My wife traded her job for the trip of a lifetime. They were shocked.

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Young black police graduate gets profiled by Joshua PD cops (Texas). He wasn't having any of it!

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Something isn't adding up

  1. The main Democrat political strategy is to stand around, hands in pockets doing nothing, occasionally pointing a thumb over their shoulder at a nearby republican strangling a woman and smugly saying “at least I ain’t that guy”

  2. It seems weird, because upgrading from a shitty plastic bottle is a good idea

  3. Anti work doesn't mean you have to abolish all forms of work, just as much as realistically possible. It's in opposition to the generally accepted opinion that work, no matter how useless and personally damning, is an inherent virtue.

  4. We weren't allowed to say anything was easy because it might hurt the feelings of kids who didn't think that thing was easy

  5. I guess the plus side of that one is no ridiculous middle school bragging

  6. That's typical of Reddit. There's never an actual reason for being banned. I got a literal death threat the other day, the guy got 3 days suspension.. and my account was totally banned. These mods are power tripping incels. And I'll likely be banned for this comment. Lol.

  7. Same thing, I got banned for insulting someone who was mean to me in the first place (and much more so)

  8. Being a snarky little prick when someone points out that providing location information would let people better help you? That doesn’t help.

  9. Armchair psychology, or… hear me out… a very common observation people make about internet users every day, and not at all “armchair psychology” because fucking come on

  10. Let me reiterate for those who can't hear: YOUR CULTURE ISNT THE ONLY CULTURE WHERE ANIMALS WERE CONSIDERED KINDRED SPIRITS OR GUIDES. This isn't about you. It was never about you. You have nothing to do with any of this. You don't get to tell me what the fuck my ancient ancestors get to believe or not believe just because YOU feel fucking marginalized. I've never seen someone so self-agrandizing and self-centered as to think only his culture has a thing, and any other people's, new or ancient, have no right to it. Get bent.

  11. I hope you do too. You need to exit your bubble and stop acting like a victim within this thread.

  12. A decent filmmaker could absolutely do something in the spirit of the original without torturing the cast and it would cost a fraction of what the bullshit glossy Netflix film did. Producers don't understand what made the original great.

  13. It’s ridiculous that you’re being downvoted for suggesting people could make another good movie

  14. Thats the thing, why can't they make another in the spirit of the original?

  15. Whenever I see fucker Carlson’s stupid confused caveman face, I can’t help but laugh

  16. I'm pretty sure you can put soup in lined paper containers similar to large coffee cups, though?

  17. Even though I love D&D with a large portion of my heart, gotta say that there are much better systems for this.

  18. Haha well you mentioned “no matter how weird” and that made me think …airships?

  19. Did he really, though? These old bank robbers have been so mythologized as Robin Hoods when they were really in it for themselves.

  20. They get mythologized because it’s a romantic notion to think that back in the day you could be a freewheeling outlaw and break free from the system with little more than a bandanna and a six shooter

  21. Or, y’know, they’re a deeply insecure person lashing out with anger after their opening up was not well received which is entirely predictable

  22. Reddit inaccurately paints him to be a snidely whiplash style villain and jewel thief

  23. Waste which we have no good way of dealing with? International consensus is that the used fuel can be managed fine in a deep geological repository, hence the reason Canada (and numerous other countries with significant nuclear programs) is in the process of constructing one. Used nuclear fuel is hardly an "environmentally disastrous time bomb".

  24. Just lock it up and leave it for future generations that might have entirely different languages and infrastructure to deal with

  25. "Waste which we have no good way of dealing with" isn't really true. There's two main types of nuclear waste, low level and high level. Low level waste is stuff like clothes, equipment and concrete used in the operation of a nuclear plant. It makes up a considerable majority of nuclear waste, and will reach harmless levels of radioactivity within the lifetime of the plant. Because of this, it's typically stored in concrete casks on site, to prevent any issues that could arise from transport.

  26. For a write up you clearly put a lot of thought into, I’m scratching my head wondering how “bury nuclear waste” is a perfect solution in your eyes

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