Russia would pay ‘high price’ for attack on Ukraine, says German minister | Germany

  1. Today there were transport planes flying millitary equipment from UK to Ukraine and they were avoiding German airspace.(Germany doesn't allow/support weapon shipments to Ukraine). They're literally doing everything they can to not anger Putin. Fucking clown show...

  2. Tried doing a conversion and it seems like Australia exports way more liquified natural gas than the EU consumes, which can’t be right can it?

  3. Forget it. Just read our gas depots are at a historic law. Also: No weapons for Ukraine. Cause, you know, maybe they can defend themselves with nice words.

  4. The thing is, Germany doesn’t need russias gas because they can find alternate solutions even if it’s tedious. Russia tou needs us to buy they natural resources because that’s like all they have to offer. They don’t have the big company that drives economy all round the world such as Mercedes, BMW etc, Germany has dozens and they are all globally connected. It’s the same for china too, theoretically we don’t need them but they need us

  5. Why are you singling out Germany and gas here? Germany buys 40% of its gas from Russia, which is pretty much exactly the EU average.

  6. Just a question because I want to believe some of the ongoing german bash I see for weeks now is not completely devoid of logic.

  7. I’ve always thought of Putin as a shrewd villain, but I have no idea what he is playing at here. This is a no win situation if he invades. If he does invade I guess old age has gotten to him and he has become senile.

  8. He has realized his time on the earth is limited and must act fast if he wants to see his Russian empire expanded.

  9. He's reaching the terminal stages of the dicktatorship disease. They all behave this way when they're in the last steps, fear catching them from the behind because the closest allies are also enemies, and everyone wants a big morsel from the big bite.

  10. This is literally why Russia got hard into WWI during the last tsar’s reign. Distractions from domestic issues.

  11. It's always a wonderment to me that people are so obvious of historical context and when history suddenly bites them in the ass its surprised Picachu face.

  12. Contrary to what Reddit would tell you, it's a pure win for him. He doesn't care about sanctions. He wants the land and the buffer state. Unless someone significant is going to stop him militarily from doing it he's golden, and that is a very low chance.

  13. Its a total win situation. If countries were man neither the US nor Germany would be "man enough" to respond. Ukraine is a hill no one is willing to die on, especially since it's not part of Nato. Also Germany (EU) won't join because of the gas supply.

  14. My theory is that he totally know what he is doing, and his objetive is to expand Russia based on a imperialist view of the world. He already annexed crimea and other parts of Ukraine, how? By being as persistent as they can without having any direct conflict with NATO. As long as they can push the boundary without having any actual conflict they will keep going.

  15. He’s got at least 30 NATO countries against him. I mean I know Russians think they’re tough but is he really thinking he can take on the entire western world at once?

  16. He's been I'm power for 22 years and surrounded by yes men. He's bound to eventually start making illogical decisions.

  17. Sure there is, every nation involved gets to make a shit ton of money from the arms trade, they can cull their undesirables, and at the end of it Putin can retire to Cuba under a pseudonym and put his feet up.

  18. Likely trying to gauge whether an invasion would end like the Crimea invasion (an unfortunate precedent for Ukraine) or if the West actually will have a spine this time.

  19. He cannot let Nato take Russia's front yard. Imagine the US outrage if the Russians started sending soldiers and weapons to Mexico.

  20. Says the country who dumps for Russia so hard they built another nonsensical pipe so they can be even more dependent on Russian energy source while closing down clean energy power plants.

  21. I really dont want Germany to lead the "free world". Maybe the free world doesnt need a leader at all.

  22. "This price will be high for at least 2 years until all of the apologists in the bundestag come out to say that isolating Russia isn't the answer"

  23. Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 and nothing happened, they’re still there and even built a bridge. Why would they stop?

  24. Today marks 1 year since Navalny returned to Russia. He remains imprisoned for opposing Putin, after two attempted assassinations.

  25. Geography really. Russia doesn’t really have very much defensible terrain within it; it’s mostly steppes and other flat terrain. That’s why Russia itself was dominated by steppe tribes for so long. Cavalry warfare basically abused the flat terrain to its advantage. It wasn’t until the battle of kulikovo that Russians were seen as being independent of steppe tribe control.

