1. I did the reading at an in-person game with a physical tarroka deck, but I stacked it in advance so I knew what the outcome would be.

  2. I wouldn't be buying property in East Wall. Nothing to do with climate change, tho.

  3. We need to stop trying to solve out-of-chatacter problems with in-game solutions. Just tell the player you know they read the chapter in advance and that isn't the kind of game you want to run.

  4. There is something off-putting about how regular they are posted. I guess I just don't understand people's fascination with their dog's DNA. I love seeing pictures of people's pit bulls, but being asked to guess about lineage is at best uninteresting to me and at worst kind of creepy. That's just my 2c, and I hope it doesn't upset anyone. A dog is a dog, they come in all shapes and sizes, even "pure" breeds.

  5. My two dogs are more than double the effort! Not only do I have to care for each dog, but I also have to make sure they are getting on well with each other. I adopted a second pit two months ago, and I've been surprised at how little synergies there are with these two dogs. They have to be fed separately, they sleep in different rooms (for now), they won't share toys, and they take turns getting up to mischief. Honestly, they have me run ragged. I do love them, but it sure has been a lot of work.

  6. This could be the greatest TPK ever. Were it me, I'd go for it. Maybe after the first character is killed and transformed into a vampire spawn, the others will wise up and run away.

  7. One is afraid of horses. The other is afraid of baths. Neither are particularly fond of the hoover.

  8. My OH went to a cheap dentist with a chipped tooth. Ended up having to go to an expensive dentist a few days later.

  9. Flanagan seems to like saying he supports Ukraine, while also voting against things that would support it.

  10. 2024 MEP elections seem far too long away.

  11. This plan sounds bonkers. People want a plaza on College Green and a pedestrianised Capel Street. Instead, they give us a plaza where no one wants one and free reign for cars.

  12. Okay, that makes more sense. For the most part my statement still stands. So they way I would have done it then is :

  13. Another thing I would add to this is allowing for a Perception Check, or using the Rogue's Passive Perception versus a stealth check for the Berserkers, in order for that player to discover that there is a large group of people on the other side of the wall.

  14. I had him solve a small problem for the players - they didn't have enough horses to carry themselves, the Kolyana siblings, and the three orphans they picked up from the windmill, so Strahd showed up with some spare steeds. What a nice man.

  15. Your sister needs counselling. Family counselling for both herself and your mother could be the best forum for them to build a more respectful relationship.

  16. A few bob is a small price to pay for these little rituals; reminds us that we're all human and all connected.

  17. The Museum Building in Trinity is one of my favourite spaces. Thankfully, not in danger of being torn down anytime soon.

  18. This country is unreal for how we allow the puppy industry to get away this stuff. Thankfully, in this case, the dogs have been taken out of this situation. But so long as there are significant financial incentives for breeding designer dogs, more pups will be put through this awful treatment.

  19. The interesting thing here is not how the guards will react, but how the Burgomaster reacts. The guards will inevitably kick this upstairs to the Baron and Isek, as they are really just extensions of their rule. Depending on how paranoid you play Vargas, he may err on the side of caution and throw them out. Why would the priest get these outsiders involved in the theft of bones, and not the town guard? Is Lucien working to disrupt peoples' happiness?!

  20. Looks like he's got all that arcane knowledge in his belly!

  21. Curse of Strahd and the Monster Manual, that's it.

  22. Read the story, read as much of the expansions in the megathread as you can. Don't be afraid to make changes to bits of the story - this is your Barovia and it won't be exactly alike anyone else's Barovia.

  23. I get into this in my post on agriculture in Barovia:

  24. It is up to you when the Durst's were last alive in Barovia. The only thing the book has to say on the topic is that things taken from the house age markedly - so I'm guessing they have been gone long enough for the paintings to have faded.

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