We did this?! Why wasn’t I invited??

  1. Eh. I saw it posted after the first 2,000% of it’s peak 5,000% gain. The sentiment was mostly “haha, yea ape retard, wtf is this (confused pikachu face.gif)?!?!”.

  2. I saw it the day before in the penny stocks sub. And the OP was laughed at mercilessly and yet here we are. I listened to that shithole on so many dumb things yet I ignored this lol

  3. I saw it on shortsqueeze when it was already over $400. But almost all HKD shares are owned by AMTD, as well as them being the underwriter of their call options, shares amtd could have been picked up yesterday at $7 a share, now up 60% in premarket

  4. I seen someone mention it last week on a you tube channel I watch called Day Trade Live.. Someone kept saying , guys guys.. HKD to the moon... to the moooooon...

  5. Every single post and comment I’ve seen about this on this site is calling it a pump and dump, the first time I’ve actually seen a legit warning from WSB and USA Today is suggesting WSB created the mess lol

  6. There's no one on WSB that made a dollar off this stock and it's sorta frightening that they're trying to pin it on us. This was already way too expensive when any of us found out about it.

  7. Lmfao they do this shit to basically cover up wire fraud and move money illegally then blame WSB. God damn these people are so shitty

  8. I remember when Newegg went up $70 in a day and they blamed it on WSB. Every time they fuck about like that, they blame it on WSB because they think we're too retarded to notice

  9. Well MSM did say that retail spent that ONE $1000 stimulus about ten times last year as the reason for various stocks price actions and they did not catch on. So why could't it be possible that retail also just magically multiplied that $1000 by 1Million so that we could manipulate stocks with our billion dollars?

  10. Righr? The stock was at 500 bucks and i said.. ehm.. gonna put 1% of my portfolio in this shit...

  11. I can't tell if my ADD is just acting up today, or if that article was all over the place, and completely failed to link the stock and the subreddit together, outside of "stock done gone crazy 🤷‍♀️ must be WSB, I guess".

  12. It's the latter. They're blaming wsb for something their overlords did. These guys are just the mouthpieces. Transparent as fuck. Loop Capital's Anthony Chumbawumba of "sell now, ask questions later" is behind it. They're the underwriter for this stock.

  13. Omg I just had a little pee come out I was laughing so hard. Let’s see we caused the recession we made teachers lose their pensions we are causing the market to not bottom we caused the Russian invasion gas prices to sky rocket and now look we have created the 13th largest company in the world!!!🤣😂

  14. I def missed the memo to buy shares of a Chinese company that does nothing… and i’m not happy about it.

  15. Yup. We're a convenient, anonymous whipping boy for these crooks and cucks. They can accuse us of basically anything and we can't really defend ourselves. Best we can do is just not fall for it and stick to the Wendy's dumpster.

  16. The underwriter of this stock seems to be loop capital, with their famous “sell gme now ask questions later”. Nothing to see here, no market manipulation right?

  17. Still don't get that story, so LC and the gang sold GME at something like $10 and citadel scooped it up before the squeeze so they could cover their ass?

  18. Haha hedgies pumped this damn stock to use as collateral and now they want us to pile in and become bag holders when it blows up.

  19. It's physical impossible for retail to buy 200billion dollars of stock in a day with only 300k volume. Same with GME and AMC this is not retail! Whales manipulate stocks and blame it on retail so that retail buys at the top and then they dump. This has been going on for years and people don't learn.

  20. It’s still china evergrande. I’m calling it someone remember this please. They need to come up with $300+ Billy well we’ll lookie here

  21. Am i so old that i remember a time when journalists actually did research before writing an article?

  22. what the actual F*... no one pumped that shit here, I mean its been hush hush right until it did +1800% its a fucking Chinese IPO out of no-where how did we do this again?

  23. If I had to guess, this is the financial retaliation for Pelosi's trip to Taiwan. Not smart enough to really know how, but politically savvy enough to know that it's not a coincidence...

  24. Ok now it’s seeming more like a trap to try to get apes out of GameStop and pile into this fraudulent stock.

  25. This isn’t real is it ???? Lmfaooooo god damn it I’m here all day amd I missed this shit 😡😡😡

  26. Guys, we got beat by a goldfish and we organised a party that we apparently forgot to invite everyone to.

  27. Oh what the actual [email protected]#k?! When did this get talked about? It was like $20, two weeks ago. Even I had a hundy to throw down at that point. Let’s buy the tip, to hell with the dip.

  28. I see that as being more of the trap, because everybody thinks they can get in at a lower cost than the $1500 buy in on the big fucker.

  29. I had ZERO idea of this blockbuster. But, prob. Wouldn’t have partaken anyway. I’m low on cash & im staying away from SPACS, ipo’s. PLUS, this one was Chinese, right? Their economy not doing well. Many of missed this blockbuster!

  30. Guys the next time we collectively try and blow up the market please tell me!! For shit tits sake y’all know I love fuckin shit up.

  31. What an absolute joke. Fuck the elites who push this dog water narrative and fuck those who eat it up like candy. Just tired of this.

  32. I blame it on roaring kitty, he already has lawyers and has been in front of congress. He's a seasoned vet! #thank you for your service 💂

  33. This just keeps confirming the sad state of affairs that is the american markets, paid off journos and crooked ass politicians all colluding to cover up the shit storm that THEY created. I hope every single one of these criminals goes to jail.

  34. So China is saying WSB did this? I’m keeping my eye on the next IPO of MEGL. I feel like they may be connected

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