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  1. Not safe at all. Put your spare on or call a flat bed.

  2. It’s cute when a cat/kitten has an “if I fits, I sits” attitude, but when twat like her takes the same attitude on a million dollar car….not so much.

  3. I hear he’s gunning for Gaslys seat.

  4. Another 10k miles? Bruh, whatever your smoking…pass it this way. Shoulder is shot and you’re already hitting the tread depth indicators.

  5. The only people scoring that high are the hackers at this point

  6. I predict that this thread gets ugly, then racist, then closed. Very quickly.

  7. Oof. This is the first mention of race I’ve even seen. Tells us where your head is at.

  8. Oof nothing, it was also the first response to the thread. I’ve been posting here long enough to know that this place can get really bad really quickly.

  9. If it was a gift for a special occasion or has some other sentimental value, repair it. If it’s “just a watch” buy a new one.

  10. ‘Member that one time I said this and then they made some changes and Russell came in 3rd and Lewis came in 5th?

  11. I ‘Member. What’s your prediction for Monaco? Gonna bet my house on it!

  12. After reading all the comments in this thread, I have two conclusions.

  13. If the guy says it's tuned he should be able to tell you the HP/TQ it's making. I'm shocked that it is not listed. If you have a 10 inch dick that should be your thesis statement. The n54 motor is not the most reliable motor that BMW makes and putting a turbo on it doesn't help matters much. I certainly wouldn't want a convertible that adds 500 lb to the chassis.

  14. My brother in christ, the N54 has two turbos on it from the factory.

  15. To be borderline brutally honest, that kind of work is a “sometimes you just need a body” kind of job. It hasn’t caught your interest and it doesn’t sound like it will. Find a job that holds your focus and interest better and you’ll find more success.

  16. I see Lando's rocking a Rolex so his Richard Mille can't get stolen.

  17. Just like the rest of us POORS, eh?

  18. It was not bad, it’s GT box from KFC

  19. What a phenomenal place to build your own “quiet place to think”

  20. I knew how this was going to end the second I saw all the lights that were lit up on the dash.

  21. I knew how this was gonna end as soon as I saw how many lights were lit on the dash.

  22. And I though I was struggling without a race this week. Holy shit.

  23. Boot on the ball joint/tie rod end is shredded in the first picture. That FOR SURE needs replaced. Can’t tell in the second picture because of the amount of gunk/sludge on it, but that usually happens when dirt mixes with the grease inside of it, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up needing to do both sides. Can’t really see the brake hoses in either of these pictures.

  24. Okay, sorry i’m still learning alot and taking in a lot of info about cars. Is the “boot” that rubber thing that’s open ended on that metal cylinder?

  25. The “boot” in this instance is a rubber shield that is designed to keep the actual ball and socket joint clean and lubricated properly. It’s the thing with the giant tear in it where the black metal beam and the silver cylinder meet in the middle of the left side of the first picture.

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