Daniel Wang's and Steve Guo's Recent Account Activity, Illustrated

  1. My belief is these were transactions required by Loopring’s partners / clients to establish better transparency around Loopring’s treasury tokens (ie tokens that belong to Loopring) and balance sheet.

  2. I like your rationale. Would that also be the case to allow GS to buy their stake into Loopring to create the NFT marketplace? I’ll be damn if it’s for a DEX as they wave goodbye to their former abusers on Wall St.

  3. My personal theory is that LRC is helping out Binance, who will in turn help out other CEX to provide liquidity for their LRC pool, since they dont have the coins ready, if there comes a massive run of people wanting to transfer their lrc to L2. One part goes to L2 directly to provide liquidity, the other to CEX to ensure users can actually transfer their stuff to L2 without creating mayhem. Imagine bransfer activating LRC deposits to L2 from CEX and CEX not having enough coins to cover the demand. The price would artificially jump.

  4. Maybe it has something to do with getting a bridge to binance. Too smooth to know why/how that’s needed but if we are all here guessing there is mine?

  5. You guys need to fucking relax. You're acting like six year old girls at a sleepover who see the shadow of a tree on the wall. No chill whatsoever, way too much high pitch screaming.

  6. Whenever someone says Misdirection. Always reminds me of Monsters University. Anyway I’m going to use that oil analogy when explaining to others as well. Oil is just really cheap at the minute…..

  7. I agree. I intend to hold for 3 years. However, putting out a simple tweet of this activity cost nothing. This is what worries the people.

  8. It’s definitely suspect, though I don’t see why they would be dumping now once prices are the lowest they’ve been since the initial pump.

  9. Might be connected with the upcoming LRC layerswap, to provide liquidity to Binance should there be mass migration to L2.

  10. April 2020, Daniel Wang has a Twitter post when LRC is .02 cents and talks about how holding can get him 10-100x.

  11. To be devils advocate they have insider information we don’t. They could have received bad news (partner pulling out) which made them transfer to binance and liquidate. Idk if that’s what happened but it could’ve

  12. Nobody made me do it but I've converted a lot of my USD for LRC. I wish companies would accept me paying for everyday expenses with crypto so I don't have to convert back. 😶

  13. L2 to L2 bridges with major CEXs imminent! Will eliminate gas fees from L1 as well as complicated transfers using intermediary wallets. Overall these moves appear Hyper Bullish for the L2 ecosystem. If loopring is pioneering these L2 bridges with partners it shows how much of a lead they have in this space.

  14. The account they've transferred to has sent over 100 MILLION tokens to Binance in the last 3 months. This needs to be cleared up by Loopring. If they're dumping over 100 million of their tokens on Binance and causing this price suppression that's bad... really, really bad.

  15. From my understanding it was then moved from Binance to L2. So binance moving its liquidity to L2 where our wallet is would mean binance L2 bridge is coming.

  16. Is it better to transfer to L2 now or keep Holding LRC till everything is in place and operating smoothly

  17. I can only imagine how some of you would have reacted back when the price went from a new ATH like .86 to the .30s just a few weeks later... RELAXXXX

  18. Why binance tho? I was looking into DRIP and MANOR Farm recently (both run off BSC), I read Manor farm is heading into L2 of their project. Not quite sure if it’s similar to the L2 of ETH. But if LRC was going to join the creators of DRIP that is bullish in my mind.

  19. Everyone: almost immediately after this happened 35 million got deposited into Layer 2. The address that deposited this is a newer wallet that has received the funds from Binance right after.

  20. I wonder if Steve is related to Miles Guo...who has been described as the Trump of China? A billionaire whistleblower from China who is working to take expose and take down the CCP.

  21. Just found one of the addresses (guo) in my trade history. Sold LRC to me a few days ago...

  22. My guess is that this is where the crash came in, because the Chinese New Year is coming and they need money to give bonuses to their employees.

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