1. ICC & MotorBreath are my Klutch faves

  2. It's super relaxing, calming. Not a big head high but by far the most calming. I like it.

  3. Every once in a while this happens. Usually a little air bubble or the connections slightly off or dirty. The 1st comment works. I usually run a lighter across the air pocket, very brief, then take a stronger inhale to pop it. Works for me every time.

  4. I just picked up their Papaya Punch cart and it taste real bad. Just waisted $65

  5. I haven't tried that and don't plan to. Kind of sad because those carts were so awful, it kind of ruined their brand for me. One of the PD carts ended up looking similar to a gel substance after a few puffs. Very odd.

  6. Same here. Used to drink quite a bit, probably to self medicate. Stopped drinking when I became pregnant with my first 12 years ago. I've drank at parties or tried but, it's not the same. I feel terrible. It definitely makes my anxiety worse so I haven't had a drink in probably 5 years.

  7. But yes I’ll try that I don’t think there’s any other way for me. Thank you. I appreciate you bear with this whole heavy mess

  8. I'm not sure how things would be for you there. All I know is sometimes in situations like yours, getting a respected family member to advocate on your behalf can at least bring down tensions if nothing else.

  9. It’s okay I appreciate you trying to help. I have some savings enough for motels but I can’t just leave my sister’s family behind to deal with mom.

  10. I understand you feel the need to do whatever your mother asks, she's footing the bill. I get that. She doesn't sound easily persuaded but maybe another family member could advocate on your behalf, to your mother? Explain how it's helping with your mental health (or whatever you'd say) and how they agree or feel what you have done is in your best interest.

  11. I have the same issues. I started last year and have been buying luster pods, vape. When I wake up in the middle of the night in panic, the last thing I wanna do is roll a joint so I prefer vape. The luster pods IMO are the best. My top calmers are layer cake & sorbetto by Grow Ohio, ICC by Klutch and a good daytime would be MAC1 by Klutch. Those are just my favorites and the ones I've noticed help me. Limonene works best for anxiety for me.

  12. I watched my childhood friends twin brother and older sister bully their mother to tears for not buying the correct cereal at the store. To which the mother apologized and took it get the one they wanted... This was common.

  13. Lol I used to steal chocolate when I was a kid never got caught that whole Isle was a big blind spot

  14. Yea just don't think of it as a kid, getting caught. If I still had that stuff, I could probably fill a few garbage bags.

  15. God. I got offered a job as a non uniform security guard and I refused. But how was your strategy for clothes and getting around the security tags?

  16. I never got into any of that. Never pulled any Security tags off anything. Mind you, when I say years ago I mean 20 years ago probably, so a lot of places didn't have all that yet. As far as Security, honestly, don't remember. I don't even think we thought about it too much. I remember thinking a couple times clerks were suspicious so we would just leave that store. It was a very odd time. It doesn't even really feel like me when I tell the story. I'm just so different now and am a very honest person too or one who values honesty. Strange.

  17. This is Grow Ohio. The dispensary is having a 20% off sale on all grow products, thats one of the luster pods on the list.

  18. Same here about quality. I saw it on Debbie's menu in Hillsboro. I haven't looked at the other dispensaries yet but they may have it too.

  19. I do agree somewhat but, sometimes cheating happens because someone's unhappy or unfulfilled. In a real way, not a narcissistic way. If a person were truly happy and in love, there wouldn't be a desire to cheat.

  20. Smoking my first cigarette just to "try it, I won't get addicted". Still fighting that ugly demon.

  21. Try to concentrate on your breathing. Sounds cliche but when we panic, we tend to take gulps of air which can cause gas/belching and even throwing up. We can chat if you need someone to talk to until you come down.

  22. Thanks.. I’m very worried about my house flooding ..the sump pump thing over flooded and wasn’t working but we sort be got it working again it’s not leaking water right now but I’m scared . My house flooded last year and it was a nightmare it’s going to rain again tonight too.

