One thing I don’t get in Rick and Morty is if the whole citadel is made up of ricks all of equal intelligence. How come our Rick (c-137 I think it is) makes them look so dumb

  1. Maybe because all they do is hang out with other Ricks. Our Rick travels the universe and keeps learning about everything. I mean could Willy Wonka Rick come up with a vat of acid? I don't think so.

  2. Because the council of ricks followed codified rules. They were creatures of pattern. C-137 recognized those patterns and was able to exploit them. The council may have realized they had patterns, but they were too married to them to think outside of those patterns so it didn't matter whether they knew their habits or not.

  3. It's 100% this, Rick repeatedly implies that forming and conforming to the citadel makes Rick weaker. I'm amazed that most of the sub can't understand this any deeper than "Rickest Rick". He was literally saying governments make Ricks weak. "You were so afraid of the government so you made a stupid government!"

  4. They are all the smartest from their respective universes, but that doesn't mean they are all equally intelligent.

  5. But they all had to get it from (at least) one other Rick. It wasn’t C-137, so who could it have been 👀

  6. I don’t think it’s ever been said they’re all of equal intelligence. They’re each the smartest man in their respective universe, but just look at doofus Rick. He eats shit… No way he’s as intelligent as C-137

  7. Theyve been lulled into a false sense of security. Our rick goes against ricks a ton these guys have gottwn fat and lazy and complacent

  8. Because Rick C-137 has more experience doing Rick things. The citadel Ricks are “retired” in a sense and our Rick is still chasing science and reaching a Rick’s maximum potential.

  9. Did you watch the last episode of season 5?? The citadel is made up of infinite universes where rick is the most intelligent person in that universe. Doesn’t mean that they have the same intelligence. This Rick is the rickest rick so he’s the smartest of them all.

  10. even if they have the same intelligence, they are sitting comfortable in the citadel getting dull. C-137 is still out there doing stuff, learning new things and improving himself. intelligence is worthless if you arent doing anything with it.

  11. I mean, there are Ricks that are „I am a marketing based Rick“ or „I am a low income household“ Rick who is apparently the smartest in his universe.

  12. They're not necessarily equal intelligence, maybe they think they are but the CFC closed them all off from Multiverses in which Rick is not the most intelligent, perhaps it's fair to say that throughout all the Rick's, one of thems gotta be the Rickest

  13. i don’t think they’re all equal intelligence, just that in each of their universes they are the smartest, so that just means c-137’s universe is overall more intelligent, making him smarter. also he’s the “rickest rick” so he makes the most of his intelligence as well

  14. Because they became a government and we all know governments become stupid. Plus c137 is probably one of the few Ricks to probably lose both their child and spouse in c137s universe. Plus the mega fruit he got sometimes to boost intelligence to probably out smart Rick's also he knows himself like other risks and uses it to an advantage for him beating any Rick or a council of ricks.

  15. BecAuse they aren’t “as Rick” as him. So they can’t outsmart him because he has the most Rickness (personality) they can’t predict what he will do.

  16. I thought it was because Rick only visits universes where he is the smartest and the borderline to the other universes is where evil Morty went

  17. I wouldn’t say ‘equal’ intelligence. The finite Rick curve just limits the available multiverse to worlds where the natural Rick is the smartest person in that world. So I see it as a whole lot of worlds filled with more chumps that are chumpier than the chumps our 137 has had to deal with pre-multiverse hopping

  18. Not all Rick's are the same intelligence. See exhibit A: doofus rick. Rick is usually just the smartest being in their origin dimension, maybe excluding doofus rick of course.

  19. It's not that they are of equal intelligence, rather that they are all the most intelligent guy from their own universe. The fastest cheetah in the world is still faster than the fastest armadillo in the world.

