Should I buy a oneplus?

  1. I second this, albeit it's only been a month that I've had my OP9 Pro, I love it. Had an iPhone 13 for a bit before and it's just too bland for me, it works, has some nice features, but in the end I found Android to be more fun. OOS is good, a couple features removed on 12 that were in 11 but nothing major.

  2. Can vouch for S20 FE 5G. It has been great. Just make sure to check the forums before you apply any software update.

  3. Yeah i have OnePlus 7T and it is running like a champ, handles everything with ease, Snapdragon 855+ is a pretty good chip, I would recommend OnePlus 7T if you don't care about the updates at the end because it is quite a old phone at this point of time, also I love the camera setup on OnePlus 7t, more than its successors, no doubt they have better cameras but the selection of cameras is better than OnePlus 8 onwards, or so 1 believe.

  4. I recently switched from Samsung to OnePlus 9. I personally liked Samsung's UI and overall experience better than OnePlus'. So based on that, if you want to switch to android I would recommend Samsung. I know my next phone will likely be a Samsung.

  5. Can't agree with that, quite the other way around for me. OOS feels more intuitive and has less bloatware. While Samsung packs a lot of features like Dex and Bixby, I will never use either. Briefly had a Note 20 Ultra before getting a 9 Pro and I just couldn't get to like One UI as much as OOS. Even something simple like holding the battery saver icon in notification menu to bring up my battery usage in OOS whilst it would bring up Battery saver toggle screen in One UI really annoyed me as I like to check that often.

  6. I was with OnePlus since the oneplus 1, 3 and 6, I opted not to get one this time and got the pixel pro 6 and couldn't be happier. Battery could be better, but it'll get you a full day no problem. The camera is wild but also sadly, no dual sim :(

  7. I have the OnePlus 9RT 5G, this is my first OnePlus phone so I can't speak for how it changed over the years and the so called OPPO merger. But for me, it's a superb phone for the price! I don't get all the hate for the OOS 12 as I haven't used it and I'm planning to stay on 11 until all the issues are fixed in 12.

  8. i went from a samsung galaxy s8 into a oneplus7pro. the oneplus7pro was a better phone all around on paper, in reality however i want my older slower s8 back. what im getting to, chances are extremely high you would be disappointed going from an iphone into a OP... the software issues would drive you nuts..

  9. It really depends on your needs. If you wanna move to Android because you're not a fan of iPhones(since you're in the EU likelihood hood is higher you do) we would need to know what's your must haves and how much you're willing to compromise. If speed is you concern stay iPhone if you can wait till September just get an iPhone 12 when the 14s come out. Should save you a couple hundred there. If you want pictures, zoom, & video; Find a S21 Ultra. Should be about half of the original cost and would be a major upgrade over you iPhone 8. If you want value get the pixel 5a when it drops specs almost match the pixel 6 aside from extra cameras and an aluminum body.

  10. If you value software and fast updates then look at grabbing the new Pixel 6a or the regular Pixel 6. OnePlus software is such a mess right now, with updates taking really long to arrive. You could also wait for the Pixel 7 in October most likely.

  11. I bought a Nord Plus 2 two months ago, ist running perfectly find and the battery Life is also very good. I dont have any issues with the operating system.

  12. usually, only flagmans have support for more than 2 years. For the same price, you can get Realme GT Neo 2 which is a sub-flagman of the Realme which is also from BBK as OnePlus.

  13. Well, the simple answer is no But it really depends if it is on sale half price it is a good deal And if you would like to tinker with custom roms nameless to name a good one in my opinion it is the best you can get

  14. If you would like to stick with an iPhone anyway, take a look at the SE2022. Yes it’s not as good as the 13 series but still better than what you’re using now and will last you a good couple of years again. For about 60% of the cost of an iPhone 13.

  15. I have a OnePlus 9, and honestly, I think it's fantastic. I have zero buyer's remorse, and it works perfectly well.

  16. Look one plus isn't bad it's just being criticized alot I personally use a op9 pro And it's alright If you want stability don't sign up for the beat updates But if you want new features quickly sign up for beta

  17. I have OnePlus 8t, which is a great phone. However, once I received A12 update I've faced a lot of bugs. I would say that quality of OP software reduced a lot. I would recommend you to look at Samsung phones.

  18. HIGHLY recommend it, these other guys are biased to the "old ONEPLUS" so don't listen to them if you want the truth, ONEPLUS is gonna be your best bet for most bang for your buck. There updates are plenty and their phones last a long time. Go for it buddy you won't regret it. If you have any questions DM I have the ONEPLUS 8T

  19. I absolutely love the 2 devices I have. Both are great and though they are on the older 7nm process chip 855/855+ , they are absolutely fast and bloat free. Pixel 4xl, and One Plus 7t . If you aren't about the life of needing to be holding a device that it's main purchase was to draw acceptance by using it as jewelry like many today...If you want a great performer and though about end of official life cycle for updates isn't a bother...these both are amazing. Both take decent pics and video as a bonus. Often the pixel is better though. The one plus 7t I bought second hand for 150 as a backup. It's the unlocked TMobile variant. But I flashed it to global Dual Sim. Runs better and is running all apps perfectly. The new update to 12.1 is soon to arrive as well. My pixel 4xl is running beta 3.2 13. I have no plans to upgrade until this time next year which will be likely pixel 6pro. Second hand. Battery on these are both around 6 to 8 hours heavy use screen on time. I would purchase international 7t to avoid the flash and the pixel I'd go for the Google oem unlocked one. Hope this helps. To answer directly to you yes. I would. That or pixel. Series.

  20. The alert slider is amazing, you can switch to vibrate or silent with a switch just like the iPhone. Every phone has something somebody doesn't like, I've been using Oneplus since I switched from iPhone, it's a no brainer, OnePlus is a great phone .

  21. long time user here. own several of their devices. No is the answer. this is no longer the oneplus it was years ago.

  22. If you want android then it'll either be a Samsung (shudder) or the pixel if they could fix all the problems.

  23. You can buy a Google pixel device. OnePlus could work but just dont install OOS 12. However, If you're switching from an iPhone 8, or any iphone at all, anything would be a huge upgrade. Google pixel 6 is well priced and is a decent device. I'd buy that if i were you. Sadly, it's not available where I'm at. So I ended up with a 10R from OnePlus.

  24. OnePlus 7 or 7T Pro with a custom rom still kills it. 3 years strong with no desire to upgrade and previous phones were Nexus 5, OP3T, OP6. There is really no reason to constantly change phones besides camera nowadays imo 🤷‍♂️

  25. I've been using 1+ since the 3, and as a family we have been through 15, there will be a paradigm shift between IOS and Android, but many of the complaints about look and feel will get drowned in that change.

  26. No. 7 Pro user here and the camera just stopped working entirely by a system update a few months ago. Expect this and the new ColorOS from oneplus

  27. As far as I’ve seen apple seems the only one who keeps updating their phones for a long time, so I think I’ll have to go with apple. Now the problem is convincing my parents

  28. I think of the OnePlus devices, the 8T would be a good choice. Dual Sim and decent battery. Especially with the warp charger. Inverter+Warp charger is a great combo. It's my daily driver.

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