In first, gay Democrat and gay Republican face off in congressional race

  1. I'll never understand gay Republicans. I get that your vote is your own, but your party is perfectly fine with violence being committed against you and actively uses your lifestyle as a bogeyman on what will happen if you vote Democrat.

  2. The Texas GOP just denied the Log Cabin Republicans from attending their Platform Rally (where they among other things threatened to secede from the Union and called Donald Trump the legitimate President) and called their life style “abnormal”. Also, Republicans have recently started calling all gay people pedophiles (while continuing to support red pedophiles).

  3. They assume that theyre one of the good ones and dont remember what happened to the Brownshirts. Or that Hitler planned mass purges of the Wermacht after the war was over.

  4. You don't have to feel so bad about your identity being marginalized if there are trans or brown people you can marginalize way worse.

  5. One most basic reasons is money. You're willing to sell out because it creates financial benefit at a scale that means people won't bother you about your personal life.

  6. Minority republicans often see themselves as "one of the good ones". I know multiple hard core Trump/Massie/McConnell/Paul loving Republicans who are openly racist, homophobic, and such who have close acquaintances that are POCs and/or gay but they see those individuals as an exception rather than as the greater group they hate. I assume the minorities in the party see themselves in a similar light.

  7. I think it's a "they won't go after me" thing. It's the entire empathy discussion regarding the GOP all over. They seem to lack it.

  8. Sexual orientation isn’t one of their more salient identities. Their interests are usually more focused on class or race or gender (in the wrong ways). Not everyone places it high in their priorities, even though it’s really under attack. Why and how they came to think that way? That’s more difficult.

  9. Log Cabin Republicans have been lobbying their own party to be less homophobic for years. Each time the GOP laughs and says "yeah, right."

  10. I mean, working class straight people also vote Republican even though it’s against their own interests. The GOP relies on voters who hate someone else more than they hate themselves.

  11. It's the "I got mine" mentality. I've been part of the LGBTQIA+ community for 15 years. White gay men and women can ignore it, if it doesn't affect them, sadly it's not uncommon. But I know not everyone is ignorant. I think it has to do with people not knowing our LGBTQIA+ history and forgetting to educate themselves. There's always been a rift between certain groups within the community. Trans women were given a lot of backlash and told they're making the community look bad, there would also be a lot of racism and classism issues.

  12. I know a girl who’s gay but super conservative and I’ve seen her make Facebook posts about how gay people shouldn’t have the right to get married. It’s fucking insane

  13. Right? It’s like hearing that Clarence Thomas used to work for the Apartheid government of South Africa. Like, I know the dude is a piece of shit, but daaaaamn, how good was that money?

  14. For the first time in american history two openly gay candidates, one democrat and one republican are competing for the same seat!

  15. Let's not pretend this is organic. Republicans run their tokens against whomever the presumed Dem nominee is. Otherwise why would Georgia be in a senatorial election between a PHD and CTE?

  16. Well the gqp candidate is clearly delusional. His own party hates him having rights, after all. In the pretend reality of trump world, he would be a nonperson... Imagine being even more delusional than that and thinking they'd only do that to the_bad_ gays

  17. Most gay republicans subscribe to the idea “fuck you, I’ve got mine mentality” they typically come from upper middle class or upper class socioeconomic backgrounds and are pretty divorced from the struggles faced by the queer peasant rabble. The claim to believe in social libertarianism, and fiscal conservativism, but really just want to make it easier for the rich to stay rich.

  18. Because they care more about fucking over their out-group of choice than they do helping people in their community. It's the same reason why there are minorities, poor people, and disabled people who are Republicans.

  19. Not adding a whole lot given what others have already said, but gay Republicans tend to be cisgender, upper-middle class white men who arrive at the GOP the same way other cisgender upper middle class white men do. That specific flavor of “queer” has become relatively inoffensive to most (as long as they’re not “shoving it down my throat,” of course), so they retain all that privilege, and operate on a “fuck you, I got mine” attitude (ignoring that it was really trans-fem black folks who fought to give them their rights).

  20. There weren't Jewish Nazis per se, but there were groups of Jews that thought if they cozied up to the Nazis and showed them that they weren't "the bad ones" they'd be insulated from the rumored atrocities. You can guess how well that worked out.

  21. The fact that the supreme court is going to overturn marriage rights for same sex couples, makes these elections important.

  22. “Do you support your party’s efforts to minimize us as a people, and at worst make us a targeted community for extralegal punishment”

  23. Isn't "gay Republican" an oxymoron? Or just a moron. Clearly, buddy loves his money more than he loves himself. Because dude, they HATE you.

  24. This is actually a very competitive seat that is rated as a toss up by a lot of political pundits. The Republican has a fairly good chance of winning.

  25. I would argue that the gay Democrat would have more of an ability to help push national policies to help his constituents. The gay Republican would have a much harder time getting his fellow Republican to support his efforts.

  26. "Santos didn’t deny that he was present at the “Stop the Steal” rally, but said he “did not go” to the U.S. Capitol building on Jan . 6 and downplayed the significance of his presence at the rally."

  27. “It’s great to see that opportunities are equal to all in this country,” Santos [the Republican] said. “It’s always been that way. … So I don’t make it a campaign issue as far as I don’t campaign on that issue."

  28. "openly gay" bet half the republican party pray to god like "Oh god, please punish me for thinking about those sexy butt-holes and tight pants on the go go boys"

  29. Unfortunately the Gay Republican could not attend the debate, he had to be rushed to the hospital after his face was eaten by a leopard.

  30. Have to question the gay Republican’s intelligence just by the fact that they are gay and a Republican. It’s like those series of photos of baby gazelle standing next to lions. You know what the last few photos will show, and it’s not the baby gazelle being welcomed onto the lions political platform as an equal.

  31. I’m shocked there are still gay republicans in this world. They do know their party doesn’t want to include them right?

  32. i dont understand how you can be gay and be a republican, especially when they want to get rid of LGBTQ rights.

  33. well my money is on the democrat coming out on top and the republican coming out on bottom. also i think the democrat will win that congressional race.

  34. I'd just like to mention that the reason all of the gay Republican candidates are way younger is because it's only been possible to get elected as a gay Republican... well, it's only barely possible even now.

  35. The differences here is that if the Democratic Party absolutely controlled everything then the Democrat would love their life and have freedom.

  36. Statistically, this is probably just the first OUT gay Dem and Rep facing off. Splitting hairs, but yeah.

  37. This should read, In first openly gay republican and gay democrat... I am sure there have been plenty of closeted gay politicians debating one another.

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