1. I see no crystallization. Only air bubbles and condensation buildup on the inner mouthpiece

  2. This guy clearly never played during the noobtube era.

  3. Definitely am planning on it, I’m gonna have to budget some saving so I can get one!

  4. Your end product keeps looking better each try. That's why I think you'd be really crushing it with a real one.

  5. You mentioned lusters then leave butterfly effect / grow ohio off the list?

  6. Gotten like five, and four of them were really good. They are CO2

  7. Alot of haters but it blows cold war out of the water. I'm enjoying it.

  8. It definitely has a strong unique smell but no more offensive to other people than smoking. Just a different smell.

  9. I am not allowed to charge for testing. A licensed is required to test for the medical market for sales. There is nothing in said law about a patient testing their own product to verify results.

  10. With regular inconsistencies and doubt casted, it falls under medical necessity. If the THC percentage is wrong, that means the rest of the label is. Pinene has an adverse effect with my endocanabinoid system. If the THC percentage is drastically off, I throw the product away, not worth the risk of having a manic episode because I got the wrong terpenes and usually signals that the cultivator test shopped for the best results.

  11. You linked to an article from Miami. This is ohio. Feel free to do what you want. I'm just urging caution of openly breaking the law and then advertising it on reddit. But you do you.

  12. Lemon dosido has the strongest lemon taste I've founder yet. That's kind of a fruit.

  13. Some of the live rosin vapes from firelands are known to be unreliable.

  14. An incredible amount of time was spent on telephones talking to people.

  15. Shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to feel the effects.

  16. Just a note this is still working. I can pull support and resistance levels on most any run without looking at the past.

  17. I got way less before the "fix"the other day. It's almost constant now. Packet burst, latency variation. Constantly,it's almost unplayable at times.

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