in honor of my cakeday i bring you my fave tumblr posts

  1. Fun fact: Porgs in the star wars movies were actually puffins! They were filming on a puffin sanctuary island and weren't allowed to move the lil guys, so they just transformed them with CGI.

  2. Wait... Was Alex Jones saying fluoride was making the frogs gay? Or did he just not know that males frogs will just jump on any other frog and if they don't get thrown off, they just assume they're now holding onto a female frog and just go with it?

  3. I don’t think it was fluoride, but there was some study (which I’m unable to find so can’t comment on its validity) that claimed some type of industrial pollution was causing frogs to become hermaphroditic.

  4. There was a whole citrus scale I believe, though I primarily saw lemons. I think it was to represent the 'bite' of the fic, so to speak, where more sexual fics would have stronger tasting fruits.

  5. Night of the Museum Fandom is one of the few fandoms which worships the two tiny funny men seperated by time. 1 cowboy and 1 Centurion 1 inch apart because they may be gay.

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