1. Where I live, the y is pretty open for teens. Anyone 9th grade or above is allowed in the weight room and track and stuff.

  2. The Y has memberships just for teens that is cheaper and if you get a membership with family it is income needs based. (This doesn't include any classes or other registration). The forms are easy and you could have to pay very little.

  3. It's actually a mini game and you're supposed to tilt your mobile device as the meter ascends.

  4. This reminds me of when my brother deleted my tamer and dropped my Keep on Ultima Online.

  5. This is one of the top strains in the program but this is literally the highest terps I’ve seen from klutch.

  6. They had a few batches last summer of the Orange 43 that was over 2mg/g.

  7. I am terrible at this as well. I'm constantly trying to find out what to sell and figure out which ones to roll that fit into the set pieces.

  8. I don’t understand the downvoting. I feel the ones that do it just because they don’t like your question or answer are FB users. They want that negative and positive responses on everything.

  9. I don't understand why it matters if you get down voted. A reaction is a reaction, good or bad. There are plenty of places on the internet to get your view affirmed.

  10. Are you so angry with the status quo, that you come on here and tell everyone else they should be happy with the status quo?

  11. Ohio is pretty amazing, look how a down on its luck grower can improve sales and create a buzz to this day in the program based off plus 30% thc. Why you can just pay North Coast extra to bump the numbers. There's no way this LLC is growing better cannabis than the top thc strains in California or Colorado. The influencers will say that there are no uniform testing requirements so Riviera should be able to get away with it, but having only one viable testing lab is suspect of itself and is ripe for for collusion and corruption.

  12. had the same stuff. some people liked it. I think its trash. Ill never buy them again

  13. It's hard for me to tell who actually likes it and who's an influencer most of the time.

  14. I bought a half of rough cut cannaradosi for 88 about 2 years ago and this was the second best sleep inducing cannabis I have had in the program (Mastamynd -standard) was the other.

  15. Sunnyside is the first place I went when I got my card back in July and has been my main hub dispensary in Cincinnati since then (trips to Dayton & Monroe here and there).

  16. There's no good solution, they need a bigger location. From what I understand the rules dictate how many registers they can have per square footage.

  17. That NYC flow I ended up liking. It had some gas notes.

  18. What does that mean? Are ARs tags usually messed up?

  19. I think this is about some not displaying their terps on the containers.

  20. I threw away a bunch of containers and noticed that the terps had fallen off. There were some baches that has between 17mg/g and now it's 2mg/g, same strain. So I started looking at the other batches and it was almost all the same story.

  21. They didn’t do a chest X-ray, they just listened. I’d feel better if an X-ray was done

  22. I was in the hospital recently for a torn muscle and was getting some lower than normal pulseOx. I told them I had had chest congestion for awhile (like every bowl hit was a hack attack), at first they didn't hear anything abnormal. They did a chest xray and there was some blockage. I took some chest medication and that issue is gone.

  23. It's a tldr generation, people just want to be told instead of Google, yt and dedicated websites.

  24. Where is ohio cultivators hiding the terpenes.

  25. I think we actually have 88 counties that SUCK, my friend! Just don't try giving credit where credit isn't deserved! 🤔🤷‍♂️ They aren't concerned about medical patients getting and affording their meds, let alone having a working system for anyone over 18 to get high! They want us to smoke, drink alcohol and take prescription meds to numb or minds and deal our pain, needlessly. We're not winning any fights, bud!

  26. They literally won decriminalization in half of the counties using the home rule and some light canvassing.

  27. With Acala do you expect a stable coin airdrop? Is that decent?

  28. On the open market it’s probably worth 15-20 tbh. 600 TDs is insane and Brady has the kind of following that inflates the price for these types of things. Not to mention that the Brady family is worth north of $600 million.

  29. I honestly don't trust the terps % on anything that the LLC's grown they've jerked us around with nutty thc% for years now. See garlic cookies/gmo.

  30. I had the garlic - it comes in a plastic bag, not jar, right? To me it falls pretty much in the pine sol category, though it's effective in the head. But I certainly appreciate this input. I hope I haven't been spoiled.

  31. I was using these as an example of inflated numbers. I didn't care for either of them.

  32. Or arbitrage loan crypto to borrow btc on defi. If it goes down you can buy back cheaper. Seems easy enough to time; but Con: gas prices.

  33. If you do challenges and missions, you will get a better one quickly.

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