1. Has this meme been made yet with the couple walking down the street(you and GME)and the dude looking pack at the passerby(BBBY)

  2. GME is the OG, everything else will lose hype over time, GME has been accumulating steam over the last year. GME has buyers who have registered A LOT of shares with agents, no other stock really exists that has such a following.

  3. Not till it hits $50. We want to sink another investment group so that Melvin Capital isn't so lonely behind the Wendy's dumpster.

  4. I sold about 30% of my portfolio 4 months ago to have more cash % turns out I sold for $bbby lmfaoooooo

  5. I am in BBBY at 4.72 average.. today I took about 75% of what investment I have into it, out. Had to take some “profit” at over 100% gain. I’m letting the rest ride though. Playing with house money here on out. 😎

  6. Is there some massive shill campaign going in here, pumping BBBY in order to distract retail from buying and DRSing the GME float? There’s like millions of individual posts about it. Seems very fishy. I don’t care what anyone invests their money in, but this pattern is bizarre.

  7. So far what I've gather it's a Gamma Ramp leading into ER. It's got some more to run, but I don't see much in terms of indicators like CTB or Threshold.

  8. Fuck, that's one I struggled with all day. What I didn't struggle with was liquidating my popcorn positions to buy either. Ended up grabbing more BBBY. I had a decent little chunk from a month ago or so. Next is more GME with the rest of my popcorn proceeds next time it dips.

  9. GME is the apple of my eye. I found some pocket change to throw at BBBY this week for a side play. In our lord and saviour daddy Cohen we trust.


  11. I sold my 4 GME shares from the split to buy two contracts for 7.5 calls for Friday made me $500 today and I’m holding the other one

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