Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion

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  1. Racist much? Bc I’m white and a male im not allowed to do the thing that is instinct ‘Protect the family’. Your just a NPC chimp

  2. It’s my family I’ll protect them however I see fit. You can kill every potential addition to your family you want idc. Just now not in this state unless you meet the criteria.

  3. So why do you get to choose, but others don’t? Why do they have to meet YOUR criteria? Why can’t you meet someone else’s, since you think that’s ok?

  4. Both LeBron and Kyrie are unrestricted free agents after the upcoming season. I’m just saying. 👀

  5. I loved Kyrie in his years here, but he single handedly killed the championship squad back in 17/18 - I wish him well, but wish he stay gone lol

  6. I’ve said it before and will say it again - if he doesn’t try to run the show, I would welcome him back with open arms. If he’s still trying to be LeGM, he can come back for his 1-day contract to retire

  7. You won't be laughing when Goodell announces he took Mark's advice and only suspended Watson for 8 games

  8. I was laughing when people ardently defended this acquisition by the browns. I will be rolling when they announce a year or more. I hope it’s 2.

  9. I hope he never plays again. Let's see him have to scrape by in Fan Controlled Football

  10. What blows my mind is that this guy will play again, and probably this season if we’re being honest. Whereas a guy protesting police violence was ostracized from the league.

  11. And this shit right here is why I said this was a bad call. Baker is worse than Watson on the field, but Bake runs circles around Watson off the field.

  12. Fuck it, I’ll say it. Pants were trash, but I didn’t hate the jersey.

  13. To be fair - that stadium makes everyone look good at max elevation.

  14. Oh please. This is absolutely a cash grab. He’s still selling it for over $5 a gallon.

  15. Republicans have assured me that things like this only happen in liberal states. What gives?

  16. 1% of me firmly believe this is all a huge setup for Baker to take the field on game 1 and prove he is indeed our franchise QB

  17. Could you imagine the 10-dimension chess they would’ve needed to play?

  18. Have you been in this sub recently? It’s 90% of the posts

  19. Have you never used the hide feature? It can block every one of them!

  20. I’m so confused “Laugh, run. Be hard, fast, kind”? (/s)

  21. That was what drove me to make the comment, truthfully 😅

  22. All you guys that were happy to cast off the guy who bled for the browns for this piece of shit are getting exactly what you asked for.

  23. Exactly. Baker wasnt our championship QB… but I’ll take baker and his wife’s social media bullshit over what we’ve got now any goddamn day of the week

  24. So he whips out his penis and she is mortified but stays within firing range of his penis in such manner that he could hit her in the face. It doesn’t make sense.

  25. “I don’t get why victims don’t try harder to get away from their attacker” - you. Literally right now. I don’t understand how anyone other than a sociopath could think something so asinine.

  26. Did Tommy Wiseau write this? “I did not assault at least 3 of the 23 plaintiffs. I did nothing wrong. It’s not true. It’s bullshit. Oh hai Deshaun.”

  27. Conservatives happy to continue paying the life tax for “much freedomz” - but don’t you dare abort a clump of cells

  28. It’s a shame that we’re criticizing people for expressing themselves through art.

  29. Can I sue auto manufacturers and alcoholic beverage makers for auto collisions and incidents involving alcohol?

  30. Tell me you’re being willingly ignorant without saying so.

  31. Say it with me, Conservatives: “I admit that I’d rather have children get killed weekly than inconvenience myself the next time I buy a gun or ammo”

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