Buddhism and adult industry

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  1. Because you’re keeping dopamine high when you ejaculate you lose that dopamine but when you edge it’s peaking and peaking

  2. Its actually recommended in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it makes your blood flow, and gives you energy, as long as you dont finish the dopamine level balances itself.

  3. Yes but then it's not the same problem. Edging is good. Porn isn't.

  4. Well it doesnt have to be green, sometimes its a bit light brown, or cream. Is it pure white ?

  5. It was like a white tan. Like 90% white 10% brown

  6. I guess its possible it was san pedro then.

  7. I Will someday. But I must be careful. She's super religious and I really respect her.

  8. Is she Christian ? In Christianism, feet are considered very sacred (washing the feet, the Pedelavium). In John:13, Jesus asks the disciples to take care of each others feet. I think if you have some arguments and you're careful, and show that you consider her spirituality, she will be accept it. God gave us beautiful feet to travel across the earth, so there is no problem to worship those sacred vessels. 🙏

  9. Lol another Christian in this sub. I thought I'm the only one.

  10. Sorry, I'm not Christian at all lol. I believe in God though.

  11. It's about respect for me. Respecting my sleeping rythms. Respecting my body. Respecting my consciousness. Respecting my brain. Respecting the sacred substances. I think it's not the amount of LSD you don't care about anymore, it's about yourself. Open your heart to yourself, and learn to appreciate the vanilla experience of your senses.

  12. Toeringa and barefoot sandals are great for me. I also like ribbons on the legs. (Like soiraling ribbon around the leg until the feet - hot)

  13. Probably squirting. Most men love that so no worries.

  14. Yeah describe what you're doing to fill the blank. And also dont forget you're the boss. If you dont wanna talk at some point, you decide ("I dont want to talk to you anymore, you don't deserve it"). I would also add a little whip so that when you dont know what to say, you slap him gently.

  15. Interesting, I had not heard of histamine intolerance, thanks!

  16. Same unless they were outside in grass/dirt for a little but dirt from public places or walking around a dirty floor grosses me out. So weird

  17. Don't say weird. Otherwise we're all weird. That's just another fantasy. I like dirty feet purely esthetically because I like the contrast of the sole and the top of the foot. Every fetish has a right to exist without being "weird".

  18. I was saying its weird how I’m ok with one type of dirt but not another! Def wasnt calling anything/anyone weird

  19. Any updates? I'm holding on to my Mulungu right now (haven't used it yet). I am also looking for sleep relief. I currently take a prescription and would like to find a more natural approach. I have tried numerous herbs and teas. My concern with Mulungu : Is there a concern for long term effects? Any side effects? Thanks for any answers.

  20. If you take it for a long time, maybe you will have trouble for sleeping for a day or two, but other than that its super safe.

  21. I cured my POIS with only natural stuff after 2 years of hell

  22. What stuff if i may ask?i kind of feel like my pois was triggered by ganstrointestinal issues or some kind of brain or nerve damage

  23. Well there is no magic recipe. POIS is a symptom of a deeper problem, that is why ut is often telated to CFS as well. Many people suffer from bad habits. They complaining they feel foggy and bad, and are looking for a pill that will magically change everything. Mostly those people drink alcohol, coffee, eat a lot of gluten, sugar, processed food, dont do any sport, and have high percentage of stress in life.

  24. Feet smelling hand job...then cumming on her feet at the end. You get to smell and suck her feet while getting there Dick worked and then finish properly

  25. Cold shower and green tea man. You'll feel instantly better.

  26. First stop being afraid. Fear is ego. Only ego looses karma.

  27. I did it many times, and I met many people who are still my friends to this day ! I say go for it :)

  28. How does saving kids make the numbers go down? Guess I missed a step

  29. Bill Gates said in a video that whena population is healthy they dont have much children. That's his Theory. I don't have any opinion on this.

  30. Exactly... half of these comments never tried something in their own way. only living with misinformation. i skinned it many times and effects are like microdose compared to just eating biting raw and juicy.

  31. You eat the the skin raw, or the core too ?

  32. Who exactly is this guy I now his name but that's it

  33. I think he synthesized MDMA and a lot of crazy psychoactive molecules.

  34. My experience with US citizens coming to Belgium is that they are really fast in learning Dutch. We Flemish people do adapt quickly to English speaking persons so if you’re up to it, don’t hesitate to ask to converse in Dutch.

  35. Or if he goes to a french speaking butcher he can say "Américain préparé" lmao.

  36. Let the cap dry (the ibotenic acid transforms into muscimol when dry) and make a tea with it. Before drying it you can also peel off the skin of the cap and smoke it.

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