Need help understanding if I'm right in a PayPal dispute

  1. It doesn’t matter if the seller doesn’t accept returns. It doesn’t matter if the seller has a contract signed by you that you can’t have a refund. PayPal does whatever they want and they play by their own rules.

  2. Right wrong business ethics play no role with PayPal. This does not seem to be sinking in to those reading all these valid issues on this site and me referring to go and research the thousands of complaints for years on other sites. Wow what will it take for people to get it? Stop make these thieves richer. They are laughing at all you suckers. Now with crypto they are like we have the perfect legal crime not regulated, not tangible money, once paid can never be a refund so no matter what you buy, if you do not get it or if it is bad product you are stuck. Old time mafia are thinking wow to bad this was not around in our time , this would been better than gambling, hookers, number running, and drugs

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