  26. Because Russia came out of Ukraine. Kyiv specifically. They named themselves after the Kyivan Empire and say they're the same people. They're not.

  27. To be fair Russia's economy is not doing that great right now thanks to the heavy amount of sanctions that were put on them because of that incident

  28. I think his motivations are pretty simple. He cannot survive with a prosperous democratic Ukraine. If that occurs...Russians will demand the same.

  29. To have this turn into a world war you would need countries to be somewhat invested in the situation, but that just doesn't seem to be the case here. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think Russia is going to get less than a hand slap for what theyre about to do.

  30. The gas price is going up in Germany, because Russia isn't selling to us. They're not making money off of it. American LNG is making bank though.

  31. Russia wasted over a trillion USD in oil & gas profits in the last two decades under Putin. Why would a new period of high prices be any different. Russia won't be a wealthy nation any time soon.

  32. Yes, please tell me the high price is going to be a ban, so we can expect them invading Ukraine but under a different flag.

  33. As I understand it, Germany is the largest buyer of Russian natural gas. i wonder how serious things will get with both Russia and Germany destined only to lose should Russia attack Ukraine.

  34. I wonder if Putin expected Trump to win and also expected easy consessions from the US as well. In other words, he's getting impatient and trying desperately to get what he wants in Ukraine.

  35. Trump was paid shit tons of money to divide the country. I'm not saying Russia, but Russia and China are the most believable choice ( if not both as they share the same enemy , the same continent and the same love for imperialism/ communism )

  36. The "price" for attacking Ukraine should be a swift kick delivered to Putin's nads. They way it's presented now is an insult to Ukraine. What would you like to have for dinner today Mr. Putin? Ukraine? Great choice! Here's your bill sir!

  37. Russia will invade Ukraine the same day China takes over Taiwan. North Korea invading the south would be the tip of the iceberg

  38. This is a common statement on reddit but quite unlikely, at least right now. A Chinese invasion of Taiwan would be a massive undertaking, one of the largest invasions in world history and require a number of ships/aircraft dwarfing D-day. Such an invasion would be extremely easy to see coming. We would be able to see Chinese forces amassed from space months in advance. If China was gearing up to invade Taiwan in the same way Russia is posturing around Ukraine now, we would have noticed and we would have definitely seen it on the news by now, just as we see these articles about Russia invading Ukraine now.

  39. So? Several eastern European countries import 100% of their gas from Russia. Even Poland still gets 40% of its natural gas, half of its coal and 90% of its crude oil imports from Russia. If we're talking energy dependence then there are countries much more vulnerable than Germany.

  40. What a joke, but they make the Brits fly around Germany. Makes it look like the Germans are on Russia's side

  41. Sanctions hurt the people most not the elites. Besides, if China continues to trade with Russia, what does sanction do? They need something more than just sanctions.

  42. How close is Putin with the CCP? I can't help but think that they're working together on the Ukraine and Taiwan fronts. I bet both invasions are going to go down at the same time, betting that the US can't react to both. Alternatively, Putin and the CCP are waiting for the other to invade, then invade their own target once the US is committed in the other direction. I don't put much stock in America's ability to wage a two front war right now...

  43. Right now the US could conceivably “win” a nuclear exchange with China. Meaning both countries would be devastated, but China would be an order of magnitude more so.

  44. Lmao. Another China invade Taiwan circlejerk. China will not invade Taiwan as long as Taiwan maintains status quo aka One China policy. You probably don't even what the f that means. So shh. It won't happen.

  45. Yes, a "high price" for the oil that Germany buys from Russia. Germany wont do fuck all if Russia invades Ukraine again.

  46. ah yes the daily scaremongering. I've been hearing as much about this invasion as about alien abductions by now.

  47. I will likely get downvoted by pro nato armies here but one of the core objectives of nato was to counter USSR. They broke it and said we won't expand anymore. The problem is that they have been overplaying their hand these years, by continuing expansion. Imagine a alliance that defeated you is expanding, it will be threatening to anyone. Even many western experts criticized moves of nato's expansion. But no, Russia is the Villain. So much misinformation

  48. Russia is a driving force for NATO expansion, however NATO did make some reassurances during the soviet Breakup, that were ignored in 1999 and again in 2003/4.