  20. My theory is that. The stroy starts when Another Rick from an another reality comes to C-137 Rick's reality to show the wonders of Multi dimension but the Rickest of all understands the truth hidden behind unlimited reality is that nothing will hold any value for him any loger and so he refuses. But he made a mistake, he tried to tell a Rick that he is wrong and Rick's are never wrong so in anger and to guide C-137 in the right path he killed his wife and daughter. C-137 goes on a path of revenge and starts hopping through realities killing Rick's and seeing the vast universe infront of him. He is lonely rn and has no one. But one day while stacking out to kill a Rick, he met Birdperson. His first friend. He fought with him, he laughed with him, this was an escasty that suddenly hit him. He wanted more of it but didn't knew how to ask and in the end he became what he set out to kill, C-137 invited out Birdperson to roam different dimensions but isn't it similar to what the other Rick said. C-137 becomes a Rick, A man who is supposed to the smartest man in the universe and all alone cuz no one else can share his burden. But that not it, He is the Rickest of the Rick's. If he doesn't like anything he will change it. The endless charade keeps going on. Endless killing of Rick's, then we stumble upon the original Group of Citadel. More and more are killed by C-137. At last our Rick decides to end it all, after killing all the top executives, he decided to help them create a small utopia for themselves where they could admire thier own ass and not bother him anymore. He understood what most Rick's failed to understand. Just a Morty is not enough for life and being the smartest man to be alive isn't all u need in life. U need friends and family. So he crashes into a universe where his daughter is still alive .

  21. Supposably because Rick c137 is the most Rick of them all without hiding it. I can see how it could make sense. But in all sensible reasons the smartest Rick would be the one that made c137 possible. Rick c137 has been trying to chase the version of Rick that killed his family and forced him to abandon his universe. There's a good chance that this Rick is out of the strain of Rick universes in his part of the multiverse. Hiding very well in somewhere unknown. But after the experience between Rick c137 evil Morty Rick has learned something new..... He's not the smartest person in the multiverse but he is able to compete and learn.

  22. Even real people with the highest IQs on Earth have made some dumb life decisions. Just look up on YouTube. Mental health seems to ultimately trump any intelligence gifts you have.

  23. I don't think the show ever said they were equal in intelligence. Just that they are all the smartest beings in their respective universes... Except stupid rick

  24. Put any smart person on a committee and there's a significant reduction in intelligence, ability, initiative, and caring. You can hide in a crowd. Consequences get diluted. Safe compliance and ass-kissing gets rewarded, leadership and hard work gets dismissed.

  25. Rick doesn't follow bureaucratic floof like the rest do. Gives him an air of freedom the others lack. Mind you the bureaucratic system offers the rest protection.

  26. Maybe because they are of equal intelligence but it’s not as balanced as Rick C-137. For example one Rick is smarter than Rick c-137 at math but he has no common sense, etc. Overall their intelligence is equal but not in the same way.

  27. I still believe Evil Morty got it wrong and we're on the OTHER SIDE of the curve. C137 separated himself from all the universes in which he is the smartest and stayed on the side where he is the smartest Rick in the multiverse.

  28. Intelligent is a tool to be used, they might have grown complacent in their lives and thus use their tools and assets less than "our" Rick.

  29. Some of the highest recorded IQs were people who ended up not really doing much with it. A lot of people the world considers absolute geniuses are basically pretty average, or at least only slightly above average, as far as raw brain power.

  30. Because of their beliefs in law, order, society and government. They still believe that things matter. C-137 is the most extreme version of nothing matters. Just my opinion

  31. This, like so much of the show, doesn't make sense period. Don't overthink it, just enjoy the jokes.

  32. All Rick's are the smartest in their universe, I believe c-137 just happens to be from the universe with the smartest Rick, the Rickest Rick if you will

  33. They aren’t of equal intelligence, I don’t think that was ever stated was it? Just because the raw materials are the same doesn’t mean that the outcome will be the same. They all had different lives, experiences, growth moments, and trauma which is why there is an entire spectrum of ricks, from assembly line worker to c-137. Think about if you had a different teacher at a critical moment, went to a different school, were born poor, rich or in a different country, etc. all those tiny deviations lead to vastly different outcomes

  34. Because eventually if you travel the Central finite curve long enough you come across the Rick who can out-rick every other rick. The Rickest Rick.

  35. There’s another inconsistency when claims they made the citadel and become a government to avoid the government. Rick is the reason the citadel was started. It never had anything to do with the government

  36. I think it’s because as Rickumarri Jack showed, he was the only Rick we know of that didn’t have his technology handed to him and he went on adventures and had lost. He had to learn how to survive whereas they didn’t.

