Concept UI and a background for my psychological horror visual novel! Thoughts?

  1. i agree with you tho, maybe just my personal preferance speaking but i think it will be better if the button to be smaller and you can put it like above the text box on the right or left corner. Other than that, love the vibe from looking at the picture. Hopefully this helps :)

  2. The background is looking great but I believe the UI could improve, maybe it needs to be a little bit more transparent

  3. That's the plan, the buttons will be transparent but opaque qlwhen you hover over them. So that's something our programmer will do later

  4. The big red M in the name box looks out of place, I know what you are trying to go for but the dark red color makes it hard to see and the spacing between the letters as well as the different font makes it look weird.

  5. Absolutely love the vibe of the background, I would play any type of vn that looks like this instantly! Honestly though, I will say the IU is a bit distracting currently.

  6. The ui will eventually be lowered in opacity, but that's something our programmer will do once we begin the programming process

  7. Too much visual noise. I'd recommend taking all those smaller buttons and sracking them nearby together. Maybe on the left of the textbox it could work?

  8. You'd be correct, we're gonna play with them a little bit so that they're a little less distracting, and since we're using unity for our game, we found it might be nice to have some extra features :)

  9. Very nice. Has a Raging Loop / Spirit Hunter Death Mark feel going in there. If that is what you’re shooting for, you’re on the right track.

  10. Background art actually looks good. UI looks good but not as good as many of the Japanese Ui. But honestly how good a UI look very rarely matters too much if at all

  11. I myself think it's great, if you're a beginner then this is pretty good! I'm too stupid on making Visual Novel games so I can't really say what it good or bad but either way, a compliment is a compliment. Also, how did you make this?

  12. I feel like the background is too bright for a psychological horror and the ui is all over the screen maybe put it in one corner

  13. looks good! only nitpick is that the space between the M and the a (in "Maybelle") looks a bit too small, and the font used for the M is very thin, so it looks a bit out of place. maybe making the font look a bit thicker and work on the spacing would help.

  14. I think it would look a bit cleaner without buttons in the corners (kinda gives me mobile vibes... or maybe you aim is to release it there? should be convenient then). And, my personal opinion, but i don't like animated icons like that circle thing in bottom left of text box, it just distracts me, so i would be glad if it would be static and not a spinning circle.

  15. looks clean and icons are consistent. I would recommend putting most of the buttons either in the chat box or right outside of it in their own box. I am also designing ui for my VN and have learned that VN enthusiasts really like some things to be somewhat consistent.

  16. Loving the background btw! Everyone's already given solid advice about the ui and how it could be improved so I won't bother adding more.

  17. i love the background sm its really eerie and im kinda used to button being side of screens but maybe you can make them like on top of each other would be nice

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