Japanese scientists create vaccine for aging to eliminate aged cells, reversing artery stiffening, frailty, and diabetes in normal and accelerated aging mice

  1. I don’t really see how opening the flood gates would help their situation, they need to incentivize and make having children easier on potential parents.

  2. As far as the article says , this does NOT give longer lifespan , just reduces the effects of aging. You will live the same amount of time , just in sligthly better shape. It's kind of a cancer vaccine too.

  3. When you say "you would live the same amount of time" what do you actually mean though? If it's kind of a cancer vaccine then someone who would otherwise die at 60 from cancer may live to 80. By eliminating certain effects of aging aren't you potentially lengthening your lifespan by removing the thing which may have caused your death?

  4. It's impossible to say that it will or will not extend human lifespan, as that info is only attainable through human studies. Many people die from effects of aging, cancer, arterial issues, etc. So it would be odd if lifespan was unaffected.

  5. Reducing the effects of aging gives you a longer life span. Nobody has ever actually died of "old age". Old age has made them more susceptible to death from injury or disease, and this vaccine will make both less likely to kill you as you'll be healthier in general.

  6. It would be so good. Honestly. I’m in my 60s, I just ache for no reason sometimes. I try to limit the OTC nsaids because I know they aren’t good for me. But aging is painful. Both my parents are gone and they both suffered. I know what is coming. If I could stay healthy until my body gives out, that would be ideal. I don’t mind death. It’s the pain and suffering of growing old that I would like to minimize.

  7. We should start tracking religious exemptions now to make sure they don’t accidentally get this one when it comes out.

  8. If it is properly studied and tested out like polio, measly... vaccine, then I would say hardly anyone.

  9. Only 5% of your cells being quiescent causes you to look like an old person. I know a few researchers who have been working on and funding this research (not this exact vaccine) for the last 10 years. From what they’re saying if the “vaccine” works it would essentially reverse your appearance inward and outward to that of a early 20’s year-old.

  10. Clearing senescent cells doesn’t put you magically back to young adulthood. They’ve made genetically modified mice that have senescent cells they can kill with a simple switch, and removing them certainly increases their health span, but it doesn’t remove all the other 8-ish hallmarks or aging.

  11. Probably, yes. Something like this is far too major to be paywalled and no one will be okay with not having it. Cancer treatment can be paywalled because "Getting cancer" is something we just don't really care enough collectively about until it's personal to us (speaking broadly; I'm sure plenty of people care deeply about cancer, it's just not enough of us at once).

  12. Depends on how effective the final product will be. If it makes a 60 year old as healthy as a 30 year old, I think the price tag at first will be quite high, at least until they deplete the top 1% earners of the population. After that, the price tag will still be high, but achievable. Would you pay $50k to have that privilege, even if you had to save up for 20 years? I know I would. As for the timescale? Who knows, but I definitely think it's doable during our current lifespan (at least for 30-40 year olds and under).

  13. World population is already projected to start dropping by 2050, especially in western world. All we need to do is maximalize education and healthcare in developing world and we should be fine.

  14. Honestly, noone knows. Short term probably a significant strain, long term, probably minimal impact due to lower family sizes. That said, if this technology was put in place in an area with a growing population, then there would be a significant impact.

  15. Very hard to know. Whenever medical outcomes markedly improve in countries, birth rates go down commensurately. You can't just assume that everything would be the same except people dying later.

  16. It mentions it doesn't impact life span, only minimizes the effects of aging. So, you'd be 80 and look like you're 70 with better heart function, etc.

  17. I think it might have a positive effect. At the moment humans only make decisions and plans regarding things that are happening soon. Our relatively short lifespans make it easy to disregard and care less about everything that might happen after we die. Why plant an oak tree today if it will only be fully grown after I'm dead? Why care about the environment if I can live rich right now, climate change probably won't affect me, right? Maybe we'll start living and making decisions in a more long term way. It might shift our perspectives completely and change us as a species.

  18. The rich consume the vast majority of stuff, if their numbers stay stagnant then it won't have much impact on resources

  19. Apparently fasting kills old cells too. Additionally keeping your hormone levels up after 35yo helps too. These 2 things are crazy powerful.

  20. They are triggering an immune response to a specific marker that is higher in a specific type of age related cell type. The immune system then goes around killing the age related cells.

  21. The same people that believe COVID is fake probably gonna jump all over this and be waiting in line for the trials signup like it was an iPhone release.

  22. Just go on Parler or whatever social media site they're using now and start a rumor that it's the newest way the gub'mint is disguising the COVID vaccine (with tracking chips), and if they take this new treatment, that means they're getting the vaccine.

  23. This is weird - the mice also started dressing hipper and regained their interest in new music.

  24. Might be commenting a bit late but I'm currently listening to the book Lifespan by David Sinclair and the entire premise of the book is exactly this. Anyone interested in this article should definitely give the book a look.

  25. Sadly if this thing works as well as they are suggesting, some pharma company will just by the rights and charge insane costs for it.

  26. Just came here from a TIL about a cancer treatment that has a side effect of causing the retina to be sensitive to higher wavelengths. I want this treatment as well.

  27. I’ve read that many scientist believe that the first person who will live 150 has already been born. I Suppose advances and studies like this are what is driving that sentiment.

  28. This is by far one of the most exciting posts for me. Antiaging is one of my favorite areas of research. This is the next step for science. Bookmarked, gonna spend my weekend on this.

  29. No. They are triggering an immune response to a specific cell type that increases with age. The immune system then kills these age related cells.

  30. The headlines is potentially misleading because it is qualitative in nature. Nevertheless, looking forward for such advancement in science rapidly adopted by many

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