1. Technically Jason should always be at the top.

  2. If you're talking about implied off-screen kills I'm pretty sure Final Destination takes the cake. Death killed like 100 billion people off-screen in that franchise

  3. Lol, I mean yeah, Final Destination shouldn’t really be on this list.

  4. I appreciate the widely-bemoaned slow pacing. I like that it’s built up the world and characters and it’s not a bang-bang-bang action and thrills everywhere production like the (imo) travesty of Peter Jackson’s take on The Hobbit.

  5. They say they will work on the second season for a couple years? The interest in the show will easily die out if you got to wait two years for the next season

  6. Westworld, community, venture bros., and many other shows would disagree.

  7. That’s a good take. I would say it would’ve been nice to get hints about this throughout the sequels rather than just “somehow he returned.”

  8. Palpatine’s musical theme is hidden in both Kylos theme and Rey’s theme.

  9. Light speed skipping actually perfectly exemplified Han’s warning in a new hope.

  10. They go over it in Star Wars supporting materials and published canon that the people of Naboo elect a young person to serve as head of state, its a part of their culture.

  11. Important fact you forgot: the monarch also always surrounded by adults to act as administrators and councilors.

  12. The whole Terrance Howard issue was incredibly racist, I could see marvel's black movie not wanting to do that again. He was only replaced because the head of marvel said no one would notice a different black guy (implying they all look the same).

  13. Both can be true. Many people have said over the years that Terrance Howard was adamant about being the highest paid in any future iron man sequels.

  14. I’ve had a DM who has made me roll perception when I asked how a group of people were dressed when they entered the room. I was hiding on a crate 10 feet above them, and it was a well lit room.

  15. And I’m over here, seemingly the only person watching this show who doesn’t like either side.

  16. Right. Per the books, Maul was ever intended to be sith.

  17. He was DARTH Maul. Why would you think he isn’t a sith?

  18. Darth plaugeis was still alive during TPM. So according to the rule of 2, maul wasn’t a true sith, just a sith assassin, like ventress.

  19. That doesn’t matter. You do realize the Sith don’t really follow the rule of two, right?

  20. I think there are three main groups of She-Hulk haters.

  21. Your number 2 doesn’t make sense to me. She Hulk ties into the greater universe in some pretty interesting ways. Nothing huge or universe changing, but there is still something.

  22. This one is too hard to choose. I legit cannot pick one.

  23. If he was truly invincible, he'd be like Jason Voorhes who lumbers into danger, shrugs off all pain/damage, and stabs everyone in sight.

  24. He is absolutely more than human, in the original movie and these new ones.

  25. As we’ve seen so far in this timeline, yes.

  26. Totally agree, especially when it comes to official adventure modules.

  27. The way some people go out of their way to defend bad writing, plot armor and convenience is beyond belief.It made no fucking sense no matter what ur trying to invent, its weak writing at best.

  28. Literally the only reason the good guys win at the battle of helms deep in the book is because “the will of man”.

  29. They can use things on a case by case basis. They have already referenced and used things from the Silmarillion.

  30. I'd go further than that honestly. Differentiating classes based on who is good out of combat only works if they are by comparison very bad in combat.

  31. Okay? Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist anymore.

  32. Im not saying this is going to be good or bad, but I think they’re going to focus on other characters after the main story.

  33. For people who don’t play video games, which is a huge market.

  34. This trailer seems to confirm some of the leaks from test screenings.

  35. That's basically how I feel about the entire season so far.

  36. People on the internet are always the minority of any fandom. The star wars fandom loved this movie.

  37. yep, it was a cultural phenomenon that blew away all others before and since cementing careers of the principles and was just as much a major influence world wide when it went overseas. Everybody loved that film because it was as true an adaption of the novel as possible given the time constraints. It really brought home the Southern struggles of the War.

  38. It was also in theaters for half of eternity.

  39. My favorite thing I noticed on a rewatch is the poetic irony of how she dies.

  40. But how much of a mercy was Ned’s offer really? Cersei obviously took his warning as a direct threat to her children. Which is was, more or less. Had he told Robert, it would be game over for them and their parents. He even told her himself; to go as far away as possible, as “Robert’s wrath” would follow them wherever they went. She and her children would have to live a life on the run, scorned and humiliated, constantly in danger of being found and murdered by Robert’s men - or any other who would recognise the queen and her bastard children “of sin”. No protection from the crown, and as for Tywin… not sure she could count on him if truth came out. There was no turning back in her mind, they were already in the game, and in the game “you win or die” as she said. In Cersei’s mind, the best bet was to get rid of Robert for good. Make it look like an accident, then put her own family in the highest position of power. Then silence Ned in as gentle a way as possible, to avoid a war.. Well, Joffrey ruined that anyway.

  41. Oh absolutely agree. Ned was always looking at the moralistic version of each situation, often without considering the realistic consequences.

  42. I mean that easily could be the case by the end of HOTD. Viserys told Rhaenyra. Does Rhaenyra ever tell her children though? Im sure Allicent’s children never knew.

  43. I was more referring to future Targaryens after Rhaenyra not knowing.

  44. I understand that, I was just pointing out that even if the Targs successfully passed down the prophecy for all that time, it still wouldn’t matter because it died with the Mad King.

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