any good pc games?

  1. You should get a game called Ultrakill. It’s a fun shooter with a lot of cool mechanics you can do with the gunplay. I also recommend Noita, which is more of a rougelike game. I’ve never really liked rougelikes but that game is something else

  2. Man, i really wanna play ultrakill but it’s probably not coming to the switch for a while, i’ve played dusk like 4 times already because i need my fix of fastpaced shooters.

  3. Mcc>>>>>>infinite, just modern bullshit that feels good that even over the next 5 years the most we’d get is two more map remakes in fucking forge… and maybe another mode + completely fucked up servers and campaign

  4. Tmodloader is amazing, but definitely would suggest looking into the community for mods beforehand, since terraria is already a wiki heavy game, it’s suggested that you watch a play through of the main mod ur playing before hand (if u don’t mind spoilers)

  5. Half life 2 mmod is GOATed, takes the base game, gives it better lighting, a couple of new additions and also has the zombie sounds un-reversed like what they intended

  6. THANK YOU. FINALLY I see this. Hades might be the best game I’ve ever played. It’s not my FAVORITE, it’s not even really close, but it’s a masterpiece. Supergiant never misses.

  7. Satisfactory, Factorio, Stardew Valley, Hollow Knight, Minit, Fez, We Happy Few, It Takes Two, Slime Rancher, Spore, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, The Long Dark, Undertale (if you haven't played it already), Omori, Ori And The Blind Forest, Ōkami, Shovel Knight

  8. Half life and portal series are obvious choices. Might wanna consider persona 4 golden or persona 5 royal when it comes out in a couple of weeks too

  9. spore used to be fun but i made it to the creature stage and its very slow, buggy, and crashes (for a 2008 game its understandable) the creature creator works a blast though

  10. I like Phasmophobia (better with friends but you can play with randoms), roblox, Tattletail, Raft, Terraria, and Destiny + Destiny 2.

  11. Hades, half life series, ultrakill, persona 4( 5 too once it comes out for pc later this month). Amnesia:dark descent, skyrim, bioshock series. The escapist 1 and 2, monster hunter world or monster hunter rise,spore,slime rancher, fez, satisfactory and alot more. Just some cool games i know

  12. Plateup! It came out this year and its about openning a restaruant and trying to get as far as u can u can also play with friends its like 18 euro on steam but i bought it on g2a for 10.55 dollars

  13. One game that came out into 1.0 recently (Was in game preview for a couple years, so people could still play when it updated) is Grounded. You can either play the game solo or with up to 3 other players.

  14. Terraria, Labor of Love update just came out, would much recommend, I have over 1000 hours in the game myself

  15. Rainbow 6 Siege still holds up after a while and is relatively cheap, massive learning curve though. Baba is you, PikuNiku, Phasmophobia, Subnautica. And finally Titanfall 2 (old but fantastic)

  16. No man’s sky, the Hitman games, Minecraft, phasmophobia, Stardew Valley, Borderlands (any of them), Dark souls 3 (controller plugged in)

  17. Good open world shooter are mass effect (story based shooter) and the cycle frontier, basically tarkov but free and it’s pretty fun

  18. Stalker anomaly is free and is a great shooter. Its a bit old and hard to get in to but if you love realistic shooter and chernobil youl love this

  19. If you wanna play a good shooter, try dusk. It’s by the same guy that made iron lung and has music by a dude who’s made music for doom.

  20. Cyberpunk is great now, i have played the whole main story and most side missions without any game breaking bugs, only bug i had was my motorcycle glitched underground once, but the edgerunners update added alot of cool weapons and stuff.

  21. Did you know that the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has a free trial, and includes the entirety of A Realm Reborn AND the award-winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 with no restrictions on playtime? Sign up, and enjoy Eorzea today!

  22. RoR2, Terraria, Hollow Knight, Celeste, Sonic Adventure 2 (dont hurt me), Elden Ring, Persona 4 Gold, Tmodloader (calamity and thorium are the most popular mods, use magic storage too. starlight river is really good but its only in beta i think)

  23. (All of these are available on console as well) .Terraria .Resident evil 2 .Resident evil 3 .Resident evil 7

  24. Red dead redemption two, people playground, there are also a couple of good Roblox games that are first person shooter, I think I remember one of them being called entry point

  25. To this day I still like minecraft just stay away from the community they make me want to jump off a cliff it really is that bad

  26. DDLC, GTA Online if you have friends, Hitman WOA Trilogy, The Long Dark, Newgrounds Player (flash games).

  27. a game called starbase is really technically advanced and fun, although the community is a little small so getting help through discord is almost mandatory

  28. The binding of isaac + the dlc/terraria/monster hunter world and iceborn if you have friends / warframe if you dont have social life / lost ark if you like exploring / destiny 2 + dlc if you have money and friends / minecraft + hypixel if you wanna chill and grind

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