pRiViLeGe CaRd

  1. It's public records via the US Small Business Administration website. It's also available on websites like ProPublica. A church from my hometown was awarded close to $42k and it was forgiven less than a year later.

  2. The “privilege” guy owns an auto repair shop with his very unique last name. The person who replied probably just did a quick lookup on a PPP loan site.

  3. Its especially easy when these people advertise their companies on their Twitter like they always do. A quick Google will get you all the info you need.

  4. The op for the original tweet had their name as part of their handle (by original I mean uncensored). Then the original poster deleted the tweet.

  5. I saw this yesterday without the censoring and looked him up, he deleted it and tweets only like once a year. Just screaming republican shit into the ether and nonsense.

  6. He just doesn't understand the fundamentals of privilege. It's not getting more than other groups, it's not having less. It's the ability to exist without a sea of obstacles against you. I'm not surprised that he's a "bootstraps" bitch.

  7. I don’t know why the loan is privilege though it was available to anyone running a business. There’s nothing more stressful than knowing that families rely you. Running a business is high risk high reward and Is constant stress. A big part of me misses being an employee and being able to leave work and shut of my brain. Running a business there will always be people that act like you’re just got lucky and anybody can do it. They compare themselves to you if I only had such and such break. I don’t care what the business is to be successful you have to be outgoing responsive and proactive every single day on top of doing the work I’ve had multiple people come in and leave to start their own and not one has been successful bc it’s not about the work. you can be sub par or just ok with your service or product and run a very successful business just bc you understand the business side.

  8. The loan was forgiven in June 2021 and the comment was posted before that in Feb - am I missing something here?

  9. That's something I don't understand about a certain segment of the American population, those that hate "socialism". Um who pays for the cops you're always supporting, no matter what? What about that military you're so gosh danged proud of? Pretty sure it was socialism that built the roads you drive your giant truck on. Your kids go to public school? Damn, socialism again. You pay a corporation to save your house when it's in fire? Speaking of corporations, you no problem with welfare for them, even when not one red cent of it will benefit the workers of said corporation.

  10. We also literally already tried this basically. The "Wild West" was wild because it was mostly lawless and entire towns could be run by barons, murders happened all the time, theft, arson, rape, etc. was rampant. People sold poison as medicine, people slaughtered entire families for fun.

  11. Usually you can just Google “ business name PPP” and it will come up. It’s public record. I think the website is

  12. I worked at a credit union during Covid, and we were giving out PPP was horrible. The people were awful nasty during covid (in the south!), our drive through lane was literally hours long, sometimes 50 cars long (for people to check if their 'stimmy' came in, so they can take it all out as cash), and the employer only vaguely cared about covid regulations. They kept saying 'we're so grateful!' but then worked us to the bone. They kept saying that they were making well above their projected earnings despite covid, but they apparently could not give us our standard annual cost of living pay raise, let alone hazard pay. To 'reward us' for our hard work they gave us a mandatory two hour long seminar we had to watch in shifts (therefore, be short staffed during) about having the 'heart of a servant'. When many of us had to quarantine due to exposure (some of us caught it, some didn't; they didn't want any of us to quarantine, and two of the people they said should be 'safe' turned out to have it), they wouldn't pay us during it and we had to burn through all our sick/vacation time.

  13. For the republicans in the chat it means this: You can go to work to earn your big American green freedom money because you dont have to dig a well with your hands just to get water. And you dont have to sneak past warlords to get to your aunts house. Now THAT is neat!

  14. I usually hate when these subs get too political, but this is hilariously accurate. I love when people rail against the government welfare, but support Medicare (for instance).

  15. FYI, when it says the loan was forgiven, it means that it became a free government gift. The government gave out BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of these handouts, and this was small in comparison to most.

  16. That does raise a moral quandary. Is it government assistance if the only reason you need it is because of actions taken by the government (ie Not closing down international traffic, then having to quarantine once the pandemic hit)? At that point, wouldn't it be called 'reparations'?

  17. PPP loans were used to pay employees so they didn’t get laid off. Based on the amount of the loan, he/she owns a small business. I would think people would want them to keep their employees working instead of letting them go.

  18. I'm a 52 year old white male. I never received my privilege card. I must have missed the meeting when they were issued. Who do I contact to get one and can I use it retroactively?

  19. it is assumed by default. you know when the cop pulled you over and given you a warning instead of a ticket or a gun pointing at you and tell you to GET OUT OF tHe FUCKIng CARrr? yup privilege.

  20. It always blows my mind how many people don't know what a loan is or how PPP works. Reddit is a funny place.

  21. PPP was financial assistance provided by the feds, in the form of forgiven loans. The guy claims to have never received any financial assistance from the government. The guy is a liar.

  22. Paycheck Protection Program, it was a program to keep people employed during the government mandated shut downs. To get forgiveness of the loan you had to provide proof that you used the funds to keep employees on your payroll.

  23. I love how this has been ALL over Reddit for days now and this is the first time the name has been edited out. Kinda late now buddy!

  24. This isn’t the point of the post. Having the loan forgiven is fine. The point is that the guy claims to have never received government assistance, which is a flat out lie.

  25. The owners at my work got a PPP loan and I found it weird as hell as we stayed open the entire pandemic through a mixture of oversight and very blatant attempts to pretend to be essential (which to some people I guess gambling and cigarettes are essential). They gave those of us who continued to work a reasonably decent bonus for a few months followed by some pretty generous raises (I think I make something like 50% more than I did pre Covid).

  26. This isn’t government assistance, it’s the government paying damages for forcing your business to close or reduce its operations.

  27. This particular business fell under one of the categories for essential service in their state and would have been able to stay open.

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