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Found these in my MIL’s back storage room! VHS tape with BOTH spellings on it.

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

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  1. Then get working on pushing impeachment to get the president out so you can get a woman to run this country so you can show us how “better” they can do things.

  2. It’s all the woman trowing Shitt, the moment the man defends himself and smacks one of them dumb broads all the niggas In the back will go and act so “defending” of the woman fucken captin save a hoe will jump to act. But it’s ok for them to beat their woman🤣😂

  3. Something tells me that they using this knowledge to keep you from seeing the nuclear ☢️ war that’s coming. Telling everyone now that ET’a are real so that you can fear them or pay more attention to that subject. Then Will use AI robots to fight because we can’t as humans stand agains some one being way smarter than us or powerful than us. Humans will no longer be on the top of the food chain the animal Kingdom no longer serves us.

  4. It could also be a baby bird feather.

  5. 🤔🤔 maybe i will check to see if there is any nest around.

  6. Imma guess Northern Mockingbird. They have small white feathers on their body

  7. Read between the lines. The lyrics speak for themselves. It’s a protest song. They want you to know either One that they did not do what they say so now they are gone ( so you did what they told you by firing you) or now that they are gone they do what they want and it’s a big laugh in their face.

  8. It’s the original name to Harry Potter and the philosopher stone book inthe UK 🇬🇧. Before the name was changed for the USA 🇺🇸 kids would not be interested in reading a book with the word “Philosopher” in the title. Lol 😂 lovely 🥰

  9. Tried adding dragons blood to bring the taste to a more tolerable but yea lol did not work

  10. Try next time raw juicy eat like 6-12inches tall and 1-2inch diameter thick. eat it on empty stomach and drink a lots of water on it.

  11. Will it make a difference if I use the blender? Just to make it easier to intake lol 😂 I don’t mind eating them raw but dammmm it will be hard 😂

  12. That looks like crop circles 🤔. Are crop circles secret messages 🤔

  13. It's Gallifreyan, a form of writing that involves circles.

  14. I can see that it’s a form of writing, I’m just assuming that it could be a way to read the crop circle circles. It could have messages. I know nothing about it that’s why I questioned it.

  15. Such energy looks like the first time the caveman used fire. 🔥

  16. Someone is sending all that back to the slobs that put it there. Humans.

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