  23. Not huge lengths but I almost always look like a major bish after. I just leave. Even in the middle of conversations that won't end. I always give warnings, just like an excuse, I have to go/to the restroom/late for appointments etc. & if they still don't respect the boundaries, I just exit. There have been times when I've been "trapped" at parties or dinners because I rode with someone and have had panic attacks if they dismiss several "I gotta get outta heres" (this is usually only after a lengthy stay). Which those end with me also walking out but in undesirable locations and sort of making a scene I suppose. I just gotta get out though. It's hard for some to understand.

  24. The year I turned 21! New year's was a month and a half from my bday so my friends and I went out. The party we were at was about ½ mile from my best friends house so we figured we could walk or hitch a ride. Well we all got smashed of course and my bestie picked up a dude and just tossed me the keys to her car and left with stranger man. So me and another friend decided I would be the best driver. I remember getting in the car, driving a bit down the road (residential now) and then I remember grazing the curb with her tire, nothing major, then pulling into her drive. Once parked I looked over at my friend and realized quickly I mustve blacked friend was disheveled, mirrors swinging from the wires and...2 MISSING WHEELS! Not, the whole thing. I know this is long but totally crazy and I'll finish. So I will skip the whole cussing the officer that came to arrest me (I didn't get arrested because he came after I got out of the car)....anyway, come to find out, I had blacked out, put my foot on the gas and flew through 2 yards of homes, did a figure 8 between a tree and a house which literally (yes, literally) was a space big enough to just fit a car. After that I got back on the road, sparks a flyin and woke up from my black out! Talk about Jesus taking the wheel...very scary and lucky to be alive after all the young & dumb stories I have.

  25. That might be yet I haven’t eaten a single thing today I’m I’m not sure earlier it was my left side now it’s my right side now I feel the pain by my heart I don’t know if it’s just in my head what’s actually happening sometimes I do get acid reflex and gas it’s just all the little things that I wouldn’t even notice if I was not having anxiety and now with health anxiety every little thing I notice and I tend to self diagnose myself and I put pieces together like OK well my stomachs cramping and I haven’t been feeling good lately and etc. etc. so my mind tends to put the puzzle pieces together and make it seem like it’s worse than it actually is if that makes any sense

  26. I totally understand. Late 2020 my worst bout started. I was so sick I stopped eating, thinking I was dying of something because of the stomach/internal pain. I ended up losing 30+ lbs and at that point, I was sick! I was killing myself. I ended up having to go to the doctor and she just did a complete workup to see what was wrong and...nothing besides malnutrition. I guess for me, I needed to see the "you are healthy" from my doctor to be able to heal.

  27. I think you’re right I just hate going to the doctor gives me some much anxiety in the back of my mind I always think what if they tell me something bad or something I don’t wanna hear you you know what I mean I have made some serious life changes lately like diet exercise and etc. but it seems like after one thing there’s another after I get over one health anxiety attack there’s always another right after definitely definitely helps talking to somebody about this I’m glad there’s people like you here definitely makes me feel a bit better!

  28. Yes, I feel the same way about talking with others. I thought it was just me til I found reddit lol! But yea, I actually had a doctors appointment last October and was supposed to do the lab work right then but I seriously snuck off after my appointment...yep. anyway, I just got it done 3 weeks ago. Finally. So, don't feel bad about that either. I takes time and I also had a lot of pressure at home to go get it done there at the end. That was the extra push I needed and I am glad I went but it took me a while and it was frightening. I've never had a problem with weight so I was sure I had cancer (several women in my family have had cancer), what got me to go was my mom. She told me straight up, you're not eating! That's why you're so skinny! & however harsh, she was right & I needed to hear that.

  29. Well I have to say, I have very similar symptoms and I have panic disorder. When I wake I get very sick and usually end up in the bathroom throwing up. When mine sets in I have forever mucus! I swear! I don't know what this is but my body produces it when I'm having an attack. I try not to swallow my spit either because that tends to bring on the gagging. I also tend to hold my breath unintentionally and then have to take a long breath after like a soothing exhale. When I was your age thats probably how I was too. I'm 38f and it got increasingly worse until I had to seek treatment or I was going to die from not eating/malnutrition.

