New Wooper - Perfect counter to Toxapex?

  1. I just hope it doesn't have the weird quirk that nidoking has where it's a physical attacker but it's special attacks do more damage

  2. If Quag’s stats stay about the same, I doubt it goes to OU. Sure it walls Pex, but it loses out on normal Quag’s best selling point in OU (Unaware) and needs some hefty attack investment to pick up the 2HKO with EQ

  3. Also, regular Quagsire has a different typing which brings different main selling points. It lacks the resistance to Fire and to Steel for instance, though resisting Fighting and Fairy is very nice.

  4. is it important? what are you doing by walling a Pex, its just gonna sit there and so are you. And then it will knock off your item and take 55% from your weak earthquake before switching out.

  5. Quagsire has pretty low stats all around. But it's just bulky enough to use defense EVs, Recover, and Unaware to see some usage.

  6. Eh proabably not, it fills the same niche as regular Quag, a stiuational counter. And while poison/ground with a water immunity is a pretty solid type, it still lacks the pure utility of water/ground for Quag beca of one reason

  7. Just spitballing… All of the Tapus bar Bulu, hurts Heatran, Clefable, Urshifu, Zeraora, Blissey, Terrakion, most other fighting types, Azumarill, Keldeo… do I need to continue or is my point made

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