Jens Stoltenberg: "A broad dialogue between NATO and #Russia is no longer possible" #NATO will increase the number of rapid reaction forces from 40,000 to 300,000 people. In addition, the alliance promises to increase support for #Georgia and conduct more exercises there

  1. Honestly, a force that size could probably react in a meaningful way too if the Russian government collapses in a way that could make incursions to do things like secure nuclear sites. I'm wondering if that's part of the increase...

  2. That could mean NATO will have more combat-ready personnel than Russia. On top of that the multiple national armies in Europe. Granted, i am sure many soldiers will simply get transfered from direct national control to NATO commando structures, but this still gives NATO the ability to more effectively react to anything Russia does in the future.

  3. World War 3 coming soon, USA wouldn’t approve the defense system that we use at white-house for no reason. This system tech is highly sophisticated.

  4. Patience. The time will come. Meanwhile Ukraine bears the brunt of Russian depravity and needs real support from all willing nations. Russia is an existential threat to the future of humanity.

  5. I assess that this is NATO's way of telling nazi russia that its threats directed at various NATO members are ineffective and falling on deaf ears - it reiterates that NATO is prepared. And I note that NATO explicitly stated protection for Georgia - so NATO did not just respond "tit-for-tat" but elevated their "reply". Basically they just stomped on the foot of the enemy and said "ok, we we see your hand and call it". In fact NATO has responded with 2 such actions: backing Lithuania which is restricting flow of goods to Kalingrad to non-sanctioned items only, and backing Georgia.

  6. Very based Ukrainian here. I also expect the readiness in Baltics to be just that - deterrence, that won't be put to the test because Russia knows this is a red line that would lead to a total war in which they get crushed instantly.

  7. As the American would say “shit just got real” for Russia. Their nooooclear threats have had the same effect as their other belligerence: the opposite of the intended outcome.

  8. We need them to have no territorial issues first. I can think of an easy way to help them settle that for starters.

  9. As a Ukrainian American, I’m in if this happens. Don’t own a gun, never shot one before. But I’m in if this happens. Can provide medical care or drive a truck or cook food. Whatever it takes to rid this world of Putin’s terrorism. Our kids won’t grow up with this cancer of a dickhead.

  10. If we would life in the times of conventional warfare. Yes, this would most likely happen. But this era is over. Now we live in the age of atomic annihilation. Its just 2 min from kaliningrad to berlin. And a nuclear war would mean certain the end of all humans.

  11. They wouldn't even budge, the drones and airforce would wipe out anyone not surrendering and equipment. They'd basically be there to clear buildings and booby traps while bringing aide

  12. So happy to hear the good news! Sī vīs pācem, parā bellum! This gives hope for a lasting peace after this trecherous attack is dealt with.

  13. Yup, that's that. Time to brace ourselves for full blown war. Good I made a stock of baked beans for some time. Just need to buy some tape to seal windows from radioactive fallout and white sheet so I can cover myself and wait.

  14. 300k is enough for a large scale intervention. Just saying I’m sure that’s certainly on the table, especially in the case of Belarus attacking along the Polish border in Ukraine or an attack against Lithuania or any of the Baltic countries.

  15. They should have listened to Fiona Hill, she would have told you in 2015 this was going to happen and talking would have been useless. Only arming and standing shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine would have worked. PS and she did not mean sending shoulder fired missiles, but an Nato air base in Kiev

  16. I also wonder if part of this thought has to do with the recent default, and postering incase russia starts to get really desperate.

  17. About damn time. With all the saber-rattling, Russia needs this as a strong message to keep the war localized at worst, and don't even think about invading other countries and spreading the chaos. This sends that message.

  18. What's the state of affairs now with Russia's ability to maintain the war? A lot of old headlines implied any day now they'd crumble, but now this has become sustained enough that it seems like another Afghan War with higher stakes, with a far better equipped defender.

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