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  1. I mean, it's a wedding. I get the whole "hur dur, all they want is attention!" But weddings are literally a celebration of the couple. They can do whatever they want, it's their wedding. There is nothing wrong with celebrating people you care about.

  2. Last time this was posted, someone said that they are stunt people and they do this for a living and their wedding reflected that. Not sure of the accuracy of that.

  3. I know right? I mean, even look at her dress, it's so over the top. It's huge and white and billowy, it's like she's intentionally being the center of attention for the evening.

  4. I’ve never seen this and that is so dope. I’d love to have seen them just jump off a cliff on fire and rip the chutes haha. Being a stunt double is some serious work and most do not get paid a ton of money but damn it’s gotta be cool doing some of the shit they get to do. They do it for movies and stuff so they don’t have to pay for it, driving nice cars or doing all the crazy stunts in the middle of huge cities and all types of shit. So cool.

  5. You are so wise about internet things. What else do you know? What other posts have you seen too much? PLEASE TELL US WHAT NOT TO LOOK AT

  6. No fucking chill in the comments section. Apparently not many can tell the difference between trained professionals doing a stunt for some incredible wedding photos/memories and some people trying to be TikTok famous.

  7. The key difference is that these two don't regret their choices after 0.1 seconds like in most videos of people setting themselves on fire.

  8. Redditors get so horny when they see attention seeking. They have to decry it with all of the smugness their bodies can muster. It's like a weird mix of virtue-signaling and jealousy. Ironically, their comments are just another form of attention seeking.

  9. So many here say wedding is a private matter between two people and mock the couple for doing over the top photoshoot but can’t seem to understand or respect what others want might not be what you agree with. And you’re essentially mocking someone’s choice of celebration that has ntg to do with you, that you so claim private.

  10. They are both professional stunt artists and probably thought it would be a really cool picture. I think it would have been!

  11. Man I hate stuff like this, if you show me a fotoshooting I want to see the finished pictures, I bet they look awesome

  12. They both had head lice and didn't want to contaminate the bed chamber. Unfortunately the huge carbon footprint from the flames and CO2 extinguishers have now disqualified them from having children.

  13. I got married at the little white chapel in Reno 7 years ago.. they were sooo pissed and took our deposit when we started setting our guest on fire..

  14. That’s a pretty good burn. You can tell it was going through the gel quickly as they sped up. Not bad though

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