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  1. I subscribe to bekit for his LiveKit AVClient module. If you play with webcams and audio through Foundry I find that it's a must. Without it webcams drop for a few seconds every few minutes or so for me.

  2. Does the LiveKit module do a significantly better job than Jitsi?

  3. I don't know if this will be helpful or not, but let me just give you a rundown of how we use it.

  4. Sounds fun from our perspective. Like all dms, I know how stressful it can be when a player gets upset at the table, and you are wondering if they are still role playing. Sounds like you are handling this well.

  5. There's a comic book series. I've only read a handful of issues, but it was pretty cool. The artists vary, too

  6. Did they start putting packs in their jars or did you do that?

  7. Call me call me is an easy one, but I absolutely love mushroom samba. Maybe I just like songs that remind me of Ed.

  8. Chicken Bone is my jam. I always picture Ed strolling when I hear it

  9. How can the allow growing six plants but only 2.5 oz of possession lol What are you supposed to do? Harvest then throw a bunch of it away?? Smells like they're already planning to remove home grow from the bill

  10. I loved the Cathedral in Campaign 2, the one with the stained 'glass' windows.

  11. That entire "dungeon crawl" was my favorite part of C2

  12. How are they gathering signatures? Does anybody know where or how to sign? If they posted up in front of dispensaries or allowed online signatures, it would be done very quickly. I'd be willing to slap my name on the dotted line, but I have never seen anyone with a clipboard asking for it...

  13. Maybe he's trying to practice placing souls into the souless in hopes of capturing Tatiana's soul and placing it into Vasilka

  14. Why not just… you know… give Strahd Tatiana? Why bother with a fake if he has access to the real deal?

  15. I don't think he's very willing to leave the Abbey. So, if he's stuck there, perhaps he doesn't have direct physical access to her. Instead, he's waiting to catch her soul from afar the next time she dies (maybe he even asks the players to kill her for him?). Then he plans to transfer it into Vasilka in hopes that he'll be able to bend her will.. idk really lol I'm just spit-balling.

  16. Thanks! If you don’t mind…Have you personally been involved and how so?

  17. I've sent a couple emails, but JLA never even replied 🤷

  18. Yeah, same for me. Most people call it "The Old Dust Mill", with Dust having colloquially replaced Durst over the many years since that family have been around, and also foreshadowing the bone dust on the second level.

  19. Same thing happened to me.. tents and fires - no people

  20. Was waiting for a yeet at the end... sadly disappointed

  21. That used to happen to me, too. Sometimes it felt like I would faint. After I switched from combusting to dry herb vaping, that completely stopped

  22. Dry herbs, like the enclosed "bowls" that don't take lighters? I have limited experience with that and when I did try it I also smoked a regular joint as well, so I don't know if it made much of a difference. Very strange that those two methods can cause two different types of high. I understand edibles being different but not this haha

  23. Yeah, there are a bunch of them on the market. I used the Pax 2 for a while and have the Mighty now. I noticed the difference right away - I haven't had a single episode since I switched a couple years ago. I've never seen any science about it (or even heard anybody else say that it made a difference for them), but I enjoy dry herb vaping way more than smoking now

  24. That Dosiface was the first I bought in the program. Miss that strain.. so chill

  25. That's correct, I've checked all the borders and they are blocked by guards at the moment. All the main content is on the west side of the map.

  26. The Republican bill allows home grow, as well, correct? I know the Democrat bill does

  27. If you leave it then don’t smoke that shit, honestly all shit aside that bird probably be farting and spraying it’s nest so I would just let the winged lady keep it.

  28. My first thought. Surprised I had to scroll this far down to see this comment

  29. Dreams or nightmares brought on bu the Night Hags could hint at something of value in the woods. Set up a marker so the characters recognize that is where they should enter the woods.

  30. I second this. Lure them with false promises then ambush them

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