  30. Thanks for the reply - it is weird why it only happens first thing in the morning. I wondered if it was something to do with sleeping position but I must’ve tried every one possible. What sort of treatment did you have? I haven’t had many issues with diet/malnutrition but also experience gagging in the morning when I’ve coughed so much.

  31. I've actually never had this problem with malnutrition and losing a ton of weight until the pandemic. My anxiety got so bad, the gagging and holding my breath, that I physically could not eat. I would just gag it back up. Since the increase I am now on just medical marijauna. I am quite happy with it. Takes my stomach pain away, increases appetite and decreases anxiety. Also helps rather quickly during a panic attack.

  32. I'm 38f and I get this a lot too. I smoke pot but it's medicinal, legal where I live medicinally and it's actually for my disorder. That's it. On bad weeks (or months, 2020 has been especially hard for me) I can't eat. I try but it's physically impossible. I can't swallow or I end up throwing it back up. Not an eating disorder (been called an anorexic before, like that's something to joke about) just my lovely panic. I am pretty thin right now. Instead of asking or wondering if my health is ok (it's not!) they assume I must be shooting heroin or smoking meth! I have cut a few people out of my life this past year due to this very thing, family too.

  33. I should add that I appear jittery and I talk a lot. I basically can't stop moving my body. I get what you're saying whole heartedly.

  34. Absolutely same here, talk non stop n constantly brother-in-law was sure I was on dope until he saw a childhood pic of me...

  35. I think its easier for these people to imagine we're on drugs because that's easier than what's really going on with us. At least that's my opinion. Especially family and a possible role they may have had in your trauma or healing or both.

  36. The one big thing for me is honesty. Try to be as honest as possible and show remorse for your actions. Sincerely apologize, ask for forgiveness and ask for help. May sound over the top but I find that people are more willing to help you when you're kind and telling the truth, however humiliating. There's an old saying about catching more bees with honey than a net? Idk but it's so true and I've lived by that. Turn on the charm! Honesty & humility will take you far with people my friend.

  37. I'm not sure exactly where you're based but yuzu purple is always on the menu at the dispensaries I go to. Verdant in Chillicothe has them, although their stock is terribly low. They haven't restocked since I heard of the merger or sale. Anyway, POW London always has it. .5 & 1g carts. Verilife & Strawberry fields.

  38. I think you missed the point here. The yuzu was just a really good cart in the end but my point was to try to warn people that verdant is all different now. You can’t get a text from the Columbus location and assume there will be the same sale in Newark. In fact Newark has set days now so basically they will never do thirty off again or twenty five off even. Best you’ll get is one item for 20 off. If you go to Ohio provisions it’s the same way except everything is already five to ten percent cheaper. So unless verdant just lowers their prices the selection out this way just isn’t worth it. I expect verdant to lose a lot more customers now that they can’t compete price wise

  39. I got your point, just sounded like you really liked the yuzu purple. I wasn't trying to be offensive, sorry if it came off that way.

  40. My body has gradually gone downhill. Everything hurts. I used to be a runner and I can barely walk most days. I've already had knee surgery (not a replacement, just torn ligament) and prepping to repair damage in my hip from running on a bad knee. The leg issue makes my back and feet hurt which makes my neck and shoulders tense, causing headaches etc. I have to use an electric hand mixer when cooking because my hands cramp and burn after only a few twirls. I'm nearing the end of my thirties though so like I said, gradual and obviously this is just my body.

  41. I got my acl done. And I run too. I feel like I will be you soon.

  42. I have three children and have no issues. I've had a couple people question or worry but it's just because they're uneducated on the drug. Once they saw me and how it didn't affect me or prohibit me from being an attentive parent, they dropped it.

  43. You may be experiencing general anxiety symptoms. You don't always have to be in a state of panic to have symptoms of elevated anxiety. Sometimes day to day I just have an overwhelming feeling of discomfort or some days I feel as if I'm in a dream. These are all symptoms. And at times you'll experience panic more than others. Waves for me. I truly hope yours goes away but it may be worth a second opinion from a therapist or a doctor along that path?

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