[BotW] Is this how you're supposed to do it?

  1. That's one way to do it. I'm so stupid, I tried doing this method and forgot I had to statis the tree. I figured it would just stay in place

  2. I think I used the worst method ever to do this: make the rock float with an Octo Balloon and blowing it with a Korok leaf lmao

  3. Idk that to me makes more sense than trying to do a stasis launch so it lands perfectly on the roof! I mightve spent a while trying to do it that way...

  4. I did that too lol but I gave up and got lucky by hitting it while using stasis on the rock, still took like 15 minutes at least

  5. I just tried to get in exactly the right spot and used stasis to hit it on top. On my first play through I tried so many times I broke all my weapons and a few more I found in the chests under the water there. On my master mode playthrough I think I got it perfectly up there in 4 tries. If I would have god damn realized that's all it took then it would have saved me a lot of time. On my second playthrough I was smart enough to get in lined up close and save my damn game before I hit it. Lol

  6. That's the beauty of Breath of the Wild, everything is so intricate and interactable that there are several ways to solve the game's puzzles.

  7. I didn't even think about using a korok leaf lol. I climbed the shack and raced the October balloon to the top. If you get there first you have the option to pick up the rock even if the balloons are still attached.

  8. I didn’t even know there was a korok on top of one of those houses 😮 5 years later and I still learn something new with this game. I have a guide book with this game too, but I rarely ever use it unless I forget where a shrine is or if I’m looking up recipes

  9. Just remember, you’re seeing the time it worked. If you miss the stasis or don’t cut the tree down at the right angle, that tree is gone and you have to reload and try again.

  10. ...Okay, I completely didn't think to look on top of those huts. (Not that it matters; I have my 441 and I'm not aiming for 100% Korok Seeds. There's at least one or two I doubt I'll ever get, at any rate.)

  11. How did you get to the bomb rune Stasis Trial Shrine on the Great Plateau? They set up the trees perfectly and the old man explains how to cut them down so you can make a bridge across.

  12. Brilliant. I love how many ways puzzles can be solved in this game, no more having to figure out what way they want me to do it.

  13. This was how I did it too. I used to think Octo Balloons were a useless novelty but there's a surprising amount of utility in them when you force yourself to improvise in certain situations.

  14. I swear i poured so many hours to this game but STILL discovering new stuff long after i finally finished it.

  15. Interesting because I've been getting a lot of comments from people saying that they didn't think of this. One person said they didn't even know you could chop down trees.

  16. Despite the way the video portrays it, it's actually still pretty tricky to pull off. I spent 10 minutes reloading my save to try again and I'm honestly lucky it didn't take longer.

  17. i’ve never see. this spot! every time i play or watch someone play i learn where the korok seeds r lol

  18. This is my favorite korok because it's one of if not the least intuitive one to complete. It really forces players to get creative and I've seen so many different solutions, it's incredible.

  19. I wonder if one of the metal Doors would work as a ramp or if you could put the Stone on a metal object and lift it up 🤔

  20. That was my first thought but I didn't see any metal objects anywhere. I checked everywhere with Magnesis and nothing was highlighted in the village.

  21. Humm I think there's a rock on top of a plam tree that you can acces via the roof or just by climbing the tree and you can throw the rock on the roof.

  22. This is great, I was just trying to solve this puzzle yesterday and I was going in the right direction 😀 I was having a hard time getting the rock to the top.

  23. Haha, a Korok seed I didn't find. Never noticed the rocks on the roof. Did find the small rock down there, looked around but gave up after a while.

  24. Yes! I did exactly this the other day after attempting to stasis and launch the rocks for 10 minutes. Score!

  25. i came up with a way better one, i was on death moutain, then i tried to do the flying machine for like 10 minutes but gave up, i got it once and never again, so i walked the minecart across the world, it took nearly an hour but i finally got there, put the rock in the minecart, put it on the roof and found out i already did that korok

  26. I think the beauty of it is there is no intended solution. It’s just a matter of finagling it however you can using the tools and physics the devs have provided.

  27. You creative, beautiful, bastard. Just sh** all over my 20 minutes of failed attempts of launching it up there before getting it, why don't you? And wtf! This game has been out since switch launch and I'm still seeing new ways to do things. Its a Sandbox daydream that never ends.

  28. Watching this just ruined my day at 7:00 in the morning because I have spent hours trying to get this Korok. every other way I could think of. God I feel stupid 🤦

  29. Well if I had one guess for what the intended solution of this Korok was then this would be it, so yeah id say this is probably how youre supposed to do it.

  30. Yeah if you wanna work smarter not harder. I personally aimed from behind the left side of the boat to get the exact spot and hits to get to land on the front and slide down, it only took me running out rock three times lol. Good thinking I'll have to keep this in mind

  31. I attactched an octorock balloon on it (you can buy it in the shop next to it) laid it close, used revali's gale, flew on the roof and just took the rock out of the air and laid it down

  32. not how ur supposed to, but there is rarely a way ur "supposed to do something". so i did it that way anyway because stasis shooting that rock up the roof was way to hard

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