1. Based on the studies I've seen this has an upside . The risk of infection seems to be lower for current smokers when compared to "never smokers" (relative risk .074). Former smokers seem to have a slightly increased risk of infection. See:

  2. So before I go into what i’ll suggest i made a little graphic of what everyones opinions in the post were so far-

  3. Good on you for mentioning Marplan (Isocarboxazid). My fave, but people don't give a fuck about her :)

  4. Get Paxlovid (pfizer antiviral) - that will stop the virus from replicating and lower the amount in your body. You do need an RX, but there are no restrictions on who can get it (don't let them tell you no - use teledoc/etc if needed). Can see which pharmacies in your area have stock w/":

  5. It's really because almost everyone on the planet has had some exposure to Covid (either via infection or vaccination). BA.5 is better able to avoid neutralization against antibodies generated by prior variants/sub-types/and wild-type vaccines. So it has a much easier time infecting people which = growth advantage.

  6. Yea, as Berg55 said "rebounds" w/ Paxlovid are quite common actually. It seems like w/ Omicron the infection often isn't fully cleared during the 5 day period the medicine inhibits its replication. So afterwards there's a "rebound" (testing positive again / symptoms) but generally that's milder.

  7. No dextromethorpahan (robitussin) if you're into that sorta thing. One of the few things + MAOis in the literature that has definitely led to fatalities.

  8. I have emotions and I've taken Zyprexa.....was 20yrs ago, but for a year or so.....doubt it permanently damaged you. Weight gain was the fucked up thing w/ that.

  9. MAOIs, Abilify/Rexulti, Clomipramine, stimulants (be careful), modafinil, mood stabilizers like lamotrigine, nootropics (9-me-bc, bromantane, bcp-157, tianeptine).

  10. Lamictal is not an atypical antipsychotic - it's a mood stabilizer/Anti-Seizure medicine. (But I agree it's definitely worth a trial - def helps motivate me)

  11. Can really be either or. If you're sleeping 12hours a day it'll almost certainly not increase that desire to sleep. It'll likely be similar to the last time you were on it. It's semi-typical to get "hypomanic" when starting Lamictal or adjusting dosages. The half-life is 2 weeks (Re: very long) so it takes a while to reach a steady state where the levels in your blood don't fluctuate much. Once you get to a normal "therapeutic dose" (100mg and beyond) for a period of time that should normalize......

  12. Your likely best bet at the moment is the new Eli Lilly GLP-1/GIP agonist, Mounjaro. Just FDA approved (for diabetes but will definitely be approved in time for weight loss). No insurance will cover it yet so Lilly has a $25 coupon (mounth costs $1k+ otherwise).

  13. Maybe try NOT taking certain vitamins (if you are). Some people (me!) have odd opposite reactions to vitamins that are often recommended for depression (Like B vitamins / Vitamin D / Fish Oil etc - almost all make me depressed/flat after a few days). Just throwing that out.

  14. Both Nardil and Marplan are mentioned in this paper regarding potential repurposing for COVID19 (since they bind to TMPRSS2 & Cathepsin B)

  15. I didn’t know that until now. Right now the manufacturer is Alembic, hopefully it goes well. My insurance won’t cover brand name :/ and even my neuro said generic isn’t nearly as effective and to just try it out. It’s awful

  16. How is Alembic working for you? I'm in the same boat w/ these Lamotrigine generics - trying to figure out which one works.

  17. One aspect of this that isn’t publicized nearly as much as it should be is that, in the US at least, foods have WAY more added sugar than they did in, say, the 1970s. Even foods you wouldn’t expect to find sugar in.

  18. Its not this. It's chemicals. Some people could eat nothing but sugar and remain skinny. There are chems in the environment now that fuck w our bodies (flame retardantals, plastics, bpa etc). Can't take that stuff out of the environment, but they've caused massive changes in how our bodies handle fat.

  19. All animals on the planet are more obese than they were 20, 30, 40yrs ago. The reason is pollution and environmental chemicals like BPA, pesticides, flame retardantals, phylates, etc. When you finally get put on a diabetic shot like Ozempic or Mounjaro (GLP-1 / GIP receptor antagonists) and you just don't WANT to eat, and the weight falls off in a few months....then you realize it's just chemicals and not people overeating and not having any willpower.

  20. There's a coupon from the manufacturer to get it for $25. The cost was always supposed to be in the $900-1000 range (which is cheaper than Ozempic (Semaglutide). Not sure if GoodRX thought they could offer a deal, had the wrong price, or whatnot - but the price ~$1000 is accurate.

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