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  1. Same. Legit thought I was auditorally hallucinating and HOLY SHIT THERE IT GOES AGAIN

  2. I mean, You can just completely turn off notifications on the desktop app.

  3. im having issues with Auto Notification as well. For me it keeps crashing tho? This plugin is my main squeeze... Hopefully

  4. You're right, sorry I should have mentioned, I would prefer not to use geofencing because it drains my phone battery. And I guess I feel weird about giving location access to a company like that.

  5. I wouldn't be too worried about privacy in this day and age. You have none.

  6. Yeah I'll take them if still available. I'll pay for shipping + kick in another $20.

  7. Through the hue app you can opt into configuring the remote through another app. Then use Home Assistant to do literally whatever the hell you want with it. You can then even uninstall the Hue app. That's what I did at least.

  8. Yeahhhh that's where Alexa / Google routines really limit creativity.

  9. You do not need a c wire, however the thermostat may shutdown periodically to charge via the R wire, when the thermostat is charging your ac/heat will still run you just can’t change the temp for 30mins-1hr. Source: i install Nest L thermostats every day.

  10. Hey buddy I am in need of some help! I'm sure this will be but a simple fix for you. Regardless, I have been driving myself crazy the last few days.

  11. "Wide angle" lens distortion caused this. With this type of distortion the center of the image will be compressed while the edges will be stretched.

  12. I believe this is taken with an ultrawide camera, they tend to exaggerate how things look.

  13. I have this and can trade it, but it's not on the character I want the horn for. If you don't mind I can drop you the talisman then leave and return with the character in need of the horn.

  14. I can help. Any chance for the Starscourge Heirloom? I can also trade for it

  15. Hello, we can do it whenever you want. I can give you Starscourge Heirloom from my first character. He would also be looking for Millicent's prosthesis with the second.

  16. I can do it right now. But I don't have that talisman. Add me on steam. Dirtbikezz

  17. No that's actually what I'm trying to get as well. Lol

  18. Using the Autonotifcations plug in this is fairly simple. I would recommend just buying the entire auto tools pack it's pretty cheap and immensely powerful

  19. What a wholesome comment, and cheeseburger thanksgiving doesnt sound too shabby either

  20. Humans are capable of such remarkable things. Both good and evil. We are a fascinating species.

  21. Facts. Only bumped to 6P because of a lucky/unique situation. And.... I do love started off pretty rough I will admit. But man... P5... absolutely perfect.

  22. Y'all need Tasker + Plugins in yo life. Specifically in this case “Auto Notifications“

  23. Thank you. Only see the first 3 seasons.

  24. I shall. I truly love the first 3. It’s not like arrested development where it gets shitty after 3?

  25. I mean AD post season 3 is...different..not my favorite..worse...

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