Artificial lung made from Mountain Dew ingredient Yellow 5.

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  1. Yep it's banned in numerous European countries.

  2. To what extent does vaccination with prior infection protect you from BA.5? If not from infection, then what about symptoms/severe disease?

  3. Quite a bit. Vaccines have the most "forward-looking" immune protection, but only after a 3rd dose of mRNA/adeno vaccine.

  4. Anyone know of any reasonably easy to understand resources on why there is so much variance in severity of viruses in the coronavirus family? They range from the common cold on one end to MERS having a 34% fatality rate on the other extreme, with the current pandemic obviously somewhere between. What is so different about the viruses that allows them to have so much variance but still retain the same basic structure and infection mechanisms?

  5. Variance in the original animal reservoir source, difference in the specific virology at play, and also case ascertainment biases towards severe cases when dealing with novel spillovers.

  6. Nope. Lyme is very curable. There are people who have long-term fatigue or joint pains who attribute it to "chronic lyme" which is a highly debated topic

  7. Lyme disease sequelae are not debated. That is known for sure to exist. The actual etiology of it isn't clear, which is the vacuum for quackery and predatory charlatans.

  8. I'm not doubting that you are right, but what you said makes no sense to the average layman.

  9. Idiopathic means without an obvious cause. The rest of the comment makes sense in the context as it's compared to a viral causative agent, VZV, or the chicken pox / shingles virus.

  10. Are there other instances in history of a contagious disease escaping from a lab to start a pandemic?

  11. Not escaping from a lab, but the 1977 H1N1 pandemic was certainly from some sort of frozen material. Most likely a live vaccine failure. That was identified as suspicious contemporaneously, nearly right away, even back then.

  12. Just to be clear: They’re not denying the child a kidney that has already been harvested and ready to go on the chance that the dad infects the son with Covid.

  13. "Indeed, for many such respiratory viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, immunity is itself a fluid concept, ranging from complete and durable (long-lasting) immunity that fully protects against infections, to immunity that protects against severe disease but does not prevent reinfection and onward transmission."

  14. It's hard to compare a systemic viremia against something where the be-all-end-all is infection limited to just the single most environmentally exposed layer of cells. The former is protected by robust central memory, where even breakthrough infections don't lead to onward transmission, and the latter is one where only mucosal protection matters. We are plumbing the depths of what mucosal immunity can offer, and it seems to fall short of year long protection for drifted viruses.

  15. This (generic but not US approved) drug is an inhibitor of TMPRSS2, a key protein for cellular entry of SARS-CoV-2. Retrospective observational studies had suggested a good benefit - this RCT does not. Viral clearance is not a great surrogate endpoint, but given the postulated mechanism and the clear lack of effects on other endpoints, not sure we'll see the manufacturer investing more in this.

  16. Also worth noting this was on patients between November 2020 and March 2021. Omicron (BA.1) utilizes endosomal uptake preferentially, so the presumed best strains to see the value of a TMPRSS2 inhibitor would be precisely this study window.

  17. He's pushed enough misinformation to be banned from

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