1. What's with all these Billions threads all of a sudden?

  2. I actually didn't realize these have been popping up lately, I don't use reddit that much.

  3. Will do that. Just tried the first option you posted in my code and this was pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Appreciate it.

  4. I would advise you to make the intermediate parts slightly longer (2-3 secs), using enable to not apply overlay in those seconds. This is done for better accuracy. Then just test concat with different inpoint/outpoint values. Apply overlay at 30 minutes mark for 1 minute:

  5. UPDATE: Well, after some tinkering, I learned that if I set my OS taskbar to hide, then the Publish button is visible. But...but...I don't want to hide my OS task bar. Brave strikes again. Wish there were more privacy minded browsers out there to choose from. Love the fingerprint blocking/ad blocking, hate the general usability though. (Especially for developers, but I won't get into that right now).

  6. That was a specific, very dense work which I forget the name of. The idea wasn’t to prove 1+1=2, it was primarily to show that this system of symbols and logic they came up with could (very rigorously) be used to formally describe more or less all of the math. It took them a lot of pages to discuss and prove how these symbols behave, then start to apply them to meaningful problems. The first of these was, you guessed it, 1+1=2. It looks like a complex proof because they cite back to previous results about their system a lot, but it’s really not complicated. Just trying to rigorously describe combining two separate things into one thing.

  7. This is really stupid. I resorted to attempting to modify files in the user data dir, hoping I could change the shield/ad blocking settings this way.

  8. This is an interesting question, that could probably be answered in a lot of different ways. One answer is just that it's been looked at for a long time, by a lot of people, and the more something is studied, the more patterns you'll find in it. But that's not all it is, I don't think.

  9. Thanks for your contribution, what you added makes sense. It's just odd that there would be a connection between powers of 2, binomial expansion coefficients, triangles and odd numbers, Fibbonaci can also be found in the triangle... I was just surprised that all of these emerge in such a neat and tidy way. And from my quick research, there is much more than just that.

  10. The reason that the rows are powers of 2 is very basic. The binomial coefficients are the coefficients you get from expanding out (1+x)^n, so if you add up each row, you're doing the same thing as working out (1+1)^n, which is obviously 2^n. You'll find for the same reason that if you alternate adding and subtracting the coefficients (e.g. 1 - 4 + 6 - 4 + 1 for the 4th row) you get (1-1)^n = 0.

  11. Good to know, but I am still a bit lost on the fractal triangles, Fibbonaci appearing, one diagonal row being all 1's, the subsequent diagonal row being all of the counting numbers, then all of the triangular numbers..

  12. Couldn't you also say that taking the square root of a negative number is bad, as well? But it still was defined as i regardless.

  13. Note that the argument picado gave used the properties that b * (a/b) = a and it used distributivity. The result was a contradiction--this means that if you define 1/0 then you must give up either the first law or the second. These two laws are absolutely essential to nearly all important mathematical results, so you would be giving up a lot. What is gained, when giving this up? I can't think of anything.

  14. Thanks for the response. Can you go into a little more detail on this part: "A very important property that you give up with the extension of i, is the ability to give a nice ordering on the set."

  15. Why wait, you planning to game in 4k at 200 fps or something?

  16. I would need to buy other components as well, that aren't as deeply discounted. I am just wondering if holding off til November when electronics always end up seeing pretty good discounts across the board. But I'm probably going to do it, I'm just scurrying to find good a good deal on a mobo, 3600mhz RAM, 850W PSU, and a Lian Li case if I'm going to get this CPU while the price is right.

  17. buy now, they are stopping making the 30 series already edit: and the 4090 is rumored to cost 3k according to J'S Two Cents

  18. Yeah I heard about that. I could just put my 970 from my bricked PC with this until the 4080 or whatever.

  19. It's hard to tell from the picture but I couldn't see any obvious contacts. If you're not comfortable, get yourself a magnifying glass and double check them. You can never be too careful with these things

  20. For sure, I'm not spotting any contacts in the picture either but some are a bit harder to see than others. I'll be sure to inspect further before powering on, but it seems I can save this board which would be a confidence booster for me at least. I live in an apartment and I don't want to create any potential danger to others, although I believe if it did short it would trip a breaker.

  21. If there was a short, the PSU should trip. If it doesn't the apartments wiring would trip instead. Chances of it causing a fire is minimal, like I said before if there is a short, there will be a pop and maybe a little smoke. Just sit and watch it with your hand ready to power it down.

  22. Yeah testing outside is the plan. If it did pop should I (quickly) remove the cord from the back of the PSU or just press the off switch on the PSU? Just wondering if one is safer than the other.

  23. The magic of union-find comes from implementing path compression as part of the find operation, and union-by-rank a part of the union operation.

  24. I am not worrying about time complexity optimizations yet. I just want a correct implementation first. Then I'll optimize. But when I do, I can just set the node I am trying to find's parent to the root node of its tree (I think).

  25. Flush cut wire cutters. TBH your best bet is a used motherboard.

  26. Hey thanks for letting me know about the correct tool for the job. I don't mind ordering them, but I also have a pretty good pair of nail clippers that I'm also thinking about using, as suggested by another reddit user in this thread. Thoughts on that?

  27. Go to eBay you’ll find plenty of used motherboards for cheapish prices from all of the big name brands.

  28. Yeah I just don't want to get burned. Even if they send a working board, it's impossible to know how many hours the board has been used. Anyways I learned I can use another PCI port on this mobo and won't suffer any performance loss even though the backup port is PCI 16x, while the screwed port was PCI 3.0. I just need to make sure that these bent pins aren't touching so I'll probably need to carefully snip them.

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