1. lol.......with germany on 18 i am pretty sure the tasters dont know shit

  2. Food in northern germany is bland, then again everything in northern germany is bland. But the southern cuisine is hearty and full of regional spices. Some of the traditional dishes are certainly not to everyone's liking, but moreso because of their very distinctive flavors and not because of their lack of them.

  3. You are such a fucking philistine, ritsuka

  4. I deadass almost commented "anything I would want to watch?"

  5. Of the non-sequel shows, i'd recommend summertime render, executioners way of life and friends game.

  6. The best traditions from a gameplay perspective are: bound by faith, by the sword, mythical ancestors, quarrelsome, diasporic, caravaneers, malleable invaders, eastern roman legacy, strength in numbers, horse lords and court eunuchs/merciful blindings.

  7. Cyprus should have one or two slots for coppermines.

  8. Oh boy, here i go stealing again

  9. If you need some strong supports, you can add me (991,247,503). Im f2p so i don't have any np 5s but my trusty merlin, skadi and jalter are sure to help every new player.

  10. Mercs and holy orders are just a dumb mechanic rn. They should limit the amount of mercs/holy orders you can hire, to 20% of your total army strength.

  11. Mercs arnt the issue, it's alliances, why should one duchey in Wales have an alliance with the byzantine empire?

  12. Yes, alliances are also awful. And there are about 372 other bugs and balance issues that are awful as well. Sadly non of these will ever get fixed, since making more flavorpacks is way more profitable.

  13. Schemer is powerful enough, most people just haven't realized, that kidnapping is the most powerful interaction in the game. Torturer and Seducer are kinda weak, but all lifestyles have one or two useless foci, so exclusively buffing Intrigue would be kinda unfair.

  14. The byzantines got a massive nerf with royal Court, so they get successfully invaded by the mongols quite frequently.

  15. Replace them with theocratic or republic vassals

  16. And somehow, despite all that, Bohemia---which I don't think I've ever seen survive in its original form in an 867 start---is sitting there in exactly the right place.

  17. Bohemia is my primary title. But yes the 867 bohemia start is cancer, especially since they buffed great moravia.

  18. So they were just handing out random land to their relatives for renown? And all of the rulers kept dying due to age, so nothing was stable? Am I interpreting this correctly?

  19. Yes, in hindsight it wasn't really a smart combo.

  20. You have to reform your culture (that will take at least 7years), and you have to change your religion to something that is not christian. And i'm not including the cost for prestige&faith, and it takes some time to get enough.

  21. Hmm i don't think i quite understand your goal. Do you just want the carolingian consolidation achievement or is it something else?

  22. title: "primogeniture in 948", you can't do that with a karling and I already have all the achievements.

  23. Of course you can, primo requires the "restore carolingian borders" decision, which can easily be taken as a karling(if the name didn't give it away).

  24. What I need to is, how do you have a 66k strong army of the highest quality, what are you feeding those lads

  25. Horse archers. I feed them game from a lot of hunting grounds.

  26. "If you post a screenshot of the game, please point out what you want people to look at in the image"

  27. Yes i pointed it out IN the image by adding a caption

  28. Start as a vassal of east francia, then create a claimant faction and put Charles the bald on the throne. Now gift all your gold to Charles and assassinate the pope until a pope with the same personality traits as Charles shows up.

  29. Torturer, Administrator and the family tree are pretty useless.

  30. More importantly, how has he not been overthrown yet?

  31. Idk, he has quite a lot of powerful vassals and realm stability is set to default. Maybe they can't form any factions

  32. They probably dislike him because he's shy

  33. R5: Some dude who is good at counting roman numerals backwards came to my court.

  34. No fix for the relic dupe? Rly?

  35. R5: Even in 867 games she's inevitable

  36. Idk how this is op, when some court events give you 10-20% at once .

  37. Yes, thats the main reason behind it. Just send your children to some czech court and the form a hybrid culture to unlock table of princes. Its the only viable way to get single heir succession early on.

  38. Not really if you apply elective to two equal tier titles normal inheritance is disabled completely

  39. Problem with elective is, that there's always a chance to get out voted.

  40. For the same reason, that the mongol empire is everywhere, apart from Mongolia.

  41. R5: I called all my 179 landed family members and my mongol husband (for good measure) to my war with the abbasids.

  42. Why pure-blooded? I'd imagine that its nearly impossible to keep in the bloodline early on.

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