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  1. A lot of people saying no, which I agree it’s a sensitive subject. However I also agree ice cream after each meal and bags of candy is absolutely unnecessary. Those are 100% empty calories… meaning there’s no benefit nutritionally. The longer she waits, the harder the habit will be to break. She doesn’t need to go to the gym, just try to get back to better eating habits. After all, eating is 85% of the battle.

  2. I got a raise immediately… but it was like $6 an hour… so not worth they hype 😂

  3. That's 12k+ a year lmao. Not exactly chump change.

  4. Shit, that was a typo… it was $1.50 an hour. $3k a year… no idea how I typed $6 😂

  5. Honestly it’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel for you. Retiring at DOT will make you extremely marketable in the private sector. Build relationships with people in DOT while they’re at lower levels, having relationships with district/state engineers down the road will be extremely beneficial. Companies will be all over that.

  6. Curious if gay people are going to be taboo like the COVID unvaccinated… wait you’re unvaccinated? Nah we can’t hang out, will turn into… wait you’re gay? Nah bro, you probably got the MONK22 from all the butt stuff

  7. The conspiracy is not that he orchestrated anything. The conspiracies are usually that he was a patsy to some bigger organization.

  8. The conspiracy is that he’s so fucking dumb, his past makes him the perfect scapegoat.

  9. Both you and the author of that politifact article are drinking the kool aid.

  10. Isn’t funny how people will blindly believe fucking ANYTHING a news article says….

  11. Someone here has to be well versed in computer programming. Can you just offer up your skills to write a program that reviews EFORMS and confirms the information so we can start mass approving these sum bitches

  12. I have to design a tall retaining wall with shitty soil conditions. To help against sliding I have added a key but due to active pressure the key does not really help. I originally designed without having to add active pressure on the key but my supervisor (SE) says it should be included. Now I went digging and found this little diagram dated 2003 saying Bk>Dk then I do not need to apply the active pressure. So I went digging and trying to find the updated version of this code and I have got nothing. I checked AASTHO and its not in there. I am assuming this code is now obsolete but I also cannot find anything that has to do with active pressure and the key. Any advice?

  13. With active pressure starting from base of key, yes.

  14. I feel like you probably know this, but to accommodate sliding I always like to break it down to its simplest components:

  15. Might be something to this: the old Town Manager was black and they worked under him just fine. Maybe the new one is an asshole who happens to be black.

  16. If you re-read the headline it’s pretty clear the article was intended to race bait. Kinda sad that’s the world we live now. Honestly should be a crime, this is kinda libel yet? Written slander about the officers assuming they quit because they’re racist?

  17. I lived in Germany for 6 years. The village my wife and I lived in only had one adult under 50 in it. He was so stoked to have a young couple move in.

  18. BJ played like 25 games at first in his career, highly doubt he saw a ball take an unpredictable bounce like that

  19. Not bad. It seems you’re new to shooting so I can only imagine you’re flinching in anticipation to the recoil. Especially seeing you mentioned the recoil. You could try dry firing, at a white wall so you can see how you flinch. Practice dry firing, and then take it to the range and see how you do.

  20. yeah coz you know who really needs to be taken down a notch? who's really been skating along blissfully without anyone giving them a hard time? TRANS PEOPLE. My god the COURAGE of people like dave chappelle for going after those privileged trans people.

  21. This is interesting. To see Reddit claim privilege for African Americans?? I feel conflicted. Who’s more privileged, a white trans, or a black man?

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