Representative Mike Johnson asking the important abortion questions.

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  1. would you happen to have this same google doc, but for CoS?

  2. Nope, sorry. I think I found this on a RotFM Discord server. Not sure if anything like it exists for CoS

  3. Abortions at later gestational durations are comparatively uncommon: only 1.0% of abortions take place at or after 21 weeks after the first day of the pregnant person's last menstrual period

  4. Anybody got the inside scoop about Trulieve on Sanctus Blvd.? I'm wondering how soon it might open up

  5. Love Death and Robots is a great animated show for adults

  6. So, this may be really dumb, but I always thought Roland will never get a true end to his quest. In his questing he has become almost a Sisyphean type demigod, a sort of personification of Ka and like Ka he must always be on the move, on his quest to keep that wheel turning.

  7. There is another version of something like this with a more beat up look, too if you're interested:

  8. different phenos. differential temperatures from night time to day time, (15-20 degrees), usually sets off the purple colors if they are available in that specific pheno. Since these are the same strain, I would guess maybe they were grown in the same room, again, just a guess. Also, I would think they would have 'climate control' to keep the temps regulated better, as to avoid those temp swings. That would lead me to believe it's a pheno variation. With different phenos, anything is possible, heighth of plants, colors, bushiness, if that's even a word, ect.

  9. I doubt these guys are growing from seed. clones shouldn't give different phenos, right?

  10. All of Ohio Clean Leaf is slow cured flower! For me it’s the best flower in the program.

  11. Do they have an official statement on their method for slow curing?

  12. They’re legit the only brand in ohio that you can’t find anything on. There instagram hasn’t been updated since 2018.

  13. The King’s Cage might be my favorite episode of Campaign 2, and possibly of the show. The previous eps’ crawl through the Cage with the puzzles and terrors, leading to the panicked fight with Obann, trying to stop the ritual, and then the ensuing chaos, desperation, failure and heartbreak all build up to such a thrilling emotional crescendo. I tried to capture some of that in this painting.

  14. The entire Cathedral was the pinnacle of professional D&D.. so good

  15. Which gubernatorial candidates are in favor of legalization?

  16. Wasting his efforts to kill a dog just to show how evil he is doesn’t seem like something Strahd would. He’d think nothing of killing it to silence it because it was barking while he spoke, but going out of his way to kill their puppy “cuz evil” is not really his style

  17. Yeah, the idea of him silencing the dog mid-sentence without stuttering seems pretty on brand

  18. This reminds me of the main bad guy in Afro Samurai, very cool

  19. I subscribe to bekit for his LiveKit AVClient module. If you play with webcams and audio through Foundry I find that it's a must. Without it webcams drop for a few seconds every few minutes or so for me.

  20. Does the LiveKit module do a significantly better job than Jitsi?

  21. I don't know if this will be helpful or not, but let me just give you a rundown of how we use it.

  22. Sounds fun from our perspective. Like all dms, I know how stressful it can be when a player gets upset at the table, and you are wondering if they are still role playing. Sounds like you are handling this well.

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