  49. Stop buying their gas then you idiots. My god if war were to break out between Russia and NATO. The German power grid will go off in an instant.

  50. A war where Germany is actually on our side would be pretty wild. Don’t see any way Russia wins that.

  51. I just can't wrap my head around how Europe is close to being in a war with a country that they prop up with their energy needs. WTF Europe? Figure it out.

  52. “We will be forced to respond with devastating economic force if Russia invades Ukraine. Do you hear us Putin? Devastating economic consequences! The kind of consequences that definitely don’t involve actual war.”

  53. Lets not forget the other factors in Putins favour. The pandemic has caused economic stagnation and civil unrest in most countries. Throughout Europe (and the world) we've already had months of supply chain shortages and an energy crisis that may leave many EU countries short on fuel during the coldest months of the year. Russia is by far the biggest supplier of natural gas to the EU and even a partial shut down of supply would wreak havoc. Any serious sanctions against Russia right now would likely hurt us as much as them. So i think Putin is calling our bluff. No one wants all out war and the economic instruments for coercion seems stacked in Russias favour.

  54. Russias whole economy is far more dependent on exporting their gas and importing goods from the West, especially Germany. Getting cut off from Russias gas would hurt Germany and several EU countries hard, that's no lie. But Russias economy would essentially came to a complete halt if we were talking about a full trade embargo. Russias citizens aren't wealthy enough to finance themselves through even higher joblessness and astronomical prices for food and goods. This would end really bad for millions of Russians. I am wondering if Putin wants precisely this kind of escalation.

  55. From Germany? Really what you going to do stop buying Gas from them? That's what we thought. You are Dependent on them for your energy needs, the only you will so or butch, moan, and clutch your perks. In other words Nothing, you will do nothing?

  56. They can just import from western Europe you know...they don't do it right now because Russian oil and gas are slightly cheaper. It'll be a bit painful to switch but they arnt dependent lmao

  57. I’m not gonna make Russia pay anything. Let’s give Ukraine a change to develop in a civilized manner and let them be ruled by a real leader. Mr Putin will make sure that the good Ukrainian people will get a better deal than what the west can give them anyways. Think about the little children that now will become real men and will serve the Ukrainian people. Do you really want them to become like f.e. Belgian men. Slaves to Turks, Moroccans and Arabs in their own country?

  58. I think about this. In Seria we drew red lines and was going to attack with destroyers. Russia backed us down under threat of war with Russia. They walked all over our red lines.

  59. The ordinary citizen will pay a high price if Russia attacks the Ukraine. The twats pulling the strings will be safe on both sides.

  60. But that won't include being cut off from the global banking network. Last thing we'd want to do is inconvenience big business.

  61. Yeah watch out Russia better not invade the territory of Ukraine such as Crimea or Donbass or else Germany will... build another pipeline that goes around Ukraine to buy more Russian gas?

  62. Didn't pay before and will not pay now. West is fast to warn and very slow to act. Unfortunately - really sucks to be Russian neighbor.

  63. Don’t phase out nukes. Do not think for one second Russia won’t take it out of scale and just nuke it. That would be our most recent ignorant assumption.

  64. The world is on flame when concentrate buildup military issues on Ukraine-Russia. If Russia invaded, I’ll be eating popcorn on live update to show the Russian military almost overwhelmed half of Ukrainian territory but the Ukrainian forces launched relentless counterattacks in the middle of harsh dried muds.

  65. Why can’t NATO just let Ukraine join? Surely if they did that Russia would leave them alone as they wouldn’t want to deal with NATO.

  66. Whatever.. nobody wants to go to war for Ukraine. Sanctions are a far as they'll go. Doubt they'll stop buying oil. Nothing changes except for those citizens of the Ukraine.

  67. And they should, the days of Russia dictating how the world works s over. China on the other hand would be a different ballgame

  68. Wasn’t there some agreement many years ago between NATO and Russia? They agreed to NATO not taking in nations on Russia’s border I believe

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