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  1. If I'm not too late, can I have the link? (I'm sorry, but English is not my first language)

  2. I need you to enable DMs or send me a message so that i can forward the link :)

  3. Karranth should be Spooky Scary Skeletons

  4. Do you always go through a dungeon? Your post implies it but that might not be the case.

  5. No no, I don't run a dungeons only campaign. I'm a big fan of the role-playing aspect of dnd, that's why I find so difficult to interrupt my players when they are roleplaying their characters. Currently we are playing the LMoP module, and we are in the middle-end part of the Redbrand Hideout, but it took us 3 sessions to reach this point

  6. Are you using maps? Are you limiting the maps to what is immediately around the players?

  7. We play in person, but I use foundry for the maps and tokens because I like the Fog of war feature. I usually try to show some illustrations of the key npcs and places. No one of my players takes notes and I'm trying to find a way to deal with this. They are so slow at taking decisions usually because they star to roleplay in the middle of the dungeon and try to explore everything there is in the room. I don't know how to speed up the pacing

  8. How long did that one shot take, 16 hours for a 4 hour adventure?

  9. We usually do weeklies 3/4h longs sessions. Right now we in the middle end part of the redbrand hideout of LMoP and it took us 3 session to reach this point. I'll try out your suggestions and see if it works. Thanks for the advice

  10. I’ve played a number of different clerics, but I haven’t tried the trickery one. I can still suggest a number of good magic items that are good for clerics.

  11. Just keep levelling in Twilight Cleric, it's busted on its own. The more you level it up, the stronger the Channel Divinity goes, and you probably want your higher level slots.

  12. Spirit Guardians round one, wade into battle, and take the dodge action on subsequent rounds. 2nd round throw up spiritual weapon as a bonus action use it to attack, and continue taking the dodge action. All attacks against you with disadvantage, and your spirit guardians tear everything that comes close to you. In tough fights, use your channel divinity to pump temp HP into yourself and your allies. Dodging keeps it easier to keep concentration on Spirit Guardians while in the thick of it.

  13. Sometimes sheets can have an issue that's fixed with a system reinstall. I'd give that a go :)

  14. I've tried to update the game system (dnd5e), but I haven't tried yet to reinstall it.

  15. There was a time were I would have considered this a little bit overpowered for a first level spell, but Silvery Barb it's a thing now so...

  16. Conjure some animals then wildshape into whatever you just summoned and lead them into battle. Pretty sure you can keep controlling the totem when transformed.

  17. X Storm Sorcerer/2 Tempest Cleric is one of the most fun builds I know, especially for a one shot.

  18. I'm planning to play a build like this, but I'm struggling to understand which sorcerer subclass I should chose. Why you've chosen the storm sorcerer instead of the others?

  19. “I wish the soldiers of both these armies all dropped dead immediately from heart attacks, leaving us unharmed and unmolested.”

  20. I wish. I’m playing a 20th level cleric rn in my campaign and my DMs have totally fucking nerfed divine intervention. For instance, we were in the far realm at one point getting mindfucked so I said “I use divine intervention and say “protect us from the influence of this realm”” trying to stop the mindfuckery.

  21. As a DM I would never nerf a class ability. What's the point of letting a player choose a class if you're going to make it underpowered and frustrating to play. Sorry for the bad English, but it's not my first language. I usually don't comment, but you looked like someone who needed comprehension

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