Get Ready!

  1. It is best to just get in ahead of the wave and following fomo so you can make money off the pump instead of just getting annoyed at all of the posts.

  2. I just really like the movie click which had bed bath and beyond so im in with my life savings. Big brain rocket

  3. Actually got recommended your sub of home feed not too long ago, you guys actually got some high level autism goin on instead of max retardation that I can attribute to at least 1 dedicated ticker sub

  4. Fuck it, why not. I know nothing about this company. Take my life savings. WSB wouldn't do that right? Recommend bad stocks?

  5. It’s up 78% from last week. It’s been positive every day for the last 7-8 days. We are waiting on the “August Update” that was promised during July 14th shareholder meeting. Could be about buy buy baby and will likely start a squeeze.

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