1. Dejounte is becoming a heel and I’m all for it

  2. The streak continues. Nocturnal emissions doesn’t count it just showing you that you’re recovering from the porn:

  3. I know. Ironically the few days prior were great as far as my brain enjoying things and not as much of a struggle when I say no to temptation.

  4. Just keep doing your thing you probably feel like shit because you did ejaculate but it goes back to normal by tomorrow

  5. That doesn’t mean the Hurt Business needed to be broken up. You can be a killing machine while still having friends and associates.

  6. I just watched the whole video and I didn’t see pascal all I saw was trey young

  7. Incel’s are average looking but majority of these guys have no life and stay home and use dating apps and don’t approach in real life. So when they get zero matches they blame someone else except for the app which has like 80% guys to 20% women

  8. People forgot really quickly that Cowboy was very easily Top 5 and arguably Top 3 for AGES

  9. When cerrone came from wec he was the best but the guy never let his body recover always was fighting every 3-6 months

  10. She didn’t protest the stoppage. Chael tapped against Silva and made a scene saying he didn’t tap but he did. She just got up and waited for the judges and refs rule it

  11. The on the right is after his weight ins. He has money to buy a nutritionist and he’s an Ohio state wrestling champ.

  12. I don’t think it’s in his case because he waited for a month to kiss

  13. She settled for you and saw you don’t have any options

  14. Well ad has three things against him reasons why they bring it up.

  15. Porn is cheating the fantasy is you being either person. Novelty is huge

  16. I thought they were releasing some dlc for the game

  17. If it takes 3 years then release a new one every 3yrs instead of every year. Roster updates and patches can ride it out till the next game comes along

  18. Take two interactive laughing so hard at this post. They won’t ever do that they make to much money from vc.

  19. Fuck that I play play now and I find it more fun compared to my park where your asking rot the ball while one guy dribbles it for 23 seconds

  20. Sounds like a guy that never had any property stolen. Someone broke into my car multiple times stole my wallet, my gym equipment and even used my credit card at the store. I have no sympathy for a thief in old times they would chop the arm off of the thief.

  21. Oh man this boy needs to hit a weed pen and take a deep breath lol

  22. Na he needs to go see a doctor before he hits weed

  23. Let’s try getting Canadians first don’t want what’s happened in the hospitality industry where they hired tfws to make wage low

  24. What do you think is gonna happen to it? It's a whole new game mechanic so they're not just gonna take it completely out of the game, right?

  25. 2k notorious to patch the shit out of the game to cater to park players

  26. By deleting your account or making it private

  27. Is it? Or is it happening among your friends. Hockey is still far and above the most popular sport in the city and the country as a whole. And while it's fun to joke around about, if the Leafs make one deep playoff run, let alone a cup win, Toronto is going to absolutely explode.

  28. Na it changed after Trudeau cut some funding for Canada’s hockey team. Here in Calgary I see more raptors attire than flames jerseys in the winter.

  29. Trudeau froze funding to Hockey Canada like a month ago... How that would effect what's popular now is beyond me.

  30. Because you don’t get dumb ads for hockey Canada

  31. Yo porn and weed are two things I wish I avoided when I was a teenager

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