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  1. Hoping WW drops some new strains or batches soon. I’m a huge fan of WW but this run did not compare to the last AF at all, I was disappointed.

  2. This batch of animal Face is really good.

  3. I just got it yesterday at terrasana in Columbus

  4. Got it from a shop in Ohio. It’s my personal favorite in the Program for the state-Indica leaning hybrid that just crushes you.

  5. Go Mr Spots. I’ll take a double meat fire steak with peppers.

  6. Some of the best flower I’ve ever smoked was back in late 90s/early 00s. Jamaican Ice and Dumpster were always around Ohio during that era. Dumpster is still the best weed I’ve ever smoked. It was absolute fire.

  7. Is that the same as dumpster fire?

  8. I’ve never heard of that strain. It’s possible it’s the same. Someone we knew found a plant in a dumpster in mid 90s and eventually he had a fabulous strain that was just pure dank. I’d sell ounces in college for 375 and they’d be gone in hours.

  9. Pizza House- Been going since I moved up here in 84. As long as they are open, I’ll always go there for pizza.

  10. O43 is one of my personal favorite strains in Ohio.

  11. I’ve always used boiling hot water and dish detergent. After 2 good soaks/rinses, you’ll piece will look brand new.

  12. G 4 G Where the fuck are the glass bottled Mexican Coke?

  13. I use boiling hot water and dish detergent. Pour some detergent in, then boiling water. Let it sit a few minutes, then shake it up and repeat the process. My bubbler gets pretty much spotless after doing it.

  14. I used to get a strain in Ohio in late 90s/early 00s while in college called Dumpster- The Dump is still the best flower I’ve ever smoked. I totally feel you when it comes to that pure skunk bud.

  15. I really like using these. Gotta clean em often though as they will accumulate plenty of goopy goop.

  16. I burn the resin off mine daily. Probably why I just bought a 100 pack off Amazon.

  17. I use em all the time for my bubbler. They do accumulate a lot of resin build up on em so you’ll have to burn it off.

  18. What a setup you’ve got and I’ve never seen a recruit with that high of throw power.

  19. Phenomenal looking buds. Good quality outdoor is the best.

  20. I’d personally tell your bf to kindly fuck off.

  21. When I was in college we had a 7 footer. Wasn’t used all the time but when it was, it was almost impossible to clear.

  22. Lmao it turned into many more than 50. Then I heard he went out west, but it still lives on heavy here. Once I can grow here without having to worry about pigs I’m definitely setting up shop with some deathstar and dumpster. But Illudium is the real diamond in the rough, it only harvests max like an oz per plant. One of the worst yielding strains ever it seems, but the high is like a smooth ride on a pillow while the taste is like a peach minty mtn dew flavor.

  23. I used to get the absolute gas when I was at BG from 97-01. We’d bring 2-3 lbs back every month and sell em for 375 a zip and it would be gone in 72 hours.

  24. Yee those are still basically regular prices for anything local organic and black market. Better than 500 at the dispo tho for something that’s in my opinion not as good.

  25. I grew up in Dublin and still live in the area but I’m not familiar with that pizza spot. Although I don’t go to grove city a lot unless I’m playing golf. I get Death Star every 2-3 batches for 220 an ounce.

  26. You won’t find any bbq like Pappys in Columbus. My buddy lived there for 2 years and didn’t have anything bad to say other than it was chilly in winter and he needed a space heater.

  27. Sorry my man. I’m in Columbus. I’d recommend to drive up to Michigan.

  28. I'm in zanesville. Maybe one day we should organize central ohian road trip to michigan with a few of us. Split the gas costs, get to know each other. Make friends, cause well.. Those are hard to come by.

  29. That’s all you my man. I stop at my old stomping grounds at BGSU and stay with my buddy who still lives in area. It’s a pretty easy trip.

  30. Big Bear and Gold circle. 2 stores I can remember going in as a kid.

  31. Ohio’s medical program is a joke. Limits THC % on concentrates, they sell 1/10s (2.8 grams) and 1/5s (5.66 grams). They sell 1/2s and full ounces but those are limited. I completely agree on home grown.

  32. Yeah I had my medical card for awhile and process was a joke.

  33. You can get some good deals but you gotta search for em. I’m blessed where I get gas on the black market. Only medical flower I like are a few strains from Klutch and Woodward.

  34. I did not. My brother found it online.

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