David Cronenberg Says Overturning Roe v Wade Is the Real Body Horror: ‘U.S. Has Gone Completely Insane’

  1. As an immigrant in the US, I wonder why lobbying is still not considered at the same level as “corruption”? Like when I heard that companies can have influence in policy making, I instantly, without hesitation, knew that’s just borderline corruption.

  2. It's legalized corruption. The people in power want more money so they made rules that allow them to take more money in exchange for influence. It's not enough to have power, they also wanna sit at the Richie rich table.

  3. lobbying is the reason we have unions. it's in the 1st amendment. the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. it's only a bad thing when the 'other side' uses it for something you don't like. or if corruption takes hold of the system.

  4. In about 20 years the US has gone from this beacon of freedom and democracy to this ultra-capitalistic, conservative shithole that other developed and developing countries are taking notes from in order to not become like it. The EU is starting to be what the US thinks it is.

  5. I’ve been saying it since early 2020 but the new American Dream is moving back to Europe. My parent shrink I’m nuts, but they’re the boomers that reaped all the benefits and made sure there were none left for future generations.

  6. Really? How do you blame conservatives in California when that’s been a progressive sanctuary that’s gone from everyone wanting to move there to everyone wanting to leave as quick as possible to Florida or Texas (red states). You far lefties have to get out of your bubbles lmao.

  7. What are you talking about? We have been passing increasingly more and more liberal/social policy. Name one urban district that isn’t run by democrat leadership and policy. So which exact policies and outcomes and limitations of freedoms are you lamenting as a “shithole”

  8. I don't think the US has gone "completely insane". Europe has many of the same problems just not as extreme.

  9. The Republicans embraced the entirely made up Qanon nonsense and tried to overturn an election result they didn't like by storming the Capitol and enacting an attempted insurrection.

  10. It's the fact that it's so "extreme" that the US has gone completely insane... the fact is the US was already insane 20 years ago when they illegally invaded Iraq.

  11. We should note that this is the most selfish society that's ever existed on the face of the Earth. Way too many people are just into themselves and their own personal needs with no regard to anyone else. In fact, they're so selfish, that they don't want any of the great void of people they don't know to have anything because to the former everything is a zero-sum game.

  12. Implying the US wasn't a tad nutty in the first place. If you look at the country and its history and still don't think it wasn't run and will continue to be run by daring mad lads, you're an idiot at best or delusional at worst.

  13. The Dream of the 90's was still alive in Portland until 2016. Now it's gone everywhere and we all pretty much blame each other for it.

  14. A guy from a country that doesn't allow people without Covid vax to leave its borders mouthing off about another country's "oppressive ownership and control" - that's rich. Wonder if he'd say that, for instance, Israel or Mexico are "completely insane" for forbidding abortion in most cases.

  15. Actually I do think taking a step backward is worse than standing in place. You’re referring to places that never had the right, not other places where a particular right was settled for 50 years only to completely reject the precedent

  16. They have to read what they are actually trying to do. It's not overturning it. It's basically, to over simplify, brings the power to decide the law/rules state to state. Stupid lemmings jumping on bandwagons without reading.

  17. Pro tip: when we talk about giving the power of the states to add freedom/rights, then this could be a good thing. When we talk about giving powers to the state to take away bodily rights, then it’s a big step in the wrong direction.

  18. Not at all what the ruling would accomplish. It would instead rule that the state you live in decides whether or not you have bodily autonomy and a right to privacy regarding your medical information.

  19. Lol the fact people on here think its great to be one of the leaders in abortion is crazy. Not even liberal europe is as "pro-choice" as the u.s. is.

  20. Yes, the U.S. is so pro-choice the highest court just leaked a coming opinion that says “women do not have the implicit right to govern their own bodies”. Yes, very pro-choice language erasing bodily autonomy for 53% of Americans.

  21. Abortion and aftercare are part of the healthcare package in my liberal european country...

  22. Nah, killing babies is evil. Plus it’s a states rights issue. Nothing more. Even the beloved Ruth Bader Ginsburg admits the law was interpreted wrong and has drifted from ‘safe, legal and rare’. Anyone arguing it will outlaw abortion are demented. Conservative states will have stricter rules and crime riddled liberal states will allow infanticide. So go live in a state where your value aligns.

  23. It sounds like you are the one in no position to lecture others you maybe should stick to tipping cows or whatever it is you do for fun. Abortions will continue to happen in these in red states asp it is comical to me how some of y’all are such strong patriots but want to separate blue states. (America! but only the white conservative ones) This is all one country and what happens in cali affect Georgia what happened in Alabama affects New York.

  24. Pregnancy is truly a miracle of nature. What I find most amazing is that once a woman becomes pregnant, she ceases being human. Amazing!

  25. Or having a parasite growing inside you put there by a rapist, taking your energy and physically and mentally fucking with you for months. But you can’t do anything about it, you just have to let it grow and grow until you hemorrhage during delivery and die… but it survived, so all is right in the world because your right to live never mattered anyway.

  26. I find it ridiculously that you chose to focus on a woman's top rather than her rights being stripped away. But okay sure

  27. When Republicans are governors in California, Hollywood personalities mock, ridicule and/or vilify them. When corrupt or dishonest Democrats are in office (such as Gray Davis, Jerry Brown or Gavin Newsome), the media is remarkably silent and actively squelches any voices of dissent.

  28. Is Cronenberg the old guy in the picture wrapping his arm around the waist of the semi-naked young girl? Got a Harvey Weinstein vibe to it. You can understand why he likes abortions.

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