'Official Posters for 'The Gray Man'

  1. that sounds like such a basic plot that ive seen hatched from so many other spy flicks, i am 100% in and watching this for free on the netflix

  2. Hmm, this is going to cause problems with my spy thriller featuring my completely unique and new main character Tribunal Aristrocrats.

  3. I dont really know why peopel are shitting on t his, it sounds dope. Action movies dont need these insane complex stories behind them.

  4. Now, to complete the homage, he just needs to show up on the set of his next movie still wearing the mustache and force them to cover it up with hideous CGI.

  5. Instead he looks more like Pablo Schrieber from Orange is the New Black or Jim Carrey in Me Myself and Irene

  6. Sadly yes, I've enjoyed the books and was quite looking forward to the movie, I have faith in Gosling but other than that I do get the feeling this could be really bad.

  7. These look like unnecessary de aged posters for a generic action film with tag lines that are superficial.

  8. Albert Fish was born May 19th in New York City in 1870. He was known as 'The Gray Man' and 'The Werewolf of Wisteria'. He was a serial killer who slayed children and ate them. When police asked a woman to describe him she said he was "gray in both appearance and demeanour". The child rapist and cannibal Fish boasted that he had children in every state. He only chose victims who were either mentally handicapped or African American. Fish tortured, mutilated and murdered the youngsters with a meat cleaver, a butcher's knife and a small handsaw, solidifying his reputation as the most vicious child slayer in criminal history. Though barely literate, Fish wrote taunting letters to the parents of his victims gruesomely detailing how he slayed, butchered, cooked and then with great enjoyment dined on their offspring. He would inevitably declare that a child's roasted rump was the most toothsome dish in all gastronomy. Additionally, Fish was a masochist and would insert wool doused with lighter fluid into his own anus and set it alight for his own enjoyment. Fish was finally arrested and he immediately began confessing to killing 700 children. He was dizzyingly happy, smiling as he described the grisly details of the tortures and the murders appearing to the detectives 'as the devil himself'... I mean this guy was a real jerk!

  9. How do we know which select theaters its going to be in? And any possibility with the new rumor that Netflix is going big on theatrical releases affect this movie?

  10. I really like all three of these actors but honestly, after reading the synopsis and looking at the posters, I don't have high hopes for this film. Hopefully I'm proven wrong and it turns out to be good.

  11. Ugh. The book series is quite good but these make it seem lame. Similar to when they tried to make American Assassin into a movie.

  12. I hope that at the end of the movie, just before our heroes walk off into the sunset and apropos of nothing, they look off screen and see a dancing guy in a gray morph suit and say "Huh... look at that Gray Man." Smash cut to The Gray Man title card and credits

  13. "A person's emotional expression is like a fingerprint. We've developed software that scans every public camera and uses facial expressions to build an emotional map and create this fingerprint. Anyone with any sort of emotional expression can be identified and caught."

  14. The Netflix logo for movies is almost like Seeing a poster with the Freeform or Oxygen Network logo for me. Power of the Dog and a few other originals have been good. But damn if most of their movies aren’t mediocre

  15. Why did they have to use orange and blue again like all the other AAA movies?! I legit thought this was another poster for Dr. Stange for a second.

  16. Finally, after all the flack Netflix has got in the past few months, this looks to be something actually good, maybe even a new big franchise for them.

  17. The Man from Uncle and This is War comes to mind - a lighthearted action romper with 2 competitive, charismatic leading men. Neither did well commercially though.

  18. Ah really sucks this is PG-13 not R. The Gray man is a very merciless violent dude, I’m on book 2 now, isn’t really a way PG-13 will do it justice.

  19. Damn did Ethan totally drop Michelle Monaghan for Elsa? I know he let Monaghan go, but it seemed like she was still his heart. Elsa is a better fit though, obviously.

  20. Kinda seems like another cash grab Netflix movie that wants to attract watchers with big names

  21. Why can’t Netflix do posters? They spend all this money on these movies and then it feels like they ask the intern to do it at the last minute.

  22. This movie is probably going to be bad but it has two of the most attractive people on the planet in it - so I'm looking forward to it.

  23. They were filming this last summer where I live. Days and days of gunfire and car crashes. Good fun.

  24. When the CIA's top asset -- his identity known to no one -- uncovers agency secrets, he triggers a global hunt by assassins set loose by his ex-colleague. IMDB

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