, and Italy have really low circumcision rates.

  9. A couple just look like the foreskin is pulled back. I think whoever made this chart just had a little too much fun drawing different kinds of dicks.

  10. Where does this data come from? I have never reported, nor has my doctor measured, my boner size. But if someone has the link to the Boner Size Reporting website…

  11. World Health Organisation found that India had the smallest average to the point that standard condoms don’t work in India. Too big for them.

  12. Can confirm ince got my hands on a condom at 16-17 tried it on and had about 3-4 cms left i tried to pull it down to base but didn't work so i said fuck it and threw it in the bin

  13. It took me a long, long (no pun intended) time to realise that not EVERY woman, or any gender for that matter, care that much about the size of one’s penis. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not naive enough to say there are people out there that don’t have a preference of size, but for the most part it’s not the most important thing.

  14. What’s most interesting is that we’re all debating the accuracy when the source admits they have no source.

  15. Are these just lengths measurements, or did they measure for the adjusted penis size? Length times Diameter plus Weight over Girth divided by Angle of the tip squared

  16. How accurate can this possibly be without having every bloke from each of these countries line up to be measured? And is there a job vacancy to do so???

  17. I didn't expect the different shapes. If we're going into detail may as well account for girth. lol

  18. So does each country have some sort of penis size registry? Are we working on the honour system? Because those numbers are skewed for sure…

  19. Measured from top or under the penis? From one side I reach Eiffel Tower height From other side just…Arc de Triomphe 😤

  20. You could just use numbers... I never realized how weird this thing is, but know when I compare one versus another... Is it shows average shape as well or what, why this picture exist

  21. I know for a fact the Middle Eastern countries are lying because penis enlargement is one of the most common searches for men there. There was a story out there that the Saudi’s were the biggest fundraiser for penis enlargement research.

  22. Kinda wild, guys in Congo’s dicks are literally twice as big on average as Korean guys. Life just ain’t fair sometimes.

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