  37. Because he’s THE Rick, the smartest Rick in every conceivable universe. They’re the smartest in the citadel because he would never join them.. or it would be just One Seat and a dictatorship

  38. A chain is only as good as it's weakest link. They try to rely on each other's strengths and do not improve themselves enough outside of it. This is what it's like to live in a bubble with only 1 perspective. They are blown away by someone with life experience.

  39. He literally says it: he’s the Rickest Rick. That level of Rick is gonna shit on everyone and poke holes in their shit and just make ‘em look dumber

  40. they say so, rather he says so, because he is "tha most rick" or "rickest rick" or whatever tha fuck he says; tha 'original seed'

  41. They’re only the smartest person in their particular universe, so it really depends on how low the bar is imo

  42. Each Rick is the smartest Rick in his own universe, our Rick is the Rickest Rick and might as well be the smartest

  43. Your missing the point. If you've watched the show Ricks all have varying intelligence levels. They are always the smartest person in their respective universes, but that's relative if one's universe is full of potato level intellect then you don't need to be that much higher than that to be the smartest.

  44. Ricks are individualists. All of them being together at the citadel is like a weight dragging them all down.

  45. I thinks it a commentary on capitalism. All equall intelligence yet society forces them into inferior roles based on the differences in personalities. “The rickest rick” has more to do with having balls, than it does being smart.

  46. they dont all have the same intelligence, each of then are only the smartest in their own universe which means some could be from a universe where everyone is stupid asf and the rick only has average intelligence

  47. I mean the central finite curve has all the universes where Rick is the smartest man. However, that doesn’t mean that smartness is equal in every universe. Doofus Rick is a doofus compared to other Ricks, but still the smartest in his universe.

  48. Because intelligence isn’t a great indicator of success and can be actively suppressed by depression or megalomania or what have you. *buuuurp

  49. If you pair a wild spirit with intelligence,you'll get the rick we all love!The Rickard in the citadel have a thing for tribalism and are bowing down to a chirachical system! Intelligence is one thing,but the mentality is a whole another one!

  50. OK if you have 2 pc's with the same stats and parts, one could be better depending of its experience. So one mines bit coin and the other was used for high end gaming, if you use them 10 years down the line even with the same parts and operating system, they will 100% be a difference in performance.

  51. I think it’s because he is the original Rick. The central finite curve is based around C-137 specifically. I’m pretty sure C-137 is just where they are now, or where Morty originally came from too, and not Rick’s home dimension.

  52. I would assume that there are Rick's of levels of varying intelligence, just that they are smart enough to be the smartest man in their universe.

  53. In a dimentional show like this it allows the posibility of anything like hammerhead rick or "tall morty" a dumber than average rick so it is possible for c-137 to be smarter than the average rick

  54. I mean it’s made of up of Ricks from every universe, doesn’t mean they’re all as intelligent as him. Even if they’re still geniuses they might be considered dumb compared to him.

  55. The ones high in the citadel are blinded by their hubris And the ones low are crushed by the weight of the citadel’s capitalist structure enslaving their intellect.

  56. He actually has very little to live for and at least "had" proper motivation. He has killed more Rick's than anyone, he's practically an expert at killing himself.

  57. There were a couple of references in the show saying that Ricks are equally smart, but I don't think it's the case. All Ricks we see are the smartest beings in their own universes. It does not mean they would be the smartest in another one. So I do think there is a massive fluctuation between Ricks, plus as someone else said, they have different experiences.

  58. He makes them look dumb bc they’ve applied their collective intellect to build a bureaucracy and the Rickest Rick is a self- and family-above-all Rick. He doesn’t play by their rules, so of course he’s not bound by them in his thinking.

  59. He’s the rickest Rick so they all hate him bc of that and since he’s the rickest out of all of them he’s also the smartest Rick

  60. I think the “every Rick” bit and “same as me” stuff is gross generalization on their part. They aren’t all the same intelligence they are probably slight variations with some extremes (bell curve). They just gloss over it because Ricks are lazy when it comes to explaining shit they’d rather get on with more important things.

  61. That was the point of this season's finale AFAIK. Rick C-137 created the Central Finite Curve as a "barrier" to keep universes with a rick smarter than him from crossing in.

  62. Complacency. C-137 travels the universe, having adventures, constantly having to save his own ass. The others live on the Citadel, have mundane jobs, and believe that every Rick thinks as they do.

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