1. Psychic for amped shield, tangible dream. Occult spell list.

  2. Other dedications? Or classes vs fighter (fighter is top tier pretty much)?

  3. I only use battlemaps for complex encounters, and then I have a set of foldable squared boards that I can paint on with whiteboard markers and erase later. This way, I do something for the environment, and can whip up a battlemap in minutes if players pick up a fight somewhere I did not expect. For encounters I do expect, I also use the boards but take my time to use different marker colors so distinguish rooms, objects, etc. from each other.

  4. It really depends on the experience you want to give your players. Real maps are great but do take a lot of work and depending on how deep you get, will open the door to creating minis which is a whole other amount of time, money and effort. All that said, playing around a table without the distraction of screens is really special.

  5. I know that my players really enjoy playing with a real map, that's the reason for my decision to switch. I know it would require a bit more of prep, but I want to know how to handle those maps, if I have to print all of them or if there are other options a didn't think about.

  6. I'm having the same issue. It seems it's been fixed in the 2.2.1 update but that hasn't been pushed out yet. [

  7. Have you tried to uptade foundry and not only the game system? It worked for me

  8. Oh yeah, there are known issues with dnd5e 2.2.0 in v10. They added compatibility for v11 and made some incompatibilities for v10 in the process.

  9. What are you expecting to do with alchemy? If you settle on the typical kinds of items you’d like to be regularly using that would help inform your decisions.

  10. I would like to build a character that have a lot of utility out of combat, and I thought that the alchemist dedication would allow me to be a better supporter and would expand my possibilities

  11. I've looked at the investigator and I like it, but I don't know how I should use it in combat or how should I build it.

  12. se si tratta di giocare online ci sto scrivimi pure su discord (Grey 64#2865) se vuoi.

  13. Hey, scrivo un po' in ritardo, ma nel caso tu stia cercando giocatori online sono disponibile su discord mt_moon#4560

  14. You may wish to consider dual weapon warrior dedication at level 2.

  15. Thanks for your suggestion but I see this character as someone who prefers using Two handed weapons and that intimidate foes in battle. I'm not really concerned about being super optimal, but I want it to not be a burden for the rest of the party

  16. Thanks for you answer. A lot of guides I've suggest to take sudden charge, but they also suggest to take orc ferocity and as you said I need to take raging intimidation if I want to intimidate during battles.

  17. Non so quanta esperienza hai con discord, ma gestisco un gruppo di circa 200 persone in cui si gioca a dnd insieme in oneshot o campagne brevi. Master e player cambiano quasi sempre così che tutti possano fare nuove conoscenze, ma ognuno gioca sempre il proprio personaggio così da creare intrecci relazionali tra loro. Abbiamo avuto spesso player alle prime armi e non sarebbe un problema aiutarti e farti fare esperienza. Scrivimi se sei interessato ;)

  18. Se l'offerta è ancora valida per nuove persone, anch'io sarei interessato

  19. qui hanno tradotto la maggior parte di aon

  20. In italiano non conosco molte risorse, però se hai 40 euro così da parte e non sai cosa farci potresti prendere il set introduttivo in italiano. Da quel che so ha dei cartoncini con sopra le varie condizioni (oppure prendi lo schermo del GM, che ne costa solo 20)

  21. Il set introduttivo prima o poi lo prenderò. Volevo vedere se qualcuno nella community di questo subreddit avesse prodotto qualche materiale extra che potesse tornarmi utile

  22. Una cosa che potresti provare a fare, se il problema è solo il non adattarsi alla ambientazione è il reskin.

  23. Hi, italian fellow here, from Milan. As other mentioned, I'd go vanilla in your case. It seems D&D enough so you don't get lost, but it's a good pbta to learn from.

  24. Thanks for your suggestions. And I will gladly DM you for some questions, so i can speak with you in Spaghetti

  25. I'm Italian too. What part are you from? I'm from Brooklyn.

  26. I'm from Ferrara, an Italian city. Thank for your suggestion. I've read a lot of comments and threads on this subreddit and the thing that bothers me is, if the core book is the best version, why there are so many hacks and so many comments saying that x version is an overall improvement?

  27. I would like one day to learn pathfinder 2e, but for now it looks like it would tike too much time to teach learn it and teach it to my players

  28. Dungeon World is what you're looking for.

  29. I've heard about dungeon world, but I've also read that it has a lot of hacks and that the base game can be a little underwhelming

  30. Kidnapping a candidate during an election seems like a pretty zhentarim thing to do.

  31. You're not a bad person if you are doing these things to a even worse person. That's their philosophy. And they know that Halia can be vicious. They learned it the hard way, after she ordered to burn down the Alderleaf farm where they were sleeping.

  32. The town probably won't just hold an election while one of the candidates have gone missing, at the very least it would be delayed. Maybe her disappearance is blamed on the Redbrands?

  33. I really like your idea, even though I will change it a little because I really don't like to use too much of the informations they share with me against them, because I don't want to make them feel like they are going against the DM, but against a character that it's not omniscient

  34. Can you explain the god wizard concept? Is it the one that stacks AC with mithril armor?

  35. No, is a wizard that doesn't focus on dealing damage but only on buffing the allies, controlling the battlefield and debuffing his enemies. As treantmonk said it's called "God", because, like a Greek God he leave all the glory to the others and help them shine with his magic powers

  36. If I'm not too late, can I have the link? (I'm sorry, but English is not my first language)

  37. I need you to enable DMs or send me a message so that i can forward the link :)

  38. Karranth should be Spooky Scary Skeletons

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