1. Try Shark Shock by Firelands Scientific. It is a low THC (7.5%), high CBD (19.5%) strain. Nice relaxing body buzz without the soaring THC high. The high CBD should also help the epilepsy.

  2. So how do you like the Blueberry Cupcakes? I purchased some as well and it kind of reminds me of their Lemon Cookies for some reason? Not a bad thing at all, just an observation. I put mine in a jar with a Boveda pack and it helped a lot. I agree with the Salty Watermelon, what a great strain! Such happy, uplifting effects. Chem OG is another great one by Firelands Scientific.

  3. new patient here, is it possible to get hash rosin in Ohio? All I see on WeedMaps is live rosin.

  4. Try Ancient Roots. I have their L.A. Kush 6* melt hash and it’s really nice. Firelands rosin is pretty goood too.

  5. Firelands Scientific Northern Lights is always a great evening go to. Definitely not the same locally grown Northern Lights we were consuming 20-25 years ago, but still good. I just miss that skunky smell that was so strong you couldn’t hide it.

  6. I’m pretty sure there’s a problem with 1g rosin vapes, all half gram Rosin products I’ve had worked great but as soon as I’ve got a 1g, it’s been defective half way thru.

  7. Agreed, I have had both, .5 & 1gr. rosin carts and the 1 gr. cart started having troubles half way thru. All of the .5 gr. rosin carts I have gotten from Firelands have been yummy all the way to the end. The Tropicana Banana was wonderful!

  8. I have had both, more than once. When Farkas is on their game they’re one of the best in Ohio. With that being said, when they miss, they are dry and absent of any terps. But both of those strains are really good. If you do purchase and the flower is dry, put it in a jar with a Boveda pack for a couple of days and it will help out a lot.

  9. Dang Im out near Akron hopefully it gets distributed out here soon

  10. Akron Botanist has a few Tyson strains listed on their menu

  11. That's a good suggestion. I haven't thought too ask them that. I usually just assume they have no clue what they're saying and try to look the terpens up myself while looking at their menu. It's such a hassle. Idk why they don't have that listed. I can't remember if the menus in the shop have them listed but they aren't online.

  12. Check the Botanist menu for the strain you are looking for. They always list the terps.

  13. Start low, 365F until vapor slows. Remove the lid, stir the oven and then bump the temp up 10 degrees. Repeat this process until you hit 385-390. You will get the best flavor and extract the most from your flower this way. Ice Cream cake has linalool in it, and linalool doesn’t boil off until it hits 390F. So if you want the full heavy body effects of Ice Cream Cake, finish up @ 390F. I hope this helps.

  14. For pain management, I really like Butterfly Effects honey, Wellspring Fields peanut butter and any brand of RSO. All are very potent and easy to control the dose. The RSO is versatile as it can be placed under the tongue for sublingual effects. This is my preferred method as it works in less than 15 min. rather than 1-2 hours. I also have a hard time processing edibles correctly, so RSO under the tongue is more effective for me anyways.

  15. Butterfly Effects honey is awesome! At 550mg of THC it‘s pretty potent. Wellspring Fields peanut butter is really nice as well. I like to put both on a spoon and consume together. Yummo!

  16. The advice you gave me about the "amber goop" was by far the best advice I've gotten on reddit. You were not lying, and now my friend, I'm flying! Thanks so much for this. I would have absolutely screwed this up being a first-timer w the Mighty and just cleaned it, thinking it was bunk/garbage. I like to think I would've figured it out after the first time I cleaned it like, hmm, this looks too good to throw away, I wonder....? So thanks! So so much! This saves money also! Just make my own, haha!

  17. You are very welcome! Definitely some good stuff! To refine it even more, use a fine screen in the top and there won’t be any fines in the reclaim at all. It’s a beautiful ruby/amber color when you do this. I love a good hack! This amber goodness will give any edible in our program a run for it’s money for sure.

  18. I’ve seen a lot of great thing about the Woodward brand I am in NW Ohio and I’ve never seen it 🤔 I will def keep my 👁 out!!! Thanks!

  19. Is this actual oil? I’m used to seeing these looking very much Golden and disty looking.

  20. Yeah, some processors Co2 oil is a little darker. Some runs can vary in color as well.

  21. Yeah I get that, what I’m saying is in my experience Hon is distillate, curious if this is co2 oil or what’s up with it.

  22. I really like this one and the straight THC version. Another really good one is Butterfly Effects 4:1 (1200cbd/295thc) lotion. I like the Dr. Solomon’s a little more due to it being a transdermal and penetrating deep enough to enter the blood stream. Most other topicals do not.

  23. It's a hybrid that has heavier indica effects after the initial set in period. I noticed waves of relaxation in my body after about only 15 minutes.

  24. Yep, definitely indica leaning with Gorilla Glue and Koffee as parents. Nice euphoric effects at first, then it’ll sit ya down for a bit. Great for after work pain relief when ya have to get something done before you sit down for the evening.

  25. This is my favorite strain in the entire program. I love everything about this flower!

  26. Good stuff! Has that old school, late 70’s early 80’s vibe. One of the best uplifting, feel good strains out there.

  27. I’m currently vaping the salty luster pod and it’s blowing me away in all the right ways! I have the tally Mon on my shelf, will crack into it in a few days. Curious to see what it tastes like to me, as I’ve had all the other forms of the strain!

  28. Yummo! I really like the flavor and effects of the Salty Watermelon. The flavor profile is spot on! I have not opened up the Tally Mon yet. Kind of excited about it now that I’ve read this post.

  29. Night and day between trichome retention! Just goes to show what flower looks like when love is given to the grow and cure. I really miss my grow buddy! Maybe one day we will have small craft growers who actually care about their product. Or better yet, home grow!

  30. I’m usually an indica kinda guy! Lemon Slushee made me really want to explore sativas more. Lime Sherbert is a great one! Grapefruit Sour Dream causes no anxiety, it’s right in my head and behind my eyes. I can actually do stuff or if I want relax/wind down on it, like I am now. Watching Batman and going to eventually crash.

  31. Klutch’s Orange 43 is great for dual purpose use as well. consume just a small amount and you’ll feel like going out and about, or getting something done. Consume a little too much, you’re gonna sit for a bit.

  32. Schromulan by Willie's reserve is incredible and if you get the chance try it out.

  33. Willie’s Schromulan is sooooo under rated! I feel it is one of the best sativa’s in our program. So uplifting and happy! I wouldn’t say that it is the best at relieving pain, but the uplifting, happy and energetic effects help me push thru the pain when I have things to do, and cannot be heavily medicated. I really like to mix CBG flower with it to enhance the focus and aid in the pain relief.

  34. Let's not forget the smell and taste!!!!

  35. Oh yes! Just as delightful as the effects. Being a cannabis user since the 70s, it has that old school vibe to me.

  36. Lighter fluid ? Ehhh idk about that one . I had some shit from BE taste n smelled like hairspray lol

  37. Was it Sorbeto? I love that taste in a weird way! It reminds me of kerosene and perfume dipped berries. Nice body effects too.

  38. I’m all in on being able to use it for different things. Yeah I filled two teabags full and got a mediocre body buzz and a tiny head buzz. A lot of work for not much return on the tea. This is my fourth time trying it so maybe next time.

  39. Try steeping your abv bag in warm milk, then add to the tea. Water is not good at pulling the THC out because THC is not water soluble. You need something with some fat. I always use coconut oil for all my infusions because of the very high fat content. The higher the saturated fat, the better your infusion will be.

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