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  1. George Kittle is still the only TE that is a defensive monster but doesn't throw up any points at all.

  2. Someone posted a bronco in here the other day. now a beamer?

  3. I check everyday on Zillow and realtor in a couple of markets and while I have noticed a inventory buildup the prices really haven’t gone anywhere.

  4. Matters where you are at. Expensive places like California (Literally Anywhere it seems), Denver, Austin, New England areas, etc. with high property values are bleeding prices to get people to buy them.

  5. Hot Take: Sanji doesn't have hardly as many feats as Zoro, Jinbe or Luffy, and isn't as strong or versatile as Zoro or Jinbe.

  6. I tried calling today they didn’t answer. Will try calling tomorrow but i hope the position isn’t fillied and they are still in recruiting process. But should i reach to Linkedin tho?

  7. Give it a bit. If they don't get back to you, that isn't a recruiter you want to work with. Anyone that gives you a call leaves a VM. If you call back its the same thing.

  8. Im upset. I lived in Plaza for 6 months and walked past this place over 50 times. Never bothered to even give it a look at. Apparently it has a speakeasy style bar too? My favorite.

  9. Plz have Luffy and Zoro one shot Lucci and Kaku.

  10. Due Amici Pizza I always thought was really good. Mr Tokyo (There are others in Charlotte though). nothing else comes to mind unfortunately. Thats the area of charlotte I think people often visit when visiting a friend or relative. Since it is mainly all suburb and chain, it doesn't have much culture.

  11. Apparently you should have just said: what is Kittle's fantasy outlook this year? - because everyone is being intentionally obtuse. Lots of blocking, still crucial the to team, doesn't care about your team etc. But this is a motherfucking fantasy football sub, people, so it's a completely relevant topic. The view has always been: a healthy Kittle is a must start; he is healthy from all appearances, but he is terrible in fantasy thus far. Seems like he's too good to sit, but I have Everett and Tonyan that I may have more confidence in. The relevant caveat is that he almost had a TD that would have made his night look a lot different, but 5 targets certainly isn't that impressive for what the expectations were.

  12. This. I have him too. Picked up Njoku as a backup at the end of the draft and Conklin as he has been tearing it up. Both of them are ranked 11 and 8 currently. Kittle is at - Guess what - rank 45 in his position for fantasy points.

  13. Most important player on niners offense. Draws the linebackers, huge blocks for running game, crucial catches. Nobody gives a shit about your shitty ass fantasy team.

  14. Bro read the subreddit you are posting on here. LOL.

  15. Yes, but the next Michigan left might be a half mile down the road and the road I am turning left onto might be backed up a half mile?

  16. Blocking traffic is illegal. Driving to another turnaround isn’t. That’s the only thing that matters here

  17. I don't see anything on Michigan Gov's website stating this type of backed up traffic is considered "blocking"

  18. How many times I have walked around the northlake area/mall and never had an issue? probably over 100.

  19. It was a challenge more. Weapon balance wasn't the priority back in the day.

  20. Am I the only one that thinks Usopp is underrated?

  21. I’m so sick of all the sad ass irrelevant stories that show up in my news feed.

  22. I wish I can say the opposite, but people are drawn more to sad stories, dramatic things, and politics then happy tales, uplifting news, and good Samaritans. This is why news agencies target these articles. they get more attention, and then more $$$ As a result.

  23. Guess not a full blown tirade, but i went to Gilde for the first time this weekend and man what a disappointment.

  24. I am shocked you doing like this place. The girlfriend and I went there the other day and it was amazing. We had a good time. Bartender was nice and talkative. Beer was decent.

  25. I hate ted budd but then I see the other side is Cheri Beasley.

  26. is there a way to block cosplay in the sub feed?

  27. We need to continue and redirect all cosplays to a new subreddit at this point stuff is getting old for sure.

  28. You do not buy a IWC to have something like new. Return it.

  29. Its a member of the green party as it is a green pole.

  30. Idk I don't think any college campus should be having any political rallies. I am a Macomb Alumni and I don't want either side promoting bullshit. Its a place for education, not a place for you to state your mind.

  31. The last thing we want is a Microcenter. Trust me.

  32. Why would you consider supporting the Party of January 6? What possible benefit is there to that?

  33. Are you saying I support Republicans because I question Democrats and what they do?

  34. No. But I love a good Straw Man. You’re getting pretty good at this.

  35. you can make a fallacy about everything if you try hard enough lol.

  36. We have the stupidest senators in office. These Democrats and Republicans could solve this whole hurricane problem right now. We just need to make them pass a bill to make hurricanes ILLEGAL.

  37. “Lower south end” would be much better but even that, I’m not the biggest fan of. LoSo sounds so forced & stupid

  38. Idk its a different feel and group of people that congregate there. Having "Southend" in the name doesn't fit.

  39. Coney Island. There is always one right outside the airport and Coney Islands are a staple in Michigan, as much as the locals get tired of seeing them everywhere, I miss the hell out of them since moving out of the state to the south.

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