1. Kinda has a gmo smell taste to it to be honest definitely a good one

  2. I liked this earlier this year was hoping it would come back

  3. Its not that good had to get something different this was not the one

  4. I currently got this and love it the lemon cookies is fire

  5. Even if my last recommendation wasn’t through yall

  6. Well look you just saved me alot of money im definitely renewing through yall thank you soo much

  7. Try the sherb head from clutch my absolute favorite

  8. So did u actually get a half for 31 dollars???? If you did hell yea

  9. Hopefully there will be more in the future!

  10. Thats why i look at menus every day to catch these great deals.

  11. I was poking at the other guy for asking for receipt, not you

  12. Also your dumb for not keeping your receipt as we can claim everything we purchase as a medical expense on out taxes….

  13. I mean you get one for 10-12 if you buy the battery and pod start up kit

  14. I got the same cart the oil seems to clot up when not warm once warmed it hits fine just gotta keep your eye out will not purchase again

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